What’s up?

This will be a quick blog about Marvel’s “What if” series.

*One of many possibilities in the Marvel shift*

Now if you are a comic reader of Marvel you might have come across “What if” titles? You haven’t? Whoa than let me introduce you to the ultimate troll.

As we know the Marvel universe is “Earth 616” where our heroes have shaped their lives and destiny’s with choices good and bad; from Spider Man losing Gwen Stacy by the infamous “snap” incident, Jean Grey committing suicide on the moon as Phoenix to sacrifice her life for her loved ones and universe, and the Fantastic Four getting their powers from being bombarded with cosmic rays.

But have you ever wondered “What if” this happened instead of the original canon?  That’s where our friend the Watcher, Uatu, grants the readers their wish.

*Big ass head*

As a being who watches the earth and can’t interfere in the natural order of things, Uatu knows those answers in more in the multiverse of the Marvel universe and grants the reader access to the different timelines where a single choice, a possibility that could alter the status quo have dire consequences.

That is what “What if” is and I have to say after reading some compilations a couple days ago on my Kindle, I have to say that was a trippy ride.

Another way to think of it as Marvel going straight up “The Twilight Zone” on our asses.

*We are about to enter a zone where reason is bullshit and Snorlax will eat the world*

And mark my words when I say, nothing turns out right in some of the stories I read or looked up on the net on that faulty Marvel wiki page (shit crashes hard).

Now I will only state some stories from the top of my head and not all of them since I’m not sure how far it goes but I can guess the possibilities are endless.

“What if the Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion?” was rather a bitter sweet tale where actual peace comes to the world with the Skrulls giving technology to the humans and granting them their abilities to change form like the green skinned skrulls.

Hmmm, who are the Skrulls? Yikes….um they are a race of green aliens and are part of that whole alien being on different parts of the galaxy. You’d be surprised how infamous they are given their dictatorship; they have beef with the every alien in the quadrant you can think of! From the Kree to the Shi’ar and they probably got involved with the Breakworld as well…

*Big thing some years ago*

Anyway things seem happy but our heroes didn’t take the change well and have rebelled against the new power but have been branded terrorist by the entire world (or America, I don’t remember which).

Norman Osborn ends up having a sexual relationship with the Queen of the Invasion and has Skrull DNA in his blood as well; he don’t discriminate I’ll give him that.

Captain America is leading our rebel heroes where Wolverine appears with a “Skrull Legacy Virus” to reverse the conversion of humans with Skrull DNA. Spider Man and Night Thrasher work on the science stuff with Tony Stark who has hit the bottle…hard.

Black Panther, Storm, Ms. Marvel, 3 of the fantastic four (Reed was killed at the beginning of the invasion) and some others make up the characters for this story.

Other heroes who are not part of Cap’s Skrull invasion actually try to stop their plan and a battle ensues at some point.  Just when it was hitting a crescendo Iron Man has Thor manipulate the weather of earth so they can spread the virus and it works…until skrulls and humans laced the DNA start buying the farm.

It is a total shock to everyone!! Cap is beside himself and than an unexpected truth comes out; Iron Man was really Norman Osborn inside the armor!! He had switched with Tony and gave him all the alcohol he could drink. Poor bastard was almost in a coma (my take on it).

Captain America and Black Panther demanded to know how he made the switch and another disturbing truth comes out; Spider Man helped Osborn?  By this point Cap is in a rage and confronts “Web head” over this deception!!

Spidey revealed that during the invasion Tony was hitting the liquor hard and got worried that he couldn’t be trusted so went to his sworn enemy given he was a genius with microbiology. He also says that his Aunt May was sick and had to convert her to Skrull to save her and with Osborn helping with the virus (or serum, whatever people are dead!) would reverse the process but unfortunately Osborn tricked him and now she too is dead like a daisy.

Cap throws in a rage about Spider Man’s idealism and chastised the fact he couldn’t believe in man’s better nature; as in Spider Man couldn’t believe in any one of them to help his aunt along with the Skrull’s hold on the world and Spidey laments on the ground of his choice.

Osborn on the other hand is as happy as a bumblebee getting flower nectar; he alone stopped the Skrull invasion. He didn’t like the fact the green aliens took over earth and wanted their two-toned green asses gone!

Cap, who is beyond angry grabs a gun, yes a gun, and shoots Osborn but fortunately (unfortunately) he is still in Iron man’s armor and laughs it off. That is until Cap slices Osborn’s neck with his trustee shield of justice and he dies on the ground.

I can tell you this, Osborn’s last words wasn’t “Curse you….”, don’t ask why I would think that, just something I think he’d say with that absurd Green Goblin accent of his.

And the story starts winding down, Black Panther says that they were in a war and “a warrior does what is necessary” but Cap doesn’t see it this way; he killed a man. All this could have been avoided if one or some could have trusted in one another.

Than at the climax all the heroes who were part of the rebellion of the Skrulls were surrounded by the national guard, CIA, Army, you name it and they gave themselves up.

That is how that story would have gone if the Skrulls invasion succeeded, with our bald wonder saying some gibber jabber about “in war there are no winners or losers. Only Victims.

Another story detailed “What if Ord resurrected Jean Grey instead of Colossus?”

*Hell hath no fury like a blonde woman scorned.*

This story takes place during the “Astonishing” X-men title where in the original story, Colossus, Russian mutant who has super strength and can change his skin to metal, has been “dead” for sometime by sacrificing his life to get rid of the Legacy Virus (big thing that was during the 90’s”).

Kitty Pryde finds him benethe an underground laboratory and it goes from there. Pitor is “destined” to destroy break world but it proved false as it wasn’t a prophecy but a plan and the X-men as able to stop it along with a bullet being sent to earth to destroy the blue jewel of a planet however Kitty Pryde phased inside the bullet saving the world but lost in space.

Now this tale details the fact that Ord revives Jean Grey, you know, the red-haired lady who is one of the strongest telepaths in the world and telekinetic and being linked to the ever cosmic force of the Phoenix force.

Cyke, Wolverine, Emma Frost and Beast are shocked in seeing her as Kitty has her and they stopped Ord.  They return to the mansion where it gets explained via Emma Frost and Jean who reveal that they combined their powers while using Cerebro  and reached to the far ends of the galaxy and traced Ord’s thoughts back to his planet where they found an image of a flaming corona bird destroying the planet.

EEEEKKKKKk mass genocide by Jean-AGAIN! Ok technically that was a copy the phoenix used while the “real” Jean Grey was in stasis in the Jamaica bay and-!!

Ahem, sorry for that, you know the story and if you don’t just ask “google-sensei”.

Our “Ice Queen” isn’t the least bit happy in seeing Jean Grey given she is in a relationship with Scott Summers, Jean’s former husband (complicated story, you should read some of the titles they were great!!) but Cyke and Logan don’t see it that way, they defend her being there which ticks off Emma to know end.

She gets up and leaves and soon speaks to Cassandra Nova, a enemy the X-men thought they defeated last time but the bald headed lady planted a part of her mind or “an echo” in Emma’s head and using her.

Emma soon reveals this anger to Cassandra who says they could use it to their advantage and the Stepford sisters appear (long story on them too).

It’s revealed to the reader that residue energy of the phoenix force found its way into the stepford’s hearts unaware. Cassandra transfers the remnant energy of the force into Emma and this is where it gets interesting.

The plans for Breakworld that the Phoenix would destroy their planet comes to pass when Emma destroys the entire planet with a  exclamation of “Who am I to deny destiny?”

Jean Grey wakes up with a start, hearing the psychic cry of the phoenix force and Scott rushes to her side to ask what happened to which she explains. These two still have sexual tension and when Scott is about to say something comforting Jean rallies the team to the front lawn!

Wow they were in their jammies too!

Kitty Pryde soon wonders into the study where she finds the dead corpses of the “3 in 1” and is horrified an rushes outside.

Outside they see Emma Frost bonded to the Phoenix Force. Like an imperial queen Jean starts taking charge and to stop Emma but our blue fur friend, Beast, tries to fend for Emma saying that she was good now…Emma ends up snapping his neck with a wave of her hand.

That’s one X-men down.

With Emma blasting back Logan and Cyke it’s up to Jean to go into action as she “knows the phoenix tricks”. This starts a war of words with Emma lamenting that Jean took back Scott, the school and everything else but she would NOT allow her to have this!

Jean stands her ground and uses telepathy to check something she’s felt odd about since coming back to the school. Just before she can reach it a gun blast from SHIELD personnel stop them.

Here we see Agent Fury with Abigail Brand who reveals S.W.O.R.D.; Sentient World Observation and Response Department (the Government and their acronyms!) as she explains the situation with the Phoenix blowing up an alien planet. Damn, good thing they weren’t there when Phoenix destroyed that insect planet back in the late 70’s (90’s for us X-men animated fans).

Cyke destroys the guns as he didn’t want Emma hurt and pleads with her that she is the woman he loved now and not Jean (see how long that last buttercup).

In a brief moment Emma is writhing in agony which Jean gets wind off and uses a telekinetic “Fast Ball special” with Logan who impales Ems and Jean separates Cassandra from Emma’s mind.

The bald lady says some shit and immobilizes Jean with Scott doing his “Jean!!” yell.

Casandra Nova goes back inside the blonde, blue eyed temptress and starts utilizing the phoenix powers by blowing them all away (that happens apparently) but Emma is able to gain control of herself and pleads to the team to get this over with.

Lady you will have your wish.

Kitty Pryde sneaks up behind Emma and phases out her heart and drops it to the ground.  WHOA, Kitty killed Emma Frost in this story? It’s short lived as the energy of the phoenix breaks away from Emma/Cassandra and causes a massive explosion!

Who is left after the light dies?

Everyone is fine except Kitty Pryde…she is dead in this continuum.

3 X-men died in this story and as a conclusion Logan, with Jean and Scott are training the new batch of X men saying a profound “Life goes on” and they got to be ready. He leaves the danger room and an image of Cassandra Nova is seen in the monitor.


WHOA talk about a twist!! What else could happen?

A story detailed the facts if Danger, the “danger room” AI hooks up with Ultron; that union would kill the X men and than they would go to Shi’ar space where they would utilize the tech to spread their influence across the galaxy and than they would “adopt” Phalanx and they would proceed to consume everything in the universe stopping all development.

Geez, that’s harsh.

What if World War Hulk happened where the heroes lost. Cliff notes, everyone dies, Bruce tries finding redemption but that too betrays him, he calls the Silver Surfer who demands that he call Galactus so he can consume the rest of the world.

It happens but the mighty giant of cosmic spares Hulk and says he can erase all Hulk’s memories of the past and present and make him his herald. He soon becomes Hulk; world breaker.

Ironic isn’t it that the title gets bestowed by Galactus?

Two more stories detailing Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man with Gwen Stacy.

Let’s just say…it doesn’t end well. One details if the version of Gwen Stacy survived House of M when Emma didn’t mind wipe her she winds up back in the Earth 616 reality which causes trouble.

Peter remembers all that happens in that world and it causes a strain with him and MJ which everyone is concerned about. Logan gives him advice that he needs to be there for his wife and to forget about the phantom but Dr. Strange senses something amiss and goes into the mystical plane (you know to the beyond?)

Her being there breaks down the space/time continuum due to some mystical bullshit that Dr. Strange says and things fall apart which is unexpectedly her doing; from Aunt May dying, some comrades to Mary Jane taking a hit for Peter.

Gwen is distraught that her existence is causing the man she has always loved pain and tries killing herself but Spider man leaps after her and saves her-at the cost of his life with him saying “I saved you this time”.

Gwen is saddened by this and as reality breaks from beneath their feet she reaches out to kiss him…and all goes black.

RIGHT IN THE FEELS!! Curse you damn writers for not giving her a happy ending!!!

The second story details if Spider man intervened with the Scarlet Witch when she alters the world back to the status quo; with Gwen Stacy and his son from the House of M world.

Shit hits the fan now as Peter is divided figuratively and literally between the two loves of his life which one of them has a son, Richie.

Peter tries to be like Archie with Betty and Veronica but it’s a no holds bar as he has to make a choice.

He decides to take MJ to a little cottage where he has a surprise waiting for her; inside a spider man costume with Peter dressing as the Green Goblin; apparently he brought back that sick mind from the House of M reality as well.

After a futile struggle he traps her in webbing on the wall and rambles on about responsibility between her and blah, blah blah before his “real self” ask him when he looks in the mirror “Peter Parker, what the hell are you doing?”

This snaps him out of it as a glider that he was going to have impale MJ starts up! Peter does the one thing he can do; jumps in front as it skewers him! Blood dripping on the ground Peter says “I love you Mary Jane” and dies with the weeping red head.

In a twist this story is being told by Richie Parker, who is around 14 or 15 years old and is typing up a blog about his father, Peter Parker/Spider Man’s life.

The door opens with Gwen asking what was he doing to which he replies finishing up his blog. She tells him to hurry it up so they can pick up May, they are going to visit his father at the cemetery.

Richie goes on to say that if he posts this everyone in the world will know the reason and life of his father and him as well.

Apparently his father’s blood is strong as he uses actual webbing from his wrist to grab the doorknob and close it.

“…which brings me to my big decision. Do I do it? Do I take up the responsibility and pick up where my dad left off? Yes, with great power comes great responsibility” Richie grabs ahold of his dad’s Spider man mask while looking melancholic.

“But the thing that nobody bothered to ask, is that responsibility too much for one man to handle?”

And that is where the tale ends.

One more What if and I’ll breeze through it, What if “Avengers vs. X Men” was handled differently?

Pretty much Magneto winds up training Hope Summers and not Scott in the original timeline and it’s all good until things escalate when the Avengers appear.

Magneto, Hope and Storm go up to reason with them (being Storm) but shit gets said by some Avengers *coughs* Spider Woman, and it winds up with Storm dying by Logan who impales her trying to get to Magneto. First blood drawn.

This sends Logan into a depressive state and Magneto declares ‘WAR” on the humans. X-men confront the wounded Avengers with Iron Man and Cyclops having words before Cap sets them straight along with professor X and than it’s revealed that Magneto and Emma Frost have gone rouge and taken Hope to space to confront the phoenix.

More shit goes down as eventual Hope gets the phoenix with Magneto manipulating her to thinking the humans want her dead and Emma, who really went to there to keep an eye on her, reasons that Magneto is only trying to further his agenda of a mutant population (geez Erik, way to look out for guy?)

It goes south and Emma Frost dies, shattered to a million shards of diamond, (OH MY GOD, NOT EMMA!!! RIGHT IN THE FEELS!!)

Black Panther dies making a stand in space on a ship and the X men and Avengers know what they need to do, take down Magneto and Hope.

Battle happens with almost everyone dying left and right and soon Hope gets confused and the power is hurting her. Magneto tells her to come here and soon snaps her back and takes the phoenix force for himself.

I have to say a guy holding onto a power of the cosmos is beyond comprehension!! THE POWER!! AHHHHHHHH, INCREDIBLE POWER!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Shit on shit gets real as the heroes try taking on Mags in a powered state and the only ones left, as the world is engulfed with flames are Charles Xavier, Hulk and Wolverine, which I have to add why is always up to Logan? God, gets on my nerves!

Charles uses the powers of his mind to stop Erik to give Hulk time to use the “fast ball special” and impale Magento and than… it all turns to white.

Or so you think, Logan is soon with Jean Grey, the “Phoenix of the Crown” as she goes into this monologue about how life ends and things are soon reborn. The world does end but soon filled with greenery and life; think of like if the Dragons of Heaven from CLAMPS “X” series actually won that war.

Soon Logan and Jean are kind of the biblical “Adam and Eve” where she says they can build a life together which brings a smile to his face and they kiss as a new morning dawns and a deer is seen over yonder.

What the eff? I bet those Wolverine fanboys were cumming in their pants when they saw that he got Jean in the end and not Scott? Marvel writers are biased when it comes to their precious Wolverine and him getting every chance to score!

Dammit it all!

Oh right this blog entry!

So the What if series is what you can expect; an enigma. I’m not sure how you would react if something went different with characters you like. I’m guessing some do have “decent” endings but for the most part it’s a troll in a box.

In a way it gives us some Uatu character development as even though he watches Earth 616 as a whole, he’s seeing the endless possibilities play out in the multiverse, where every action has a reaction.

My reaction is this!

*Why so mad, it’s only “What if…?”*

It just puts my feelings at odds knowing I know what could have happened and could have been worse so let’s take it in stride that Earth 616 is in a good spot with characters still being alive and the like.

Of course with the recent “Secret Wars” the Marvel universe has ended and we won’t know how it ends until the event finishes in the late summer/early autumn. Of course nerds/geeks are reading the net so the universe will continue but be changed; for good or bad we don’t know.

OH!! I just remembered one important fact; Uatu is dead! It was a mystery that gets revealed in “Who killed the Watcher”, that story was ok. Beware one-eyed Fury.

And I leave with that, hope you enjoyed it!

Later days!!