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Hello, Jeff here!

This will be a review of the recent movie Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and the apparently chastised Black Widow in the Marvel franchise movies.

First I saw it on Sunday with my friend, Mike, and it was totally awesome (shout out to mmorse1017, what’s up brah!).

Anyway like every nerd/geek/otaku I was on cloud nine when this movie finally came out! Joss Whedon aka “King of the Nerds” and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, went up and beyond to write the continued story of the Avengers along with linking it to the other Marvel movies with the Infinity Stones.

Seeing the trailer some months before it appeared to be more action than the first one, which is apparent given the introduction of the Maximoff twins, Pietro and Wanda (Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch) who aren’t Magento’s biological kid’s given the latter is owned by Fox and there are strict guidelines that X-men (and Fantastic Four) can’t be on Marvel related movies given Marvel gave the rights to Fox when they were going bankrupt around the 90s.

We are also introduced to The Vision, Ultron’s “son” in a way and he plays an integral part in the movie as well (and the future of the next Avengers movie when Thanos gets involved.)

I won’t be giving any kind of spoilers cause that would be uncool and fans should see it for themselves and come up with their own theories behind the plot for all of the upcoming Marvel movies along with character interactions.

First we begin the movie in a different country where the Avengers are attacking a Hydra base, you know, the equivalent of SHIELD and spawned many of the memes for Agents of SHIELD?

The battle has a lot of explosives with each character getting some love, Cap showing off his shield tae kwon do, Iron Man making quips, Thor using Min-min, Hawkeye sharpshooting, Black Widow doing her thing and Hulk pounding the crap out of stuff.

Next is a scene where some Hydra dude introduces the twins and they do some minor stuff that puts them on the teams radar a little but it’s what Wanda does that, in a way, sets off the  events that Tony will be doing.

Given that in the comics it’s Henry Pym who creates Ultron from his own brain patterns, I wondered how they would get the hater of humanity bot involved. Lay and behold Tony Stark, our resident superior complex jack of all trades to the rescue.

Events unfold with some appearances from War Machine and Falcon (human guises) and it’s fun along with seeing Maria Hill or “Aunt Robin” from How I met your mother.

We also get some scenes with Natasha Romonav and Bruce Banner and how characters note their closeness. Given that Banner is a total dork he refutes the claim of him being close to Natasha, given that she can calm him down (remember that later).

The pulling of Thor’s hammer is funny and I won’t say what happens with that.  The shit hits the fan when Ultron appears in a makeshift body and another battle resorts and the crack in the team gets a little bigger.

Stuff happens and Ultron does meet up with the twins as they explain their circumstances.

I’d continue but now that would be getting into detail of the entire movie.  So I’ll go into the depths of the characters.

Now as a whole the Avengers movie is an awesome experience, action with some character development but from seeing it I do have some gripes and this goes into the Black Widow development as well.

First Captain America is the same and I got no problems with him. He’s the leader and adapting better to the 21st century from his movie “The Winter Solider”.  Cap got better with his Vibranium shield which is always cool to see.

Iron Man/Tony Stark is kind of the center of the film as a plot device. He makes Ultron and some of his insecurities are reflected in his creation (given that’s how Hank did it in the comics).  Iron Man also makes some nudges at Pepper Potts (his girlfriend or ex since she’s running Stark Industries) along with him being fundamentally the same.  If you want to know his battle with the Hulk is awesome sauce.

The God of Thunder, Thor is his same burley self. As in still kicking ass and having his moments of his grand speeches.  I’m surprised though that the movie and writers neglect his other weather manipulating powers since it constantly shows him throwing thunder/lightning bolts at his enemies. Just a reminder his hammer can cause massive tornado’s or rain mixed with hail (this is why Storm should have been on there to add to the mix XD).  His plot device gives us more explanation on the background info with the infinity stones (you know for the coming of the big purple alien?)

Hawkeye is still the guy that shoots arrows but I was surprised by what I saw in this movie. Let’s just say I have a new found respect for him now.

The Hulk is what you expect. He smashes shit and gets his scenes in spades. Yeah I’m not really a Hulk fan since he’s just overhyped and effing overpowered whenever he gets involved.

Black Widow…goodness the writers and movie don’t know what to do with her anymore. I say that because it does seem like (in the beginning) that she was a lost little girl since Natasha had a scene with Bruce and had her flirting with him.

At one point in the movie she explained about her past and this is where fans lost their shit.

Granted I think the fans were reading too much into it but however I think she could have rephrased it better, probably just say she ages slowly due to the experiments and still keep her integrity as a character at times like in the comics.

As the movie progressed she started shining through so it got better for her but the treatment with her of “being useless” is nothing but butthurt fans being effing trolls.

She could have her own movie but with the way Marvel portraying her it’s going down the tubes. Along with not getting the time of day to be on some poster and replaced with Cap is sexist.

Black Widow has had her fare share of dealing with SHIELD and HYDRA along with being a double agent and being loyal to Fury.  She’s dealt with Captain America, Daredevil, Hawkeye (along with being in relationships with them) but she knows how to entice men as well.  Her fighting skills are superior along with espionage is top notch, she even went toe-to-toe with Magik (Illyana Rasputin) from the X-men in the Avengers vs. X-men comic book. She lost though in the end! XD

So I don’t think she sold out besides what I mentioned.

I get that in the grand scheme of things “The Avengers” is, in a way, for “boys/guys” but it really isn’t.

It can be enjoyed by both sexes however Marvel centers around the “males” to save the day or whatnot. But there is hope now with Captain Marvel coming out in 2 or 3 years.

Next we have Ultron. He fucking stole the show and it was awesome!! James Spader voiced him and he did a good job as the bad guy!


*Reddington Ultron! XD*

His development went at a decent pace and you can tell he was just frustrated at times in dealing with humans and how it sounded James Spader voice it worked.

The twins, Pietro and Wanda were good! Granted I did give some hell to Scarlet Witch when I heard she was going to be in the movie. I went more by all the info of her character in the comics (bitch is crazy) but the way Elisabeth Olsen portrayed her was on point.

I did feel like it was cop out by giving her powers the “telekentic/telepathy” treatment due to (and it’s hard) to describe Scarlet Witch’s powers in the comic as probability manipulation in the form of “magic” which she does end up getting later in comic history as she’s a focal point of chaos magic and can manipulate reality (which the “bitch is crazy” comes in”).

So yes I’m a fanboy for the movie related Scarlet Witch as she proved fruitful.  I liked Quicksilver’s flippant attitude.

The Vision comes as a surprise given how he’s created. I won’t say much on him but you’ll like him (you’ll laugh on 3 of his scenes).

The actors/actress that portray these characters were all good in their own rights and I might gripe on consistency issues with some power assets or personality changes but it’s all good.

Humor in the movie isn’t forced and it flowed well with the development of the plot. It did feel like Avengers brings nothing but explosions but it does have that thing that keeps you glued to the screen.

I’m glad I went with a fellow otaku/”geek” since it made it even more fun! Thanks for that Mike!

I give the movie an 8 out of 10 for enjoyment. For the actual story a 7 out of 10.

It’s worth seeing in theaters so don’t wait till it gets on DVD/Blu Ray for it’s something to see and enjoy with movie goers. Just ignore the fucking people who just have to talk through it at times.

I’ll see y’all next time!