What’s up y’all?

Been busy in the RL, work for one and other stuff like replacing a PS4 that I got 2 years ago on the initial launch and it finally craps out when I was a level 51 on Dragon Ball Xenoverse!

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Actually that happened 2 days ago and I was able to replace it…spending my money of course.

But it was worth it cause everything is running as it should (for now anyway) but I won’t sweat it the details.

Today’s blog, which will be short, is about some anime long past!  Why you ask?

For one thing this neo-gen anime fans really don’t know the good stuff or they hype up one anime at the height of Mount Mos.

Seriously it’s happening! The good anime or ones with decent story or one shots are being forgotten or not watched by these Shonen fan boys or these Dan Machi fanatics that praise Hestia as being “bae”, cute and fucking great.

*This obnoxious goddess! Burn her like they did the witches in the Salem Witch Trials!!*

Seriously this is what’s trending for half the anime community!! The fuck did we enter the twilight zone?

I mean one day (last month) a certain show called “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon” (Danmachi for short) streamed to the American audience on any legal sites.

That was the beginning of the end.

*I can’t take it anymore!!*

For some strange reason the show skyrocketed to high position. Was it because of the story? Was it the animation? Was it the opening/ending song?

To answer, story is interesting but nothing to write home about, animation is good, op/ed is all right but nothing to DL to your music device.

No, it was because some horny otaku’s found Hestia (who is based off the Greek Goddess, Hestia and she governs family, domesticity, home, architecture & state in the legend) found that cow to be awesome?

They are thinking with their dicks! I don’t see the charm or fascination with Hestia, who I call #HestiaVirus, cause whenever Friday hits Twitter goes ablaze with fanboys trying to suck her pussy or do her in the butt!

She brings nothing but annoyance to the show and wasted the entire of episode 3 wondering if she should give a dagger, which she made with another goddess, to her human partner Belle (main male protagonist) which was stupid! Hestia needed to give it to him post-haste not dwell if it would change him.

Anyway that’s my one rant for that series.

Hmmm what’s that? Do I watch it? Yes good sirs/misses, I do watch it for the story even though I will most likely read the light novel after it ends since I don’t see it going pass 13 episodes.

The characters are ok and I actually hype up 3 female characters (see how their isn’t much males in this ecchi type shows?) but I digress.

Another complaint I have with all these anime is the borderline ecchi nonsense! My Kami, it’s in EVERYTHING we see!!

There is a show called “Food Porn” (not really the name but it’s the unofficial name in anime community) which is really called “Food Wars”, where the main character wants to be a high grade chef and goes to this elitist school to prove his worth.

I say food porn cause whenever he makes something the other characters moan in pleasure like they popped the cherry or experiencing the ultimate high of getting off all the time!

*Goodbye cursed virginity your out of here!!*

It’s also surprising that the characters always get naked and almost raped by imagining falling in a sea of pudding (or something like that).

Yes, I like Food Wars and got no problem with it however it’s like the anime is trying too hard to be sexy?

Check any anime today and take careful watch over the body language. Is the camera angling towards a females nice rack or small ass for no particular reason when someone is talking?

I saw it in Haganai, Highschool DXD, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Fafnir, Lucky Girl, just to name a few.

As well Funimation seems to be picking up the titles like hotcakes. I like me some lewd don’t get me wrong but what happened to just enjoying a little thing called “story”?

It’s all about that phat ass and if you can tap it and drop it like its hot.

Yes, I even notice how it gets into Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works however that is based off a visual novel where the story is good if not convoluted and the male character, depending on the actions of the player, can get hentai scenes with 3 of the female protagonist for each story.

*Sorry!! Didn’t mean to spunk on your delicate, milky white body!*

And it’s not getting easier with this neo-generation and their lemming mind sets causing all this ruckus. It seems, at times, they act like elitist.

You say one opinion, just one and they go all “I’ll fucking kill you weebo! You’re no real anime fan and just an old man who doesn’t know good anime!”

Ok that’s never happened to me, it’s an exaggeration but it rings true when you think about it.

One example is the Naruto fans; fucking trolls they are. Per example, I like Sakura and once they see you like her, who by the way is “useless” (which she was in the first anime, Shippuden she’s improved) they get all fidgety and say “No she sucks balls! Everything she says and does is stupid!”.

I kid you not that is exactly what they think or tweet about! They deny the fact she’s improved by Shippuden and SAW her potential when it comes to that fucking Ninja War and they still can’t accept she’s good?

What kind of nonsense is that? Along with those fans are butthurt that Sakura got Sasuke in the end and had Sarada, who now is questioning if her parents are married and if she’s really Karin’s daughter…


And it’s fucking win for those closed minded wankers. Give them an inch of a RUMOR and they eat that shit up like it’s cream pie served with raspberry tea on a hot summer day in South Carolina!

Sorry, I don’t really give much respect to the ninja community for that along with the parody accounts.

When on earth was it right to say the “n” word with ga at the end, as the norm?

“When your bae want to hit it I be like n***** yeah!!*

I’m sorry what? You have an avatar which is a Naruto character with the name “Your boi Sasuke” and tweeting shit of derogatory words of expression to get a point across if she is pregnant and you got to chidori her ass?


Granted depending on my mood I don’t take it the wrong way but I guess I do have an issue with the “n” word being used by all teens and it’s cool? I’m not one to EVER use a race card and shit but really?

Anyone white, black, whatever culture or ethnicity you are shouldn’t be using that word! And what the fuck “bae”? You calling her poop, you know that?!

Or “Be like…” be like what you illiterate kids who should be learning something not fucking breaking down the English Language?

Yeah I get it’s how they are saying it but still it doesn’t get on your nerves what’s going on? Teens pay more attention to their cells, on social media 24/7 like no care in the world along with the stuff they say is raunchy or amusing (at times) or down right scary with pictures (not pics of boobs or pussy but creepy ass shit).

Now as I type this I’m wondering when I began thinking with more logic (or cynicism) with how the stuff I like is getting somewhat twisted to contribute the fall of a generation.

Anime isn’t bad or for kids. Yes it’s animation but majority have to be watched by a mature audience (no Naruto, One Piece, Bleach or Fairy Tail, you are for teens or even kids but you aren’t worth crying over with “serious content”) like say La Blue Girl (hentai) or Haganai (ecchi with a slice of life) or better yet, Ranma 1/2 (slapstick comedy with romance).

Yeah, it does sound like I’m hating the fact I’m getting older (not really hating just marveled by how it’s going) or I’m hating against the ninja fans (which is not hate but extreme cynical banter cause everything you have read or what I say is actually true) or my extreme distaste over #HestiaVirus (that will hopefully catch on) but I can deal.

We all are entitled to our opinions. Some like Naruto, some hate One Piece, some hate Sailor Moon (shame on you) or Ronin Warriors (the fuck wrong with you?) and love Clannand (that shit isn’t worth no fucking “feels” overhyped nonsense, watch some Ef a tale of memories/melodies, shits real!)

So like everything that’s just MY opinion.

Oh and what the hell, “feels”? Yeah I say it but really will you be saying that when you get a job and use that abridged language shit?

FUCK IT! I’m going to get a beer!

Hope you enjoyed this blog (or you might hate it). Sorry, I’m being more opinionated now cause you know, I’m 30 and shit! 😛

Later days.