Greetings, it is I, JGoten30 and I’m back to writing a blog!

Didn’t know what I would type up this time since in my last entry I’d try being random and not say what to expect next.

Going by the title I’ll be talking about some Light Novels that I read but in specifics, SAO (Sword Art Online) and Accel World.

Hmmm, what’s that? Why would I write about something like SAO given the fact every anime fan knows about that notorious series?

Eh, I want to actually break it down more for myself by writing it down given what I say and how I talk on twitter about it.  I don’t know, just feels I have some issues with that series I have to work on.

Now let’s begin!

I took a shining to Light Novels after the “Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya’ came out some years ago and it left me wanting more.

It felt like there was more to the story than what the anime dished out. And given the second season was a travisety (Endless 8, avoid like the plague) I felt unsatisfied.

So I decided to order the light novel series of Haruhi and I didn’t complain. The story was good and with reading you can use your imagination to the fullest.

*My gift to you; it’s not worth the pain. Only watch Endless 8 once!*

A light novel is a Japanese short story that doesn’t go beyond 10 or 15 but has a lot of dialogue that can keep you entertained.

It’s mostly “anime” if you will given the characters on the front of the books are animated.

The story various depending on what you get but I believe it’s pretty thorough with the genres. Light Novels are like manga except with more words with few pictures and the words it uses (big words) is very extensive from what I read.

I actually try to write down some for future reference to use.

The books are the predessors to anime given anime is taken from the books they come from, be it manga or in this case LN.

Not sure on the time frame in Japan but I would think it would come out one or two times a year.

Recently LN are being sold in America by Yen Press.

A couple of popular shows that the anime community knows is based of the LN. Yes, if you didn’t know that is true!


Per example this popular show and not OH (overhyped) Durarara!

*Ikebukuro baby! Where the random shit happens.*

The novel’s author is Ryohgo Narita.

The story/series follows the events of random characters and how they are all linked to each other through one circumstance to another and wind up in situations orchestrated by Izaya or other “extraordinary” events.

*This dude here is Izaya; the fangirls find him “smexy” to use that term of phrase*

I won’t go into any details regarding the characters (there are a lot) but the series is cool and worth the watch. Or in this case read since the novel has finished it’s run last year.

Another goodie that came from a LN is the “God” of anime; The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This series was written by Naru Tanigawa and a total of 11 books.

A peculiar difference with this story is that it doesn’t go in chronological order of stories which makes it interesting in my opinion.

*Haruhism is the only religion*

The premises for this details Haruhi Suzumiya wanting to find interesting things given she thinks the world is boring.

She is intelligent, athletic and can do pretty much anything and no she isn’t one of them “Mary Sues”. Nope, she’s actually a tsundere! XD

Enter our main protagonist (as told from his perspective) Kyon, the snarky, ordinary one of the books as he is pulled into Haruhi’s scheme of mayhem.

She makes a group at school called the “SOS Brigade” which goal is to finding anything interesting; espers, time travels and aliens.

Minor spoiler; they don’t encounter a slider.


Now what’s strange is that unknown to Haruhi, she has powers. Most possibly God like powers that defy everything and everything that Kyon gets involved in is because of that.

However despite Haruhi’s “eccentric” personality she is actually rational with her thought process and it’s been said that she, under any circumstances, must not know about them.

Kyon winds up knowing all this given the three people who winds up joining Haruhi’s club and whether be it coincidence or fate, these characters are exactly what our loud mouth brigade leader is looking for.

Yuki Nagato; the resident alien with little emotion but the one that Kyon trust beyond a shadow of doubt.

She is an artificial human created to observe Haruhi and nothing else.

Yuki speaks when spoken too but when ever she does comes out in a matter of fact way but she’s cute.


Kyon is able to decipher some of her “limited” expressions eventually.

Yuki and the Data Overmind believe Haruhi is the foundation of evolution given she (Haruhi) can create something out of nothing (data). She is also a kind of “watchdog” for the group given unheard groups wanting to get to Haruhi.

She can also use “magic” which Kyon calls bogus; Yuki manipulates data or in shorter terms can cause phenemonm to occur.

For instance making a base ball bat hit said ball to get home runs or even fight in a classroom.

Big plot point is in “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” where, after the first 3 books.

Mikuru Asahina; time traveler but you wouldn’t know it with her moe-like exterior. She is Haruhi’s “plaything” and Kyon’s obvious sexual crush.

*Moe incarnate and time traveler!!*

*Super size me captain!!*

She comes from the future due to a “time quake” that Haruhi causes three years prior to her entering high school. She also is tasked to investigate the cause since no one can enter the three year pre-state.

Mikuru is eye candy and is adored by the student body along with easily flustered.

Kyon mostly looks after her given Haruhi has a tendency to go overboard with dressing up the poor girl.

The buxom time traveler does get development as well and she is an important plot device later in the books, especially her “future adult” self gets in the mix.

From getting kidnapped at one point and doing an important event Mikuru is the damsel in distress.

Mikuru is also the cause (unintentionally) for Haruhi and Kyon winding up in closed space due to getting jealous of her and Kyon in a compromising position in the first book. And no it wasn’t sexual (I think?).

Next we have Itsuki Kouzumi; the esper or as I like to call him “fox face”.

*I believe he’s Gin Ichimaru’s reincarnation!*

Koizumi is rather secreative and you can’t really tell what he’s thinking at times given he has that “fox face” smile constantly, which Kyon can tell is fake at times.

The esper is part of an organization that has a lot of ties around the area the story takes place in and it’s always convienetent that when the SOS brigade go somewhere it’s always Koizumi who says he has some “fake” relative in said place.

His abilities aren’t really active in the everyday setting; it only happens when he and his colleuges go into “closed space” and deal with some blue, energized giants named “Celestials”.

They are beings formed of Haruhi’s unconsciousness that wreak havoc in a space close to this reality when she gets upset or something doesn’t go her way, per example when she got angry/depressed over Kyon and Mikuru.

Apparently if left uncheck with the amount of damage these beings do in there could implode in this reality.

He’s actually cool when using the esper powers he was granted this power 3 years prior to the story.

Given his enigmatic personality along with using rhetoric in hypotheses when explaining any circumstances it’s hard to tell if what he is saying is true or not.

He and the organization he is a part of view Haruhi as God (give or take) and that she created the world in an instant and the everyday life. However at one point he Koizumi took it back with an exclamation of “Oh I said that did I?”

Kyon actually talks to Koizumi a lot in the series given though our sardonic protag is annoyed with how good looking and indifferent the rat is. Koizumi caters to Haruhi’s whim but has mentioned that as much that he does, it is Kyon that Haruhi trust the most.

Yeah you’d have to find these kinds of subtle clues for yourself and it’s never elaborated on except for the occasional hint.

Your noticing a pattern right? three years is when a shift happened to the world which started these events with the Data Overmind, time travelers and esper organizations.

Ironically enough these 3 core philosophies surrounding Haruhi is like Schrodinger’s cat; each is true in it’s own way and not.

I think Yuki Nagato put it best at one point, “Itsuki Koizumi and Mikuru Asahina have differing roles in mind for Haruhi Suzumiya; they can never accept the opposite side’s interpretation. A divergent theory would shake the very foundation of their existence.”

And after that Kyon asked her what is the right answer in all this which she responds with, “Any truth I may tell you will be unable to grant you solid proof.  There is no guarantee that I’m telling the truth…Not for you at least.”

See some powerful wording in a 10 or so chapter book! The series is still popular to this day with two seasons, a movie and a current spin off.

The Light Novel ended some years back and goes into more adventures with SOS brigade especially the last book. You can find them on Amazon or DL as well.

You curious now? I suggest you read it!!

One more before going into the main plot of this blog.

*When science and magic collide a story is born!*

A Certain Magical Index along with A Certain Scientific Railgun is also a LN which spawned a decent anime and movie!

This series is made by Kazuma Kamaichi!

I recently got into the books thanks to the anime. Once again felt that there was more to the story.

Pretty much magic/science collide as the main character, Touma Kamijou deals with it all and has pretty rotten luck.

However our beloved main protag has a strong sense of justice and wouldn’t leave someone to their own devices.

The setting is in a world where supernatural is known.

The place where are main hero lives is called Academy City in the west of Tokyo and is known for extensive research and institutions. It’s a big place where half of everyone who lives their is a student.

Espers is one of the terms to describe some who live in Academy City; ones who were born with it but only awaken it through the Power Curriculum Program.

It’s where you take some test for ESP or medication. The ranking system is 0 through 5, and the latter is the highest.

Only few indiviudals are in that ranking, Mikoto Misaka, another character in this series and lead in [A Certain Scientific Railgun] who can control electricity along with a closeted tsundere and potential love interest of Touma (but nothing’s happened).

Now as a main character you’d think Touma would be a level 5 esper? Wrong, our hero is a level 0 which is the lowest ranking.

He isn’t helpless given Touma does have an Esper ability which anyone who tested him sees it as useless; [Imagine Breaker] which is located in his right hand can destroy any supernatural threat that is thrown at him as long as he touches it.

However due to the fact of his ability it also negates his own luck, which is the cause of his suffering.

Touma deals with it the well though by being optimistic and thinking his luck will improve with hard effort.

Even if he wants his luck to improve Touma likes his life even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

On a summer day as he goes to air out his mat our main protag sees a strange sight; a nun, who is hanging on his banister?

Our main female lead is named Index, a 15 year old girl who is a nun and is on the run from some “shady” people from the church.

After giving something for her to eat (her stomach gave a loud growl) it is soon revealed to Touma that she holds 103,000 grimoires in her brain. And did I forget to mention this is where the magic business comes into play?

She tries to explain that magic is real but given that Touma, who’s reality is broken into the foundation of logic, it becomes hard for the two to see eye to eye on this issue.

FYI that’s why the tagline is “When science and magic come together a story is born!”.

Index also didn’t believe in Touma’s ability to destroy any supernatural ability, especially one of the divine sacraments she wears for protection.

What happens when Touma touches it and why is a religious church after Index?

You’ll have to read to find out or watch the anime.

Now time to get down to another novel I read. Be prepared cause every anime fan knows the “horrors” of this infamous show/book and it has caused a massive war in the otaku circuits!

What this is called…Sword Art Online or SAO for short!!

*No, not that!!!*

I know, the horror!!!

Nah it’s not that bad and the butthurt anime fans need to calm their shit down.

Along with I mention SAO cause it is linked to another series I like, which is one of my favorites, called Accel World!

Let’s begin!

*Let’s go!*

First the author for these novels, Reki Kawahara is the creator for these two series that share the same universe but in different time spans.

SAO takes place 20 years or so before Accel World.

Reki first published SAO in 2002 online and entered the first novel of Accel World in the in 2008, ASCII Media Works for Dengeki Novel Prize  where he got the grand prize.

For SAO a total of 15 volumes have been published in Japan while in America the first 3 volumes have been translated with the 4th volume debuting sometime this April.

Accel World exceeds the volume count with a total of 17 with volume 3: The Twilight Marauder came out in March and one I’m still reading!

Let’s break down SAO first!


*Asuna and Kirito; the main characters*

The premises is in 2022 a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) with NerveGear (a helmet you place over your head when diving), is created and sold to the public.

It is the first in it’s kind where you, the player, can dive right into the game and experience the thrill of being in a game.

It’s mostly brain activity as it stimulates the senses. For instance if you eat anything in the VR world you won’t be as hungry when you come back to RL, real life (for the newbies who don’t get the internet slang) which isn’t a problem but if your mom made some groovy cheesesteaks and don’t bring your appetite than that’s a problem.

I digress, Kazuto Kirigaya, the main protaginists, is an introverted teenager who mostly hangs out on the internet.

He doesn’t have friends and is socially awkward but is a wiz with electronic devices (strike one). He likes wearing black clothing (strike 2).

Before you start cursing my name, I will say I’m not hype for Kazuto/Kirito.

Anyway on the starting day Kazuto dives into Sword Art Online and is enjoying the ambiance of being in a full dive.

He is actually a beta-tester for the game so (I guess) that’s why he was able to get his hands on.

Anyway after helping a fellow gamer with learning the basics of SAO something occurs; no one can log out.

Yes, no one can log out!

Doesn’t this sound like another plot to another series that came out in the early 00?

*.Hack/Sign; Tsukasa, a “boy” in the game can’t log out*

When I first heard that premieses I immediately called SAO “The annoying child of .Hack/Sign” and I don’t really regret saying it even after watching/reading it but SAO is good.

Where was I? Oh, can’t log out.

So Klein (guy he helped) and Kirito (Kazuto’s OL name which I will refer to him as he’s in the game) go to the main square and a bunch of players are yammering the fact they can’t log off!

“I have homework to get too!”

“A pizza I ordered is coming in a couple of minutes!”

“I have work/school in the morning!”

“I need to fap!!”

Ok, that last line didn’t get said or most of that stuff (the pizza part did happen given Klein mentioned it :P)

So “God” or the creator of the game and douche, Akihiko Kayaba, on a whim decides to trap everyone in the game.

He asks them to open a certain item, which is a mirror, and a moment later everyone is their RL selves and no OL avatars.

Cue shock given how some male characters posed themselves as women and the fact you are stuck in a game.

Oh yeah, the nerve gear will also fry your brain to mush if you die.

*Yes Shirou Emiya, you are a precious sow*

Yup, dead. Their RL selves have 30 minutes or an hour to run on auxiliary power before it destroys their minds so they are transported to hospitals.

Some did die due to some parents/friends/relatives that didn’t believe the claim that got leaked immediately after the SAO incident occurred.

Back in the game Kayaba reveals that the only way to escape this prison; one has to win the game! That means going through all 100 floors of Aincraid, surviving monsters and bosses which get hard the more you go!

Kirito, seeing what needed to be done, is going to conquer the game and get stronger. He was going to bring along his new friend Klein but the latter wants to stay with his friends who might be having a hard time.

Granted you’d think Kirito would want to join a group or at least stick for his friend but NO, he gets all iffy given his introverted personality and leaves. Not without the two cracking a joke.

They do meet again but that’s off and on.

With a wail of “I WILL SURVIVE!!” Kirito goes to the wonders unknown.

*I won’t rely on anyone else! I will find an exit!!*

Now here’s where it gets interesting; in the anime we are bundled down in filler episodes, given it’s only 13 episodes for “the first arc” while the first LN actually just goes into the main plot where Kirito is stronger and it’s been 2 years already.

Kirito is the typical loner wolf character at a ridicoulus high level (he spammed the dungeons like a boss) and gained two sword sytles that he unlocked (big thing).

*Kirito also likes his sammich! The real waifu in his heart and belly*

Asuna also gained recognition being a little lower than Kirito in level but strong as well given her title, “Asuna the Flash” but, IMO, this is taken away given Kirito, the OP Beater, has actually done extrodinary things that can’t be done in the game! (strike 3).

He established meeting Asuna and is captivated by her and she with him. They do become a couple and get married inside the game, which is a big thing for the Kirito/Asuna shippers.

*My heart will live on!*

Sorry, it sounds like I’m berating something I’m trying to be opened minded with.

I won’t go into anymore detail regarding SAO given you can read or watch for yourself.  The books go into more detail than the anime did, as I mentioned the 1st volume is the main plot.

Book 2 goes into the “lost years” of what Kirito went through before beating the game (not a spoiler).

It’s about Lisbeth, Silica, Yui and Saichi.

*The fucking loli, Silica and the invisible girl, Lisbeth!*

*Saichi, bitter sweet story and Hinata Hyuga’s reincarnation that dies! :P*

*Artifical intelligence Yui; bane of my existence. FOAD!!*

These short stories in the 2nd volume were an interesting read, since I didn’t pay it attention in the anime but with that Yui-ordeal, it pissed me off while Saichi’s story really did give me feels.

Now what pisses me off with Lisbeth and the effing loli (I don’t like loli love shit) they meet Kirito, who is still and introvert with his blank personality but can do anything BS, have an adventure with him and faster than you can say “Ma, I want some pancakes grilling on the pan” these baseless girls fall for him!!

This is strike 4!! Be it the anime or the novel, that just seemed like something Kawahara-sensei didn’t need to do!

I like female characters but making Kirito, the beater and every fanboy’s dream of doing anything you want with an introvert personality and the base of having a romance with someone else (which they find out later but befriend and STILL pine after) seemed redundant IMO.

And that effing AI! In the novel she says that she found Kirito and Asuna had this emotional wavelength of joy and that’s why she went to them, to experience that.


I am positive there are other people in that game who haven’t succumbed to despair and are experiencing that amount of love and camaraderie just as much or even better that Kirito/Asuna.

Damn little AI girl, I’d delete your app from my phone if I could!!!

Sorry it just seemed arrogant that if you, who was experiencing love to the fullest and this horn dog little AI girl with fucking moe eyes told you, “I read your emotional brainwaves and you aren’t joyful enough like my mama and papa!!”

AGH!!! Burn her with fire!! Get Morganna from .Hack/Sign and delete the everlasting crap out of her!!!

The plot continues in Volume 3/4 of SAO called “Fairy Dance”. Kirito is free form the game but Asuna is still in a coma. it’s revealed she is in ALO (Alfheim Online).

He dawns the dreaded nervegear once again and is now a fairy of the Spriggen class (the black color fetish is high) and Kirito learns the basics and trying to find Asuna.

This time he has a friend in Leafa, a sylph fairy who is a strong fighter as well but unknown to Kirito, the avatar is played by his sister who is really his cousin, Suguha.

*Suguha; the cousin/sister of Kazuto*

*Leafa; Sugu’s avatar in ALO*

In a heel turn move once again (damn it Kawahara-sensei!!) Suguha has a fordidden love for her brother who is really her cousin Kazuto but qunches it and falls for Kirito, Kazuto’s avatar!

The fuck?

*All my hate!!!*

Now I’m being overly dramatic but this does prove annoying for me.

Leafa explains how ALO works with Kirito the spriggen and the fucking AI Yui, who is alive thanks to Kirito backing up her data in volume 2 of the novel.

*DAMN YOU!!! Kirito, CHA!!!*

Now they begin this journey of finding Asuna.

The 3rd volume is pretty good even though I found myself annoyed with how more women fell for Kirito.

Seriusly doesn’t this say something about the way Kawahara-sensei views the females in this series?

My favorite for the SAO franchise is the GGO arc. The novel hasn’t been released in America yet but when it does I’ll be happy for one word; Sinon!

*Screw the other trags, Sinon is bae with character development and looks!*

I would go into detail but I keep forgetting this is for LN not an anime review.

So for the SAO LN; I will give it a 7/10.

The series, be it in anime or book for is decent but if I had to pick, the LN all the way. Seems to have a better foundation than what you can get from a 23 minute anime.

Now for my favorite LN, Accel World!!

*Let’s go to the Burst World!!*

Now we’re talking Kawahara-sensei!

Accel World, as mentioned, takes place in the same universe as SAO but 20 years later!

Technology has advanced and the nerve gear is a thing of the past and replaced with a Neurolinker.

They are portable terminal which connects to the brain which supports the five senses. It links to the Global net for instant access. It attaches itself around the neck for easy access.

The plot revolves around Haruyuki Arita who gets a program app from the vice president of the school, Kuroyukihime.

The app is called Brain Burst (Brain Burst 2039.exe) and it will change Haruyuki’s world forever.

Brain Burst is a mysterious program that no adult knows about and only some few (mostly the generation and younger that Haruyuki is from) knows that it exist.

Brain Burst accelerates the brain a 1000 times with help from the Neurolinker on their necks so no negative implications can happen to their RL bodies when they accelerate.

When using the word, “Burst Link”, their thoughts accelerate and everything around them is “frozen”. But in reality everything is slowed down to a crawl.

It is a fighting game where Burst Linkers, are ones that utlilze the Accelerated Word, battle each other for burst points.

These in turn grant access to use some special abilities in the RL.

When using an ability that drains burst points with each acceleration so to gain more Burst Linker’s battle for the right to continue using them.

There is a total of 10 levels which no one has ever reached.  Their are ones who are close, level 9 characters and are only 7 of them which makes them the 7 kings of color.

Each reached the current level and seeing how if one of them reached level 10, the theory, Brain Burst would/could be deleted from anyone who has installed the program.

Given accelerating is a power one would want to keep they all decided to have a standstill and have an uneasy alliance that none would go to that point.

All except one, Black Loutus, the black king of Nega Nebulas, went up against the kings and killed the first red king in an underhanded tactic which she still regrets to this day.

She is stopped but went into a form of exile from Burst World for a time before she meets Haruyuki at Umesto High School.

The story revolves around Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime and their friends, who reform Nega Nebulas and their mission to finish Brain Burst by reaching level 10 and battle the 6 (former 7) kings of color.

The plot is straight forward but there is a lot of arcs in this series which is cool!  Even though I only have 3 volumes currently it’s popular in Japan and I think this is Kawahara-sensei’s finest work.

The coupling of Arita/Kuroyukihime is perfect IMO, not lovey-dovey like Kirito/Asuna but more teacher/student even though the love is there Arita gets easily flustered while Kuroyukihime goes through the same thing but is more cool about it.

Development wise is a decent pace, nothing gets rushed and gets you more what the character is thinking.

The fights are decent and not much OP going on except for the level 9 kings but they don’t really fight except it is mentioned how their abilities are.

I discovered this series 2 years ago on Blu-Ray and got it off a whim and I haven’t regret it one bit! It’s actually one of the anime I can watch again and again without getting bored.

Damn by putting that I really am an Accel fanboy! XD

*This links to the 2nd opening of Accel World. It’ll give you a description of what to expect in this awesome series!*

When I finished the 26 episode series (which I standby needs a second season) I chanced upon, when I ordered SAO volume 1, I saw how Yenpress is translating Accel World, I popped that in my cart for pre-order and I haven’t looked back since.

Do I think this series surpasses SAO in anyway?

Just slightly but remember I’m bias given I’m a fanboy of this series and with how I treated SAO (the first books/series) it’s to be expected.

I give Accel World a 9/10 for rating purposes.

Now I do like SAO, I can enjoy it (when I’m not breaking down the characters faults) but like I said, I prefer SAO II when Sinon gets in there (no complaints from me).

Let me go through the characters briefly before ending this!

Haruyuki Arita, the protagonist for this series, isn’t what you’d expect.

First, he’s chubby, short and a low self-esteem who is a 7th grader at Umesato Middle School. He likes playing videogames and even the vintage stuff from back in the day.

*Haruyuki Arita; he wants a hug*

*Silver Crow; Arita’s duel avatar in the Accelerated World.*

Per example when he went to Akihabara at one point in the series and was surprised that there was still arcades!

A plot point in the beginning he got bullied before getting Brain Burst and with Kuroyukihime’s help, gets the one that caused his life distress expelled from school.

In the Accelerated world he goes by Silver Crow and at first his attacks weren’t anything special before his battle with Takumu Mayuzumi aka Cyan Pile and he discovered his true potential; being able to fly.

This is the first thing ever in all of the game that someone could fly!

With Silver Crow’s new ability he has gained a rep and prominent member in the rebuilt Nega Nebulas.

In RL he’s still the same butterball but confident.

It is amazing though that even though he is a total dope with the ladies, he still has seen his fare share of them naked (unintentional) and even has the affection of Chiyu, his other best friend (but with her it’s confusing).

Kuroyukihime is next and she is the main female lead and leader of Nega Nebulas!

*The beautiful snow black*

*Black Lotus; Kuroyukihime’s duel avatar*

She is beautiful and elegant but don’t let that fool you that she’s a maiden in distress for she can protect herself and more given she made it to level 9 and is notorious throughout the history of the accelerated world.

Kuroyukihime isn’t her real name and even though Haruyuki knows the name but is still secret from the reader.

Even though she has a strong will and cold as ice, Kuroyukihime is still a 15 year old girl with feelings and it gets proven when she gets jealous whenever another female winds up showing affection for him, Scarlet Rain for one and Chiyuri, one of his childhood friends.

*Chubs gets the skinny-minny*

There is a theory that Kuroyukihime is in fact the daughter of Kazuto and Asuna from SAO. The fact that this show is 20 years ahead along with how Kuroyukihime handles herself in a duel similer to the beater and the flash, that would be cool if it were true.

*Could be?*

Kawahara-sensei hasn’t said anything regarding that rumor of course so who knows.

Than we have Takumu Mayazumi, Cyan Pile and Chiyuri Kuroshma, Lime Bell.

*He’s called “professor” to his chagrin. Taku also wears glasses*

*Cyan Pile; Taku’s duel avatar*

*Chiyuri Kurashima; best friend of Haru and Taku. Longs for days long past*

*Lime Bell; Chiyu’s duel avatar. Ring the bell!*

*Will these 2 ever get back together?*

They join the cause with Nega Nebulas down the line but how that is I’ll let you discover for yourself.

I’ll say that their storylines are well played in the story!

And eventually this will happen in the books (when I read them).

*Nega Nebulas*

*You notice it’s more females than males! XD*

To finish this blog I like Light Novels very much. It’s good to read words than just look at pictures with manga.

For a time I thought it was lowering my thought process with manga but that’s something for another time.

I like when these LN get anime adaptions however if the LN is still going on sometimes the anime may just end it after it does a couple of plots from the story which means if it has like an open ending you are screwed unless you put out the money to get the original material.

It doesn’t bother me in the least because I can read at my leisure and don’t have to listen to any butt hurt fans scream anarchy in case something happens and they go all butt hurt.

One day I’ll type up a blog on those type of anime fans.

So what have we learned? Even though SAO is overhyped it can be enjoyed, just keep an open mind…and when your mind is open, break down the foundation of the characters and see what the hell is wrong with them and love them again! LOL!

But seriously it’s not bad. And I will say it is not the savior of anime.


*You understand what I say?*

It’s a decent show and book, just keep me away from Yui and I’m good.  Accel World is BOSS IMO and I will love it till the day I die! XD

But not to show I hate SAO, here we go!

*Kirito about to get lucky!*

*Go 4 it Arita!*

That’s love right there. Love it or hate it, these series have a profound resonance with me.

One more thing, SAO and Accel World has crossed over at one point. Not sure how but it’s a thing I hope comes to the states in LN form and even an anime!

*Epic battle!*

That ends this blog.

Sorry if it was clusterfuck; my imagination went wild and I’ve been typing this all afternoon!

Until my next update.

Burst out!