Greetings to one and all, I’m Jgoten30 or Pepsiman to my friends or just plain Jeff.

Today is the day I finally post this blog regarding my very first convention! What? What kind of convention? An Anime one of course!!

Yes, for all the noobs out there, a place where anime is celebrated like a deity happens once a year in any city with different names!  Personally I’ve never been to the others, which I hope changes when I get my DL.

Anyway the convention is called Otakon and it takes place in Baltimore, Maryland by the harbor (close to the Oriols stadium).

That convention has been going on since 98 or 99 from what I remember but I didn’t go to the 00 one (I think). Hey it’s been years so forgive me if my memory isn’t as sharp with that little detail!

A friend of mine, whom I have known from my middle school years, invited me twice but I always declined before deciding to go and take a chance!

At that time I didn’t know what to expect at that kind place? I knew I liked anime (wasn’t into the manga till my adult years) but I wasn’t keen on expressing that given I was an introvert and it’s hard to break out of a cycle that you usual do!

But I managed and asked my mom who allowed her 15 year old son go with my friend and his dad (there more like family), and I brought only 40 dollars.

Yes you heard right, I ONLY took 40 dollars. What can I say it was my first and I didn’t know what to expect? Given that 00 was still the time we had VHS and stuff the anime purchases were expensive back than.

Boy was I wrong to bring that much!! So we drove to Baltimore which took 2 hours at the latest given we live in VA and anyone who lives here knows that it’s a cake walk.

FYI if you go into the tunnel than you are passing Baltimore.

When I arrived I was star struck, this was a haven where people who liked and appreciated anime thrived and could talk about what makes it great!!!

*I’ve found my family!!*

The cosplays (as I learned what they were called, were awesome!! I even saw some Sailor Moon and DBZ! Remember this was also when Toonami was at the prime of worship.

I was in heaven and enjoyed it. When it came to buying though it was cheap since, like I said only had 40 dollars. I think I got 2 or 3 VHS.

I ended up disappointed cause my friend got more stuff than I did. Yeah I shouldn’t think of myself as lame but 15 so you live and learn.

I went again for a couple of years and through my experience I learned something new. The VHS were soon replaced by the DVD’s in 03/04 so that was a pill to swallow.

My purchases got a little more heavy, I even remember (and I was proud of this when I was 18) I brought 2 La Blue girl tapes.

*I’m proud to be an otaku!*

Don’t judge me, a guy is not some lewd pervert than a female going to the hentai section picking up the Yaoi, and let me tell you that was an eye opener!  They were into that more than us males!

*The innocence is gone*

The viewing rooms were awesome and just immersing myself in the otaku haven was fun! Of course it made me aware of other things as well, some bad.

People can be rude along with kind of scathing but I mostly ignored it.  I have never cosplayed (confidence issues even now) but I don’t mind being the “wall flower” but I’ve grown in how to deal with a lot of stuff.

I thought of cosplaying, my friend did it once or twice (he’s not the best but I support him) but always declined. Being a pessimist has it’s points at times but I’m hesitant due to what I read on the net about how race actually plays a factor (which it shouldn’t).

I wondered if I should be a black character but granted not that many and should it really matter? It’s a character you like so why should anyone be shamed that they aren’t the “correct” skin tone?

I never suspected as an anime fan and a human being that such baseless behavior actually happens in this community and needs to stop!  One can quote that from one called Lady Gaga that “God makes no mistakes” so yeah!

Now by saying that I am not sure but it’s in my head. If I ever dress as a character it will be for a couple of hours at the most but I haven’t crossed that line yet so we can put that away for now.

It’s always been me and my friend going throughout the years (I did skip some at points due to forgetting or something came up) but I have gone for a long while that I know what to expect.

Granted it would be nice going with some one different to change the dynamic and stuff, like some I know on Twitter.

I get the feeling If Mike, Charlie and the rest were there shit would get real but it would be fun! XD

When I got a cell I started taking pictures which meant breaking out of my shell! I’m happy to say that my Instagram has 3 years worth of pics I took from 2011-14!

I haven’t talked to anyone in a spontaneous way but it’s always nice to see ones who appreciate an art without being ashamed.  Yeah, I did say something similar in an earlier paragraph but I think it’s worth mentioning again.

For some of my recent years I’ve actually gotten a tad bit more stuff than John (I know it’s not a contest but I can do shopping for anime) and as of late I got into some plushies and even a sword.

I got a Sailor Venus, Sakura (pre-shippudnen) and Tails last year and a wooden sword for the hell of it. I also took pictures with some cosplayers as some of the Persona 4 girls!! And I tell ya that was the closet I’ve ever gotten to some females!

Made me want to start a harem! XD

I believe the convention is one of the bigger ones in America. Not Comic Con big but still decent and I heard that Otakon will be coming into DC in the next 3 years when the contract for the Baltimore center expires!

So if that does happen I can just go straight there from work since it’s located in DC!

I did become burnt out on it given it’s the only convention I go to but I always find the fun in buying, taking pics and enjoying myself.

Granted I thought I would add more but my brain is getting fuzzy with the remembering however I do recall the feeling behind it and I do cherish it.

That’s it for the blog!

I won’t say what I’ll type next time since I want to be random so wait for it!

Later days!

*Yes, that’s me with the cosplayers! They are some fine looking gals! Good day for me! ^^*