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One of my first reviews of Justice League with that Aquaman movie!


Hello and  greetings readers, I’m back with this update and I’ll be discussing on what I just watched recently, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

When I first heard that there would be another Justice League animated movie, a small trailer appeared in Batman: Assault on Gotham. 

Like any fan, when you hear the word “Atlantis” the only figure-head you can picture is the blonde male bombshell himself, Aquaman, ruler of the seas, for the DC universe, (I hear Namor the Submariner crying “Imperious Rex” given he’s king of Atlantis in the Marvel universe, along with King Triton from The Little Mermaid is also sounding the trumpet of war due to that claim).

Now I remember Aquaman from those old cartoon shows that appeared on Cartoon Network back in the day (90’s, not including Justice League the animated series) and he pretty much sucked!  Yeah, he’s a good swimmer, breathes underwater, can survive the depths of the ocean but they never stated anything about his super strength (he is half-atlantian) but much emphasis on his controlling any aquatic life (fish, sharks, sperm whales, etc) but he always seemed to call forth the colorful fish when it focused on him.

You know, kind of like Gomamon from Digimon (yeah the otaku side of me spills out with pride!).

It’s not like any of his telepathy with the aquatic life could cause any kind of impact with the enemy’s they faced in those old shows.  One clearly sticks to mine on how Blondie used a whale to cause a massive tidal wave to stop a raging fire but in the end the Legion of Doom used that to their advantage to change the environment on purpose.

How I remember that baffles me? Hooray for my 30-year-old brain for working out the kinks!!

Along with how the resident swimmer was partnered with Wonder Woman 80% of the time. Type in “Wonder Woman and Aquaman” on Google and I bet you’ll see images from that show with them flying in WW Invisible Jet (which I’m happy they ditched that lame plane, she can fly like the best of them).

Now how he was in the up-to-date series that aired Justice League and then Justice League Unlimited, Aquaman wasn’t a wimp this time around, he had more of a brusque body language given he was king, a red-haired wife and an adorable baby boy.

His powers included the same stuff but his strength was apparent with how he could use a stone pillar as a bat and knock some goons out of the park (corny-ass puns for the win) and his hand-to-hand was cool to see when he fought Wonder Woman in one episode, which I stand that WW could have won that fight!

See? Anyway Aquaman was much better in this incarnation than previous showings. Sure, he was an ass at times but as a friend of mine has mentioned “Batman’s a dick and doesn’t give a shit”, but our fishy friend is a king and just wanted to protect the kingdom from threats.

Now with this movie it takes place after Justice League War! and the league isn’t official just yet.  This time it’s all about Arthur Curry (RL name) and his origins. Or so you’d think.

I actually read a review about Throne of Atlantis (I don’t normally) but was curious what a fellow nerd/geek/fanboy/DC-fanboy thought, (FYI I’m a Marvel fanboy but I enjoy some DC) and he didn’t rip into it or degrade it but after watching it I can see some stuff which was apparent in this.

It did feel rushed with some plot points along with the other heroes being on there and doing what they do, Batman chasing some robbers, Clark and Diana out on a date, Cyborg being Cyborg, and to clam all that together in a 70 minute movie?

The movie did gloss over some stuff, like how Arthur and Mera (future wife in the comics) love connection after battling some gizzard lizard people but cock blocked by the JL appearing.

Black Manta was involved in the plot along with Arthur’s brother, Orm, but BM was just the instigator trying to cause drama.

It felt cheap that Superman had to save some of them when it came to battling with the giant squid monster when given Arthur (yeah I’m not calling him by his codename yet), could have stopped it but I digress.

Shazam didn’t really bring anything either except for some laughs with his buddy Cyborg (nice friendship).

Speaking of jokes, you notice that Green Lantern is the “Flash” persona from JL/JLU? You know, making some sarcastic jokes while this Flash is more competent and level-headed?  It’s a nice change for Barry but man, GL kind of the butt of jokes in this animated films with JL.

I like how Batman handles GL though, they have an older brother/younger brother aspect about them.

The fighting was, well, what you would expect in a PG-13 animated film; blood, cutting of bodies, fast movements and the like.

Mera felt more like Wonder Woman 2.0 with her “water bending” skills while Wonder Woman 1.0 did some stuff but nothing grand like pulling out Orm’s eye like she did with Darkseid in War.

Yeah, way more prominent in that compared to this one.

Now I did like the movie, Arthur finding where he belongs kind of reminds me of a certain red-haired mermaid with a tiny waist singing about being part of our world and hair blowing,

minus the singing & dancing,

and more brothers at each other’s throats.

Incidentally Arthur did get his codename of “Aquaman” but according to him, “I hate that name” and they all agreed on it.

Aquaman did prove his mantle and has made me a believer that he doesn’t suck or has lame powers, even though he’s no Charles Xavier, Jean Grey or Emma Frost.

Yeah, showing my Marvel love on a DC character but it proves I’m open and respect the different comics, right?

Now I don’t read any DC comics heavily and I admit I only know general information about some characters (thank you DC wiki’s even though you crash harder than a sack of potato’s), but seeing how they did this incarnation of Aquaman is refreshing.

There are only so many times you can watch Superman battle Lex Luthor or have his emo feels about being the last Kyrptonian (besides Supergirl and apparently Zod) or even Batman trying to clean up Gotham city by scaring the crap out of thugs,!

It’s pretty much a given that there will be another JL movie detailing a certain plot hole given by the scene after the credits.

But that won’t happen at least until Batman vs. Robin comes out this year.  Isn’t it amazing how a majority of those animated movies aren’t linked in anyway?

So I think that concludes this blog. Next time around I’ll go into either my favorite comic series or my first convention.

Until than readers, later days!