What’s up? Here’s another previous blog which I got from my old one!

I like what I wrote so it’s up for another go! Enjoy!

Hey, how’s it going?

I know I was going to make the next blog about my first anime convention and experience at Otakon however I thought I should ramble about this given it is on the top of my head.

Not to worry, I will eventually get to that story, with anime pics or whatnot for total randomness!! Until than though this is pretty somber and have a lack of pictures or sardonic wit.

Now the meaning for the title for this particular blog is this question; can the hobbies you grew up with clash with being an adult?  What makes an adult an adult? Those are the words that ring in my head at times.

Yeah I do like making these blogs fun, upbeat with humorous (and maybe) sexual innuendo’s for the hell of it but I should express other stuff that I go through as a way to give a new perspective about the person (me) who is writing this.

For a long time I always knew I wasn’t the typical “nerd” or “geek” kind of guy.  I wasn’t super smart but…I guess for a part a little above average? Yeah, I’ll go with that!  Nor I wasn’t into sports as a kid as well.  Like I said in one of my previous blogs, I got into anime around my pre-teen years and haven’t looked back since.

The way that there were just changed my dynamic and way of thinking; the characters had fun in random, everyday situations!  Girls picked up their male friends who secretly had a crush on said person and vise versa.

Their school life appeared stable and the food looked fantastic to eat!!

*Good meal brings the feels!*

Yeah, I know what I said but sue me, you know that looks good!!

Back to the discussion, it was good. I truly appreciated the escapism of it and how interesting and fun it appeared.

As I was growing up anime was a hobby I enjoyed and I was hooked.  Granted I did have very few friends who knew of it and this was the high time of Toonami and Cartoon Network. Going home to watch the old school stuff was heaven along with some Ranma 1/2 VHS or whatever I owned, got me through the bullying I endured.

After the hateful years of “Ass class” middle school and going to high school it was the same thing. Around this time I did have one or two friends that watched some anime but still unlike today, was still an underground thing. But no one really cared and it wasn’t like I was hurting anyone so it balances out.

Now my late teens to my twenties; I ended up going to a trade school for 4 years and I found some fellow otaku’s/gamers and it was really fun! Goofing off and just talking about DBZ or some other random anime or dialogue.

When I got my first real time job I was 22 years old at a law firm in DC and my hobby was still with me.  My supervisor didn’t know what it was I watched and to this day she likes calling them “cartoons” but I take it in great stride. Others who I know at work are also cool with it or at least who I talk to a lot.

Now some days earlier of this year I seemed to have gotten in an argument with a friend of mine and he’s like 5 years younger than me. I’ll say he’s very lineal minded with his views of being an “adult” and what not.

Like if you say “yeah I watched Big Hero 6″ or whatnot he’ll think it’s for kids. Along with very vain with appearances alone and dyes his hair to keep the gray from showing because “it makes me look old” and being stylish, if you count tight shirts and pants almost like he got blasted from the 1970’s and had a guest appearance in [Saturday Night Fever] than yeah, stylish but from the wrong time frame.

Along with having a narrow minded view on stuff he doesn’t understand. So we argued and he said “I can’t trust your judgment because you like cartoons”.

That left me very depressed, and I don’t even do the depression thing like that! So with those words weighing down at my heart I began wondering what makes me an adult?

Do I give up what I honestly like and is just a hobby for the consensuses of a society that deems something unfit or not “normal” behavior to watch/collect anime/manga/games and the like.

I continue pondering this and I decide to go through everything that’s happened in my life; even though I am a procrastinator and actually can be lazy, I held down a job for 7 1/2 years while doing mundane stuff like paying a cell bill, groceries, TV bill…yeah I still live at home…need to change that in the next year or so.

But I digress. I maintain social standing of NOT being a lazy ass and doing something, building social interactions with peers and co-workers along with being rational and knowing when to be serious, which apparently can spook people when I have the “no nonsense” exterior. Not like Batman but right up there with Cyclops.

As an adult do I give up something that makes me happy and isn’t bothering anyone besides close minded people?  We all have stuff that we find entertaining or an escape from the RL when it gets rough.

I also found myself thinking that with my hobby would it affect me with getting a girlfriend? Will I not have friends due to this “cartoon viewing”?  I try not to compare myself with others cause there are good qualities someone can have but when the wall is down I get sad.

I’m not married, have no kids and any big responsibilities, I can be a “man-child” with some stuff I am naïve about but at the same time can be tough minded when it comes to social issues like that one.

Not saying that everyone should think watching anime is a good thing but to just not pass judgment against something I or someone else likes.  It would be nice to live in a world where no one gets shot for being a different color, religion, sex, etc. but that’s RL sadly.

I recently watched a video from an anime reviewer who does reviews and I generally like it!


I really appreciated hearing that! Of course that’s just my opinion on this entire matter. I mean I spread close minded(ness) with rap music or car racing thing but not like I hate on the person.  Of course it’s a big paradox in a way…yeah humanity is a screwed up society at times.

At the end of the day though we all have different views on what it means to truly be an “adult”. My view on it is just being honest with the things you like without being ashamed or the stereotype saying “being comfortable in your own skin” rings true as well.

If anyone is curious my friend and I have apologized and went back to “normal”.  Granted I know he will always have that mind numbing view of “adulthood” and what you THINK is right by giving up on the games and what makes you happy but that’s him and this is me.

I guess that’s it for this blog.  Nothing much to say but this, life goes on eternally.

Later days.