Here’s another! Sorry but I refuse to not have this blog on here!

Let’s go!

Greetings everyone, I’ve returned and this will be about my gaming experience!!

Now to start with this I am an avid fan of playing video games and that’s not ending anytime soon even if and when I get a girlfriend/wife and or become a father!

Something I hope happens….like seriously its lonely being a 30-year-old otaku!

*Hey ladies and gents!*

Gaming has been a form of escapism for me ever since I can remember!  My first system was a Nintendo which I got at my grandma’s house back in 1989 or 90. Played Super Mario Brothers!

*The beginning of being a nerd*

*Before 3D shit! This is where it was at!

And that’s all she wrote.  I became one of those dudes that liked playing video games instead of reading compared to now where I find a balance between the two.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ducktales, Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers, were the games I played on there until a year or two later I got a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo (probably a year a part).

*Look at this beauty*

*Yeah, let’s slip a cartridge in ya and make you growl.*


*It takes 2*

*Power of 3*

I can remember playing Sonic The Hedgehog/2/3/Sonic & Knuckles/spinball, Power Rangers, X-men for the genesis and super Nintendo. I soon got a Gamegear and got Batman Returns, Sonic Chaos Trouble and ome others.

Those were the days…

*Nostalgia got me like…*

Anyway I found someway to play a lot of games and then my middle school years appeared and I ended up getting a Sega Saturn.  Yes, I got that dreaded system which I didn’t know that Sega was going through a major drop.

*I didn’t know, I swear!!*

However for those 2 years of having that system I didn’t regret it even though mom at the time asked if I wanted a PlayStation instead.

*Hard day when parent makes sense*

I enjoyed some Sonic R, Sonic Jam, Nights into Dreams, Street Fighter Puzzle Fighter and other misc. games I can’t remember during a stressful day of middle school of being bullied.

*YOPO; You Only Play Once*

*Take me back in time!*
And here’s a song from the Sonic R game I like!
Ah, can you tell how I’m going with this? And here this is supposed to be about my back log of all the games I’m playing nowadays. XD
It’s coming so just keep quiet and let Pepsiman take you down memory lane!
*Be mesmerized*
In 98 I got a PlayStation and that was a good Friday! I played Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter EX + Alpha, Darkstalkers, Rugrats, Tekken 3, Mega Man 8, Spider Man/Spider Man 2 Enter Electro, just to name a few.
Now that I entered my PlayStation gaming, this begins the true theme of my entry and corresponds with me being an otaku (fanboy); RPG’s.  Yes, PlayStation began my fascination and love of RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and even some Tactical games!
Around 99 on Christmas my mom got me one of my most favorite games to date and what cemented my love of RPG’s, Thousand Arms!
*Love this!*
I happened to read about it in a gaming magazine and I instantly saw the “anime” characters on it. Never have I saw this before. When I got it I was happy.  Once I popped it in and saw what would happen I knew I would enjoy this game!
It was the first of its kind to have Dating Sim qualities mixed with actual combat.
The visuals were nice, music high performance and the characters had depth to them and actual voice acting when it came to Meis or one of the others shouting a special attack!!
I also remember the main theme song “Depend on you” by Ayumi Hamasaki. It expresses the journey of the characters! The ending theme is “Two of Us” by the same artist!! I actually got the OST when I got the game and I listened to it a lot!
It took me a year to beat and I felt total bad ass!  That game had a profound impact on me, I actually memorized the characters attacks and would just shout them out in my Freshman classes for laughs; yeah pretty weird.
Anyway that got me into the RPG’s, which I play even now with some fighting games.
I got into the very long and epic (if overhyped) Final Fantasy series, more specifically VII, VIII & VIX in 2001.  In all honesty I’ve never beat those games but I am aware of the endings.  This is where I get the “gaming hiccup” to say the least.
When it comes to playing RPG’s I get completely immersed within them but after a while, if I drag it out, I end up stopping half way and end up forgetting about them and then don’t play for at least a couple of years.  Yeah, my gaming goes into the line of losing interest but at the time.
I make no excuses for that mindset and it’s something I know I have to stop. Just need to grow a pair and play and finish the games.  If it’s a consolation though, for the FF games I did make it to the last disk for each of them and just doing side quests. Luckily enough I don’t delete any of my old PS data from my memory cards so I can go back to it.
Another thing, I’m lazy so that’s what also trips me up.  Now that’s to say I haven’t beaten a game or RPG cause there are games I can mention for the PS2/PS3/PS4!
I beat Kingdom Hearts in 7 days when I got it in 2002, Legend of Mana, Rhapsody: A musical Adventure, Final Fantasy X, Xenosaga trilogy, Radiant Stories, Inuyasha: The secret of the mask, .Hack games, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Xillia, to name a few.
I’ve gotten back into some as of now so I just have to make time for them.  Now you might be asking “if you’re a gamer, do you play shooting games?”  My answer is a straight up no.
I suck at anything related to a war games; I have no coordination and those kinds of games don’t interest me in the least.  They don’t have a rhythm for me or no intriguing storyline or characters.
The games I go for is more symbolic not just shooting shit up for 7 hours and running the risk of having muscle spasms and that’s what RPG’s do for me.
Yes, they do have “anime” qualities so I’m biased with it; if it has an opening theme, characters that are funny, good storyline, I’ll be in it till the cows come home.
*No, not these cows but sweet Segway!*
Time to prove some diversity; as much as I love my games (some more than others) I don’t always just pop in a Japanese game and have at it, I have played Action/Adventure, Horror games as well!
To start with this I got into the Batman games 2 years ago!
*I am the terror that stalks in the night!*
I didn’t know what to expect when I played Arkham Asylum. Being the effing Bat on an island full of crazies is one thing but to get the gadgets and giving goons the one-two punch; color me impressed!!
Kevin Costner reprising his role in the games from the animated series and JLA is always a good touch as well!
*Do you’re best!*
The games were fun to play since I did begin with Asylum, than went to Origins and finally to City.  Doing that period I got some help from a friend of mine on Twitter with some parts.
That friend will remain anonymous so I’ll just use this pic as a way of a shout out.  You know, just in case said person is reading this.
nostalgia bed time gif
*Snorlax Syndrome a witch sometimes*
In a way by playing the games it got me looking up the current history of Batman and his compatriots from the comics since the game is intricate with the knowledge it has.
Now I did have trouble in Arkham City due to one word; BUGS!!  It left me shocked and bewildered how many hiccups occurred in that game it wasn’t even to laugh about!!  One play through I actually just beat the game and I was just going to start tackling the Riddler’s challenges with locating the trophy’s and solving his riddles until the game crashed forcing me to restart it!!
Yes, I had to RESTART everything!  Flash forward last year when I got myself a slimmer PS3 I transferred all my system data to the new one (that took me half the night) and it worked. 2 weeks ago I pop in some Arkham City and in all the wonders of a troll, the game data ended up corrupted!
I had to go over it AGAIN!!!  What kind of shit is that?!  Is a certain green-haired trolls behind this??
*Trolling brothers separated at birth.*
And I’m afraid to check Asylum & Origins for the Batman games since I’ve heard the games are littered with bugs. It seems that Superman curse infected the Batman games due to being jealous…
*Have to stay high, all the time!*
As I deal with once again replaying Arkham City, there is another genre that I play but under specific franchise.  I mentioned that I was into Tekken 3 way back when but with the new developments that fighting games are going through these days I’m not that good with them as I once was.
Not that I was an expert with knowing all the combos, say like with Mortal Kombat but I at least was moderate in that respect.  Games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive have gotten way hard!  I mean hard that when you play the storyline you have to put it on easy just to compensate.
I don’t make no apologies for that but even than it’s hard due to that damn computer finding ways to break through the defenses and like M. Bison, just wail on you with a Psycho Crusher till you drop dead!!
*Pansy move!*
So the fighting genre kicked my ass hard and don’t really pay attention to it but I make exceptions.
I like playing the Blazblue franchise; Continnum Shift & Chronophantasma.  Even though it’s a fighting game, the plot is very good if not confusing unless you play a couple of times and do independent research.
*The Wheel of Fate is Turning.*
I just put the characters on Stylish and I’m good to go, no shame and damn proud of it!  Another fighting game is the series spinoff of Persona 4: P4 Arena & P4 Ultimax Arena!
*Step on down to the plate!*
I actually got the moves down that I don’t need to use “stylish” for these characters which I’m proud of and I did beat these games!
Time and effort goes into gaming which can be a pain in the ass since balancing with what I need to do and what I want to do in my spare time.  Work is an important necessary so I got no complaints, with money I can buy what I want.
Current games I want to tackle (besides Batman) are:
  1. Tales of Xillia 2
  2. Fairy Fencer F
  3. XBlaze: Code Embryo
  4. Time & Eternity
  5. Bayonetta 2
  6. Hatsune Miku 2
  7. Shadow of Mordor
Some are on a PS4 and Wii U.  I also have the handheld devices like 3DS and PS VITA.  Yeah I know, I have a LOT of game systems. There are some games I probably won’t play again but keep due to nostalgia or just laziness.
I have no interest streaming my games due to lack of confidence (trolls are everywhere) but don’t mind watching other people do it.
My logic is still pretty 90’s but before the internet gaming is something you did by yourself or with some friends by hanging out with one another.
Yeah, I can adapt with the changing times but I standby there will never be another 90s (just like Toonami but that’s something for another day).
I usually try playing on Fridays to Sunday but there are times I play during the week but time is limited. I say this that I had more time when I was in school to get gaming done after homework, man  I’m an old ojisan!
*The struggle is real*
I’ll end this here. Hope this was interesting or random if you like listening to the ramblings of a 30-year-old man-child!  XD.
Later days!