On a role with this; another from my previous blog about my view on friendships and classifying “online friends” with “real life friends”.

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I’m back and updating this blog!

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And this time around I’ll speak about something interesting which recently happened; misinterpreting a friendship for something more.

It’s something I’m positive has happened at one point or another, random people get some feeling that there’s something is “going on” when that’s not really the case.

Can’t friends just be that, friends without their being any kind of romantic elements? And it gets worse for male/male or female/female friendships that get mis-read for some strange reason.  Along with the male/female friendship as well.

Now when it comes with me bonds mean a lot too me far more than blood ties; growing up an only child is part of the equation plus watching anime and the ideals that friends or “real” friends are a proxy to a kind of kinship that you want.  We all want to be loved, be it “romantic love” or “platonic love”.

Being a guy male friendships isn’t just making sexual, lewd jokes to what you want to do to a banging woman or whatnot.

It’s a feeling of respect and mutual acceptance of one another. Sure you could get in an argument or get on each others nerves but after the dust settles you know you’ll make up and move on.

I’m also friends with some females (thank you social media) and I think I’m good with that as well along with at work since for some reason I deal with strong minded women! No it’s not like an anime or a cheesy sitcom but its still cool.

The online friendships I made is kind of a plateau given I don’t go out much aka I’m an introvert.  I am actually shy but with people I’m close to I can be social and surprisingly confident (still don’t have a GF though which I need to get the ball on!).

I do have “RL” friends but in general I don’t like labeling “Online” or “RL” friends because to me their just friends. I know it’s a haven online but if you can see past the “fake” persona’s and get talking with someone with the same interests as you than something starts at that exact moment.

*When science and magic collide, a friendship story is born!!*

I actually met a couple of people on Twitter, yes I know the deal with that place, and have friendships on their (some stronger than others while the rest is either cordial or mere acquaintance) and actually Skype with some which is really fun!


Now I am actually happy or at least content with the way of things are going now but I do know that nothing last forever, the time we spend is nothing more than an instant in the grand scheme of things as we will inevitable part ways.

But that doesn’t mean if I one day, due to circumstances or a change of personal reasoning, give up on Twitter, their are some I will keep in contact with via having a cell number or email.

Sure I’ll do the occasional call or text but, and this is cheesy, if you think about someone it means they haven’t been forgotten in you’re memory or heart for it was important at one point or another.

Like I said nothing last forever however that could be one way of looking at the saying, certain feelings, words, expressions, can last. The fun times, the anger, the sadness, it will go on with any kind of relationship you find yourself in; be it friendship, romantic, sibling-friends, anything.

Bonds truly can help someone given this world isn’t perfect.

It can down right suck balls and feel like their is no hope left.  I actually believe, despite a random friend’s answer that the world is following the bible with the verses, that even if some being, be it God, The Goddess of Night Nyx, Gaea or some random deity, created us and that bad things happen, that having someone there can surpass any fear or anxiety.

Now I’m not some friendship farting speech guy, that’s Tea Gardner’s specialty, but that’s how I feel.

*What did Pepsiman just say about me?*

I’m not the best when it comes to showing my real feelings with emotional crap since I use a flippant, snark attitude.

*It’s not like I want too, it’s just one of those things! BAKA!!*

But I do cherish it even if I do take it for granted at times.

Anyway I think I’ll end this here.  Next time I will talk about my first anime convention!!

And maybe they’ll be plenty of fan service too!

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Later days!