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*Guess who’s back with a new comeback!*

Greetings fellow readers/bloggers/guest who is checking out this post!

My name is Reimhelix; Pepsi-man to my friends (don’t ask how I got that nickname) or my given name Jeffrey.

Today I’m going to talk about my all-time favorite superhero team in any comic book out there; The 1st Family of Marvel, the Fantastic Four!!

*Fanboy moment*

Now I’ve heard how some fans are upset with how some of the storylines is going in the comics and let’s not forget Fox’s adaptation coming out in August.

I’ll be discussing more their comic book versions from Earth 616 and my fan(boying) of the team, along with my view on the upcoming movie after I finish.

Now how do I begin this?  There is so much to say about a team that has recognition in the Marvel universe but sometimes gets lost in the cracks.

The Avengers seem to hold the world’s view of the “greatest team”, along with The X-men being splintered, even though that might have ended with the recent Axis storyline (I’ll read that down the line) and good old “web-head” is running his own company and dealing with Black Cat gone bad (say it ain’t so!!) what big storyline has FF had in recent years?

As a kid in the 90’s television had a big impact on my life (yeah not many people admit to that) but given I was an only child and growing up in a single parent home there’s only so much you can do.  I was into all the stuff the TV showed in the early 90s on Fox Kids, WB, Nick, Cartoon Network and Disney but I digress.

I chanced upon the “Marvel” universe as a kid when X-men: The Animated Series came on in 1992.

I didn’t think it would get any better until 2 years later, Marvel gave us these, Spider-Man: the animated series & Iron Man.

Image result for Iron Man cartoon 90s

The latter which I didn’t really care for but what really struck me was the animated cartoon of the Fantastic Four. Granted the 1st season that aired was all right but the 2nd season was cool!

Everyone knows how they got their powers; bombarded in cosmic rays which altered their genetic structure and crashing back down to earth where Reed decided they can use their powers to benefit mankind!

You know kind of like the X-men but they don’t get branded mutants but mutate’s since they weren’t born with the X-gene and treated with the glitz and glamour, to Johnny’s happiness and Ben’s grumpiness.

I kind of learned more about them from reading the X-men comics as a kid, in particular, the major event that happened around that period with the Onslaught event.

A friend of mine at the time was a HUGE Marvel fan and had some of the comics which I looked at and it looked cool but I mostly was into the X-men. FYI, I was (and still am) a Cyclops/Phoenix fanboy (and Emma Frost)

But that’s an article for next time.

I was in middle school (the hateful years of my existence) when I got into FF. I just got my haircut on a military base and happened to see an FF comic book, it was about Reed Richards fighting a dude named Crucible.

I didn’t know what to think, the genius was going to fight someone with his stretching powers? My cynicism was put to rest and Mister Fantastic proved his worth! He kicked Crucible’s ass!  He would come back later when Sue, Johnny, and Ben wound up getting their bodies switched in Genosha, the mutant paradise, by Ayesha (this chick).

So I became a fan since then and collected these comics written by Chris Clermont.  His role in that comic was totally awesome!! I was able to finish up that arc along with the next arc detailing how the attempting kidnapping of Franklin Richards by the Omniverse led by some different versions of Captain Britain’s and Gatecrasher.

Johnny persuaded Roma to let the family handle keeping his nephew’s powers in check!

After that arc, the story shifted to how at Pier 4 warehouse where the FF were currently living due to the Baxter Building being held up by some team named The Thunderbolts, a mysterious girl arrives named Valerie Von Doom, the alleged daughter of Susan Richards and Victor Von Doom!

*I never got this comic to my disappointment!*

That was like 2 years before stopping unintentionally.

I got a few comics here and there but never read how Reed got out of Doom’s armor and I was able to get a story arc detailing the coming of Abraxas and the revelation of Val’s true parentage came to light.

She is indeed the biological child of Reed and Sue. During a period in the Negative zone Susan did get pregnant at the time but due to the radiation in that plain, the baby was stillborn. Franklin, unconsciously, felt the loss of the sibling he wouldn’t have and with Roma’s help guided the child to end up reborn in a universe where Doctor Doom and the Invisible Woman were a couple. This Doom ended up being a hero after the death of Reed and lead the FF which in turn caused this Sue to see Victor in a new light.

After the coming of Abraxas, the teenage Val and Franklin of Earth 616 used their powers to reenergize Galactus and stopped the coming of that universal threat which caused Val to be reborn and ended up with Susan Richards pregnant for a second time.

Flash forward some years when I learned that Civil War happened and how Storm and Black Panther would join the crew for a time as Reed and Sue worked on their marriage and some years later I actually got back to FF before they killed off Johnny Storm and went with it to the Future Foundation and currently!

Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic.


How do I start or explain about Reed Richards? Besides being the leader of the FF, he is also one of the smartest men on Earth 616; he studies alien tech like no one’s business, has patents to keep his family secure financially and is a pleasant and polite fellow.

I never thought much of him when I was younger since stretching kind of sucked IMO but now I see that Reed made it his own. It comes in handy whenever he’s in his lab studying on the negative zone or some other science stuff.

He is respected by his peers and loved by his family but he has, at many times, neglected his loved ones due to his passion of science or ideology by using logic in all his actions.

It has caused his marriage some strain especially during the Civil War where the love of his life chose Captain America’s side after Sue (and to the shock of many others) saw that all the science nerds made a clone of Thor.

He also isn’t the most accepting of magic; Reed can’t comprehend something created from nothing given his own view of the world, even though he has worked with Stephen Strange when it came to any mystical threat.

In a way, his rival/enemy, Doctor Doom, surpasses him in that department for fusing his own magic with science.

His earth 1610 counterpart has apparently gone bad after the Ultimatum wave but now is neutral. This Reed dated Sue before she ended the relationship with him after that event, which I found really surprising!

His face got melted by Johnny (ultimate version) when “stretch” harmed Susan before the confrontation by implanting microscopic robots to immobilize her, which in turn caused the facelift (drop?).

Regardless of his ultimate counterpart, I think Reed is a cool character for the FF with his logic and ideas, even if it leads him down paths that irk his wife.

He does learn to relax with Ben, Johnny and his kids (and the rest of the Future Foundation) keeping him on his stretchy toes.

*Council of Reeds. Leading plot during the Future Foundation comics*

Susan “Storm” Richards aka Invisible Woman.

The Invisible Woman is my favorite character in this series, period. Why you ask? Well, I always had a thing for blondes! XD

I’m joking, I just have a lot of feels for characters that are considered the underdog and Susan has had her thrill of being a door mattress, especially in the 60s/70s and somewhat in the 80s until new writers got involved and made her a strong, independent woman! I also think motherhood had something to do with it as well.

She is the heart and soul of the FF, as it’s been said by the general public but Susan spoke once that it was actually Ben Grimm, in her opinion. Susan was a damsel-in-distress that ended up kidnapped like Penelope Pitstop for a time.

Image result for Penelope Pitstop

*Oh help, oh help!*

Along with she went by the old codename “Invisible Girl” which no villain gave much thought to the blonde.  Turning invisible is cool if you know what to do with it (like doing pranks or scoping out a female locker room!!) but doing that in the middle of the battle when some monster is holding you isn’t going to get the job done.

Related image

*See, like that was going to help.*

She eventually got the added benefit of turning other objects and people invisible and manipulating light to create solid structures of protection. Or to be precise force fields, but even that didn’t up against her ante until Psyco man got his hands on the “depowered damsel” and turned her into Malice: Mistress of Hate!


Image result for Malice Mistress of Hate

*I will destroy my family! HAHAHAHAHAHA!*

When she became that personae, Susan demonstrated feats with her powers she never dared try; beating up Benjamin in the streets of New York (going by the cartoon, I heard it was She-Hulk she did this too in the comics), using her field to smash Johnny into a ceiling and the most shocking?  Putting a force bubble in Reed’s stomach and threatening to implode his insides!


Thanks to Reed though Susan was able to lash out her inner feelings and took care of Psycho-Man permanently.

That experience left her changed and declared that “the invisible girl died that day when Psycho Man twisted her soul. Now I am the Invisible Woman!”

And that change did her good! She became daring and confident that she didn’t have in the Silver Age of comics.

Eventually, she is a mother to a healthy baby boy, Franklin Benjamin Richards, but life with the FF is never simple. I’m glossing over some stuff but I’m getting to the central stuff I know. If you’re curious just google her and you’ll find something.

A noteworthy feat appeared during the Onslaught event; she and Cable (leader of X-Force and son of Scott Summers) decided to try to get Franklin with Apocalypse help but the latter double-crossed them and tried killing Franklin!

But good old Invisible Woman, currently in her “mom mode” actually kept the “first mutant” contained with her force field!

Image result for Cable and Invisible Woman vs. Apocalypse

A human woman with powers DID that! She is protective of her kids (like any mother) and has proven time and again why she’s the strongest member of the team compared to her cartoon counterpart in the early years when FF was adapted to a television show!

*I’m not useless!*

Now from Chris Claremont’s run, he did a good job with her; she is one comic ended up trained by Iron Fist!

See? Even though that’s a small thing in the long run of her character.

During 2010(ish) she also became regent for the lost Atlantian city and ended up with two wards, who are with the Future Foundation.

She also had a starring role in the middle of Age of Ultron event where she goes with Wolverine to stop Hank Pym (Giant man) from creating Ultron due to the AI gaining and plundering the world to chaos.

For her 1610 counterpart, she is a scientist and highly intelligent in her own right. In a turn heel move, she broke up with Reed after Ultimatum and eventually hooked up with Benjamin J. Grimm and ended up having a daughter with him, who has that vast psionic powers, just like Franklin. Along with, she’s more into the “sex sells pitch”…

*Great balls of fire, Batman!!*

Ones like Doctor Doom hold her powers with great respect and fear given the scope of what she can do but Susan refuses to go all out (she isn’t a killer).

She is also the second-in-command of the FF and has taken over the team when Mister Fantastic was “dead” and proved fruitful.

Another tidbit about her in the early stages and now, she got the attention of Namor the Submariner.  The king of Atlantis was instantly smitten with the Invisible Woman from the get-go and has numerous times tried taking her from Reed.

She’s acknowledged the unspoken sexual tension on occasion but loves and remains loyal to Reed.

In a recent comic Franklin Richards also spoke about it with one of his Future Foundation pals about it, “Yeah, he’s always giving my mom these looks…” When the kid knows that’s when you should just move on.


*Passionate kisses*

Added note, she and Emma Frost have a rather “chilly” and content relationship? I wonder why? LOL!

*Must be a blonde/blue-eyed thing? LOL!*

With her beauty, smarts and loving heart she truly keeps the team, and more importantly the family, together.

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch

The youngest member and kid brother of Susan Richards, Johnny aka The Human Torch wasn’t my favorite character in the team. I found him overhyped and everyone knew his powers; utilizing fire and flying.

His love life is pretty extensive if he isn’t “dating” a model with boobs that make you weep and an ass that makes you want to slap and have a nice clap sound, then he’s being the typical guy that is on the prowl.  His first love came at the hands of Crystal of the Inhumans; you know the “1st” love.

*The 4 elements at MY command!*

She and Johnny were good together for a hot minute (damn me and these hot puns), before life got in the way and she moved on to Quicksilver and had a daughter, Luna.

He’s a cool guy (an unintentional pun I swear) but he was vapid at times and hot-headed (to say the least).

Now I respect him and thought he showed tremendous growth when it came to sacrificing his life to help the Future Foundation close the Negative zone with him still on the other side.

For a time I thought he would remain “dead” but I’ve learned that heroes don’t stay “dead”, (look at Jean Grey).  He actually matured during his constant death and rebirth in the Negative zone, escaped and actually got control over some faction over there called the Light Brigade and came on back to the FF!

When he returned it was noted by some characters that his personality changed (which I found intriguing, the party boy finally growing up!) but I think after a while they reverted him back to what he was, especially after he lost his powers due to a break out of the Negative zone (again!)

His character did take a plunge when he hooked up with Alicia Masters during the time Ben stayed on some planet after Secret wars given the big guy could return to a human form.


Image result for Lyja

*I set fire to the Skrull! Watch it burn as she melts away!

That was notorious and no one liked it (I didn’t read it at that time but thanks to the powers of the internet I got the gist) so the writers ret-conned it to say Johnny married a Skrull, Lyja, while Alicia was trapped in some holding pod by the Skrulls. Along with the green skin Skrull being pregnant but that never got talked about again. Maybe they forgot or found it weird….

Image result for Lyja

*What did you say? Alicia isn’t Alicia? And Lyja preggers by Johnny Storm?!*

Johnny does have merits, when Sue was giving birth to his niece, Valerie, he went to Doom and begged him to save her since Reed was captured (or something) during that period. And he’s the cool uncle. He and Spider-Man have a good friendship going on as well!

1610 version is the same but a little more conceited for my taste. He was friends with Spider-Man, Iceman, and some others his age but nothing much.

*I got nothing.*

May his flame live on along with him actually getting a steady girlfriend!  I hear Crystal is available…wait she’s not?? DAMMIT!!

*Taste like candy*

Oh well, Johnny can just be a pimp and start a harem. All the guys in anime do it, why not flame head?


Image result for Johnny Storm girlfriends

*All for that sweet lovin*

Benjamin J. Grimm aka The Thing

Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing is noteworthy given his monstrous appearance, the big lug has a heart of gold!  He’s sheepish but a temper to match his upbringing.

Being from Yancy Street, he’s a tough dude but got by from his famous Aunt Petunia (and those sayings of “My sweet Aunt Petunia) he got into street brawls but changed it up and went to college.

He met his current best friend/brother, Reed Richards there along with instrumental with Dr. Doom’s failure which got him expelled (I’ll have to re-read it) and pilot of the ship on that eventful day.

Becoming the only member whose appearance changed drastically he does have periods of depression. In the early days, Ben was the muscle of the team and is famous for “It’s Clobberin Time!” quote.

Despite his rocky exterior, Ben has found love with Alicia Masters, niece of the Puppet Master.

Related image

*Sees the beauty within*

They were hot and heavy and I thought these two would marry but in comics, that’s never the case. They have remained friends along with “knocked boots” from time to time.

Benji has also hooked up with Sharon Ventura, also known as She-Thing.  Apparently, they lasted in the 80s (I think) but like Paris Hilton and Nick Carter, splitsville.

Benjamin is also Godfather to Franklin and Val (I believe), and is affectionately known as “Uncle Ben”.  He was also a member of Luke Cage’s Avengers.

It was believed he was the strongest man alive (in the 94 cartoons) but that might have been a misquote. He is very strong but not up to the levels of The Hulk.

*I crush rockman like ant!!*

But Ben has studied boxing, Judo, jujitsu and military training and is a tough opponent.  He’s generally liked by the heroes of the community but his temper can get the better of him at times.  In the beginning, he and Johnny always got in some trouble and caused havoc in the Baxter Building, which Reed eventually buys.

Currently (from what I read) he has been set up after the death of the Puppet Master and met up with She-Thing once again along with it was revealed that Johnny Storm was responsible for ruining an experiment to change him back to normal in Original Sin.

His 1610 counterpart has the same history but a little less smart (per shame Ultimate Marvel) but the catch is he actually sheds his “Thing” status and winds up looking human skin but with purple skin and…HOOKING UP WITH SUSAN STORM AND HAVING A DAUGHTER!!!

Related image

* You’re here, there’s nothing I fear and I know my heart will go on!*

That surprised me and I still can’t comprehend that but if they’re happy then it’s fine. Besides, the Ultimate universe is going down the drain this summer so…

I do show love for Ben and his personality keeps the team grounded at times. As I like to think, he gives a better explanation to the readers when Reed’s using big science words.

*Remember him rapping that in the 94 cartoon series?*

Whatever happens, Ben will always be the ever loveable blue-eyed thing!

Franklin Richards & Valerie Richards

The children of Mister Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, nephew/niece to the Human Torch and Thing, even the kids refer to Doctor Doom as their “uncle” (in particular Valerie).

What to say about the next-gen?  Given that Franklin was born a mutant and Valerie is as smart as her father (she’s 3) they are to be held with respect when they get older.

Franklin Benjamin Richards is an Omega level mutant and his powers didn’t come in puberty but as soon as he was born.  He had strong psionic powers that are on par with the Celestials and beyond. He can alter reality, create new universe’s, see the future, telekinetic, telepathy, he’s kind of like that kid on that one episode of The Twilight Zone.

It’s been confirmed that he will live forever and will see the birth of a new universe with Galactus, which he made HIS herald!

*Beyond comprehension, beyond reason*

He does have blocks in his head so he doesn’t access his powers to their full extent until he’s mature enough but has still used them.  Another block is his friend, Leech from the Morlocks since he can dampen mutant powers.

Franklin has had his own adventures; from being with Power Force as Tattle Tell, been kidnapped by Onslaught, went to the universe he created to get back his parents and other heroes, stopped Abraxes and used his powers when the FF were trapped in the Negative Zone before Johnny’s sacrifice.

Even with all this power he has or will wield Franklin is still a child who likes doing typical kid stuff.  With the “Time Run’s Out” storyline he’s fallen into disappointment that he couldn’t create another universe for his father’s sake, which Reed laments saying “I shouldn’t have done that”.

So it stands to reason that even Franklin’s powers CAN’T do everything or it could mean it’s not meant to at this moment and time. He’s also smart, not like his dad or sister but smart that he can be a smart-ass with quips. One would suspect that’s the Storm gene’s in him?

Valerie is the second child but she is not defenseless. Sure, she isn’t a mutant like her brother but she’s as smart as her father, perhaps even smarter (which is true).  The blonde girl is only 3 and she’s talking all sophisticated like an adult woman and has calculated that she and Bently, clone of The Wizard, will end up dating by the time she’s 13.

She’s precocious but like her father let’s logic cloud her judgment and people forget she’s only a toddler.  Her future self has even slapped her upside the head in one issue and just told her “Shut up and don’t do anything!”

*I might be blonde, but I am certainly not dumb.*

Along with Val isn’t afraid to give some shade. She had a class dedicated to killing Annihilus and didn’t even flinch.

With her smarts, she could probably run the world but I like how her mother reminds Reed that even with her intelligence, she’s still a little girl and will make mistakes, even if she can calculate and give probabilities that will happen.

The two kids are the future of the FF and who knows what will happen to them but they will continue moving forward.

Now my last thoughts on some matters; with the apparent end of the FF comic series this spring, which I think corresponds with the reboot happening this summer, I wonder how long will they keep it dropped?  I really like this team.

Sure they don’t always save the world like the Avengers but dammit they at least don’t have high ideals when it comes to dealing with enemies like Dr. Doom or has a battle cry!

They get in arguments but makeup after a while since that ‘s what families do!

And I have no problem with the Reboot. Yes, I was surprised that this movie made Johnny Storm black BUT I’m not going around like a troll butthurt by that.  So what if Johnny is black in the movie? This is the MOVIE version not the Earth 616 one, their separate. If you are a fan you’d just watch it for the entertainment, I know I am (but I’m biased so…)

I’m curious about how they will do the plot and hopefully, it won’t bomb.

I’ll never regret being a fanboy for the Fantastic Four and will stand by the team that has its own accomplishments.

*See Y’all again now, ya hear?*

Until my next update!! Later days!