My first anime experience!

Go for it!

Hello, this is my first blog! And it will be about anime.

I’ll begin that I’ve been an anime fan since I was 10 years old! The first one I watched on television was Sailor Moon! Yes, the so-called “girly show” but I didn’t care since it was that good!

It was different to say the least but at the time I didn’t know Sailor Moon wasn’t anime but just a regular cartoon show.  So I blissfully continued watching it.

Now this is how I deeply got into the Japanese culture; one day I went to Hollywood Video (just like Block Buster but a tad be more sophisticated) and I was just looking for one of them cartoon movies I liked and I chanced upon the “anime” section.

It was different to say the least; all these characters with big eyes and multi-colored hair.  Continuing with my browsing I decided to pick up Tenchi Muyo the Movie: Tenchi Muyo In Love!

I will never forget when I popped in that VHS; it surprised me with how dramatic it was and I liked the characters. Ayeka became a favorite of mine (I have a thing for Tsundere/Ojou characters).

So finishing off the exciting movie I continued to the ending and saw that Tenchi Muyo was actually a series! I wanted to get it!

After 5 days, my mother and I (yes Hollywood video allowed five days t watch) returned it and I immediately went back to the section and picked up my one time fav (even to this day) Ranma 1/2.

I picked that up since they didn’t have any Tenchi and it looked fun.  Ranma was different given that the main character turned to a girl when splashed with cold water.

And I might add, I saw boobs via “Female” Ramna in the opening “Little Date” and in the series! XD  Good moment. I digress; Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo & Sailor Moon became my window to anime!

When my mom discovered that I liked it she was pretty supportive of it. I even told her about how Ranma showed boobs and she saw it didn’t affect me negatively so left it alone.

After that I started getting anime! When we went to the mall, I beamed straight on to Suncoast (may it rest in peace) and browsed the titles for Ranma.

Now I’m going say that the prices for anime was around 24.95 to 29.95 (depending on what different anime title you got) and it was pricy in the mid-90s.

I could only get one but I was always happy getting it.  I mostly got Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Muyo OVA’s.  There was so much anime there though I could stay in Suncoast for like 2 hours just feeling like I was in paradise.

Now this took place, as I mentioned, in the mid 90’s so I didn’t know about the “mature content” for some.

I now enter the now defunct (but never forgotten) ADV Films; Devil Hunter Yohko.

I rented this video at 13 years old since being a teen, I thought I  knew better. Boy was I wrong.  I liked how it began but when it got to a “mature” scene I freaked.

I’ll explain that scene; some classmate of Yohko, fell under the sway of a demon, who was the Vice Principal of the school, and he got the main heroine in bed by hypnotizing her.

It was getting hot while he kissed her and moved his hand down her limber navel and cupped her nice breasts.

That was when I freaked.  I didn’t know that happened in anime!! And it was ADV! So crying, we returned the video.

It was months before I got over my fear of watching Devil Hunter Yohko again and just fast forward the ecchi part and got to how the grandma saved Yohko and explained her destiny as a Devil Hunter.

So I finished watching and got over my fear. I’m happy to add that I don’t get phased by sex scenes for anime, except for Bible Black.

Eventually I got the VHS tapes of DHY 2,3 & 4-ever, 5 & 6.  This was all in my middle school years. I also got into other ADV Film titles like Blue Seed, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Burn Up W, Dragon Half, The Adventures of Kotetsu, Samurai Showdown, Galaxy Fräulein Yuna, just to name a few.

CardCaptor Sakura I got into as well and I have the first 3 volume on VHS.

So as you are reading this, it’s obvious I do like Japanese culture for the anime but I do know some of the language due to anime and I am aware of some of the customs there as well.

I am still an anime fan to this day even at my age of 30.  I do tweet about anime thanks to Twitter and met a lot of ones who share my interest and even ones I call friends.

I’ve also gone to anime conventions but that’s for another time.

I do have a lot of anime/blu ray’s currently. I showed a friend once and she was shocked by how much I had. Which means I did good, LOL!

So I’ll end it here. Hope whoever is reading this liked it or found it reasonably entertaining.

Later days!