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Hello everyone, today’s blog post is going to be on the new Fantastic Four comic written by Dan Slott!

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After an unexpected ending for Fantastic Four comics around 2015 with”The End is Fourever” to “Secret Wars” to have a conclusive ending for Marvel’s First Family with the team being broken up (literally) for story purposes since the Marvel universe was going into a different direction, editorial-wise.

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Hell hath no fury like an Inhuman princess, scorned

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, went with the Uncanny Avengers and became a liaison for the Inhumans along with being a boyfriend to Medusa. This storyline was not a favorite of mine on two levels. One being, he used to date Crystal and the latter is the younger sister to the queen of the Inhumans and it’s in bad taste on many levels.

The next one is one critique I’ve had (at the time) of the Inhumans trying to be the new X-men with the various titles and the coming of “Death of X” which pushed the genetic teams to have a tepid relationship as a whole to an outright war which never needed to occur.

Ben Grimm, The Thing, shacked up with The Guardians of The Galaxy before he left the team due to another ill-fated event “Civil War 2” which is just character assassination for all involved and once again, pushing the Inhumans to be a big deal!

After that, he went on to be a kind of Agent of SHIELD to keep tabs on Doctor Doom, who went legit for a time and utilized Tony Stark’s armor to become the new Iron Man, which got covered in Brian Michael Bendis’s series “Infamous Iron Man”, which had a strong beginning but soon sizzled out by the end.

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I’m ending this, Doom!

By that, what happened to the woman that wound up pregnant by Doom? Does that mean for the first time there will be an official heir to Latveria and Doom’s legacy? Who knows as Bendis is at DC now so…

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Hanging plot line…

Now for a story perspective, it could be seen as entertaining as it is comics, however, as an FF fan, it felt out of place. Especially hearing of the circumstances behind the First Family being disbanded in the first place.

Stop me if you heard this, but the reason for Marvel canceling was due to the writes of the Fantastic Four being part of a different company, FOX, when Marvel declared bankruptcy in the 90s. So even though the comic publisher still put out comics of the Fantastic Four, they didn’t “own” them.

Due to plenty of incarnations of movies which have failed in the Box Office, FanFourstic being the ultimate offense, Marvel didn’t want to put stock in a team that had a bad rep when it came to movies since they still sold their stories.

To cut ties, they made “the last” comic of the FF and made Secret Wars their swan song; with Reed defeating Dr. Doom in the end, with the latter acknowledging Mister Fantastic being the better between them, as a man and scientist.

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The end to a new beginning

This, in turn, made Reed make a decision, since he now had Molecule Man as his foothold to power, along with Franklin being an omega level mutant with nigh reality manipulating powers, they would start to create the multiverse with the Future Foundation, Val and Susan going with them to explore and be pioneers and not superheroes.

They leave the other teammates behind, which I’ll get into shortly for the reason why soon. That is the reason the FF haven’t been in publication for a few years…until now.

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All about science

Disney owns Marvel and in a dramatic move, to get all of the Marvel rights back, the company brought back The X-men and Fantastic Four. To be more precise, it brought Fox Entertainment, effectively getting back both groups in the process.

The news was staggering on many levels as Disney now owns half of the entertainment business studios under their banner. Some, majority of the comic fans, were ecstatic to finally now see X-Men and FF become an official “MCU” characters as it was meant to be while the rest, non-fans, business owners, realist, etc., saw this as a revolution that Disney is trying to own everything or the loss of jobs that has occurred with this turnout.

Which is true, though, I’d be lying if I wasn’t happy about the FF coming back and getting an eventual movie, which will hopefully lay to rest this curse that “No one can make a decent Fantastic Four film” or “you can’t adapt them, they are hard to do!”

That is not true; just like the Avengers or X-men, the FF have a majority of stories you can adapt into film, with any needed changes as it can’t be exactly like the comics.

Though, that’s neither here nor there as more than likely, we won’t see them or the X-men appear in the MCU to at least after 2020.

Okay, so that part is done, let’s get to the good stuff!

There is lots of red-tape that goes into this so I do apologize if this gets lengthy but the process of “Fantastic Four returning” to comics has to do with the bureaucratic bullshit.

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You know how it is.

To start, after Human Torch and Thing have their fling with the other teams/stories, they come back together in “Marvel 2-in-1”. It’s an old title which starred The Thing, having solo adventures with a guest-star, like Spider-Man or some other hero that needed a boost.

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This was brought back as an “unoffical” Fantastic Four story where Ben and Johnny go on a mission to find Reed, Sue and the kids due to Johnny being in a bad place in his life.

In a scene, a retcon, Ben remembers having a brief conversation with Sue during the beginning of Secret Wars, where she tells him that if anything happens to her or Reed, he has to look out for Johnny.

Even though he might act without thinking and a jerk, he really looks up to Ben. These are Susan’s words before the ship takes a turn. This is pretty impactful for me to be honest. It shows Sue’s faith in Ben.

So when he confronts Johnny about his reckless behavior and the blonde states he misses his family; sister, the kids, Reed, them being a group, all of it.

Ben, seeing that Johnny has hit rock bottom and would continue doing dangerous things, decides to lie to him and tell him that Reed and the others are alive, as a saving grace for Johnny not to go on the path of self-destruction.

It is soon revealed his powers are weakening. It’s soon discovered through the course of 2-in-1, that the FF are actually linked to their powers; as in they need to be in the same radius or dimension for their abilities to work. If one or two, in this case, are gone, then their powers will diminish…

This is the crux of the story but it’s not about powers but finding their family, that is dead by everyone in the Marvel universe.

Ben knowing that this is a lie, as he believes they are dead, tells him he was gifted with a special machine called the Multisect, which can traverse dimensions. It was delivered to Ben per the Will and Testatment of Reed Richards.

Stretch-O wants him and whoever is there, Johnny in this case, to continue on the Fantastic Four’s legacy of exploration and being pioneers of the unknown.

With that the duo gain help from a scientist named Rachna Koul, who specializes in giving depowered people their abilites back as she has her own agenda for going with them.

On their heels is Doctor Doom, who is at a crossroads from still being a hero to going villian again by the end of this.

They traverse many dimensions, which are explored in issues 3-10 and an Annual but they wind up in the council of Reeds, domain, before coming home.

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Some more info, Dan Slott has writing duty on the Fantastic Four, for the considerable future. His previous work was on Spider-Man. I never thought he’d get the keys to this team however with 5 issues and an annual done as of 2018, I have no complaints!

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Back on earth, which a little time has passed, Ben and Alicia decide that after all these years of break-ups, intergalactic travels/saving the world, to remaining friends, old blue-eyes pops the questions to the love of his life and she says yes!

That’s right, after 60 years, these two are finally engaged for marrige! Soon, Ben tells the news to Johnny and asks him to be his best man!

Little bro outright says no? Come on Johnny, you gotta be a team player!

His reason is that the one person who should do it for him is Reed, his best friend. The two agure (which will never change) before he (Johnny) breaks down before accepting the position.

The trio are happy at least that they have each other except the most pecuilar thing happens; a giant blue 4 signal flare shines throughout the New York skyline, which prompts Ben to eat his words in the end, their family is alive.

Time for the moment you’ve been waiting for; what happened to Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the kids and extended family?

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Like I mentioned, they are traversing the multiverse with Molecule man being the basis as an anchor and binding for the universe while Franklin, creates the universe with its various laws and whatnot.

While traveling, half a decade has gone by, effectively making the kids a little older; Franklin appears to be around 13 or 14 years old, while Val is close to being 13 and the others are in their early teens as well; they have all matured in a way but since they are teens, things change, which will be a big deal for when they get back.

In their latest stop, the future foundation Molecule confronted by a being named Griever; an incarnation of destruction, entropy, and death, whose presence here signifies the end of the Future Foundations adventure and that starts destroying the worlds that Franklin has created and chased the group down!

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With that much kind of firepower, you’d think teenage Franklin can beat her? He tries but nothing comes of it; even Molecule Man tries his luck to stop her as he has a bone to pick but she scatters him to the winds, wiping him out entirely.

Everyone is stunned and Reed has an idea that might work; he explains that while she has defeated them, a team comprised of teenagers if the FF were here, she’d be defeated. Griever is none too pleased and admonishes him for his arrogance yet can’t help but be intrigued and gives him one chance.

Soon Reed builds the device for the FF flare, which is seen by Ben and Johnny and soon they appear in front of the Richards!

Yet they aren’t the only ones here; he brought out anyone who has ever been a member of the Fantastic Four; from Crystal, Medusa, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm, to name a few.

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So it goes as expected, big brain (Reed), comes up with a plan for the extended fam while the main have a moment of being together. It’s a nice one but a job isn’t finished until it’s done.

Johnny and Ben, under Reed’s orders, destroy the teleportation pod he used to bring them all here, to the other folks surprise and dismay.

Soon, flame brain and rockhead go to see the kids!

During the surprise of seeing the kids now teens, the group that they need one final push and it’s up to Franklin but he is in doubt; he went up agaisnt her previously (in issue 2) and he couldn’t even put a dent on her.

Spider-Man, who I neglected to mention is there since he was in “The New Fantastic Four” from around the early ’90s, tries to give him “With Great Power must Also Come Great Responsibility” spiel before Ben tosses web-head and tells him to believe in his family as they can do everything.

With that, Ben and Frank go on the offensive with a powerful punch with “IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!”, which is a pretty good picture!

Griver is surprised by the attack but bemused that he would try again. Franklin soon gives his own speech of belief, etc, etc, before Susan goes all mom-mode and states she won’t let harm come to her son, grabs him and goes invisible.

After all that the fight ends as they did what was intended. Reed informs Griever that the reason she needs them was to get back to their own world so she can destroy it but with only one teleporter at her command, with a one way trip, as the one he built was damaged by Thing and Human Torch (see why Mister Fantastic is one of the smartest in the Marvel universe?) he states she can make one choice to return to whence she came.

After this and giving a “I’ll return” deal, she vanishes into the unkown and the FF have saved the universe!!

Okay, I know I kind of cheesed it at points but that’s the gist of what happened; if you are that curious, I encourage you to check it out!

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Soon Reed returns all the extended family to their homes not before another goodbye is happening. Spider-Man also leaves with unexpected news, trying to inform them on the Baxter Building but gets cut off during the transportation, leaving stretch bewildered.

The Future Foundation is going to continue there trek with Alex Powers being a Professor, that Sue and Reed will put in the official paperwork when they get back to make it legit and Dragon Man protecting the younger charges of the crew.

They have a tearful goodbye with Frank and Val, as they are going to go back home with their parents while the FF (Future Foundation) are going to look for Molecule Man since if they find one of his molecules, they can find a way for them to be whole.

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After this, they head off while Reed transports them back to Earth 616 where they are greeted by a baseline team trying to be the Fantastic Four, calling themselves, the Fantastix.

This is a surprise for the team that’s been gone from Marvel proper for about a year (4 years for us readers) and the Fantastix are fighting against The Wrecking Crew.

While our heroes try to get a handle on that, Franklin takes off with Ben to go see Alicia, as the former and Johnny left her hanging on issue 1 after seeing the Fantastic Flare.

For his side, he’s the first one to see Alicia and she is delighted seeing her godson alive and a foot taller, to the teen’s dismay. Ben and Alicia also have a heart to heart over the whole “leaving unexpectedly” which she understands this will be a factor in their lives, which she will take in stride.

Things get a little-complicated back on the other side of town as Invisible Woman and Human Torch get something to the crowd’s chagrin, as they are getting hype for the new team.

Val, along with Reed who remains in observation mode, realizes something is amiss and uses her wits to win the day and pay off Wrecker and his team, along with proving this entire deal was a scheme hacked up by their press agent.

Shows that Val has come a long way. Along with, since she’s a teen, she had no legal right to make an offer…smarts are a superpower, kids!

So Reed and the Fantastisx reach an agreement where they can stay there, too Johnny’s chagrin but he (stretch) reminds him that the Fantastic Four isn’t where they live, it’s where they are together a family.

To the surprise of everyone, when Ben comes back, he informs them that buying an apartment building on Yancy Street and that is the new FF’s home base, which is a nice touch. They see Alicia, which is also a nice reunion.

Marvel-2-in-1 Issue 11, which takes place after issue 4 of FF, is focused on Reed and Ben and the former’s explanation on the reason why he didn’t take the latter and Johnny; he thought that they would be bored.

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He wanted it to be about exploration and the science and not being a superhero; with Frank, Val and the other students/kids being part of the Future Foundation, they would learn and experience many things and since Sue wouldn’t even dream of being apart from them, along the fact she can at least follow Reed’s rambles and be “the mom”, he felt Ben and Johnny would be bored out of their skulls as they’ve never been prone to his science talk.

Along with Reed was at rock bottom with being a superhero.

Ben doesn’t agree with that or the fact he made them think they were dead. The two have a heart to heart and even though it will take time, Ben will eventually forgive him.

Issue 12 is the last of 2-in-1 and it’s mostly a Johnny and Sue collab with the scientist Rachna returning and closing up that loose end from the earlier issues of this series.

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Johnny is upset that everyone treats him like a kid, and effectively taking the choice away from him of being left behind, Sue takes him shopping, monster attack from what appears to be Mole Man, they take care of it, Rachana appears and explains her reasons, stop Mole Man from killing Rachana’s sister (read 2-in-1), save sister and family have a heartwarming ending with Johnny, though not liking the choices in all this, forgives them.

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Fantastic Four: Wedding Special, explores the beforehand stuff of then bachelorette party for Alicia and it’s a nice one, to say the least. Next is Ben trying to get Puppet Man’s permission to wed his step-daughter, as he is a gentleman and an unexpected twist at the end, which shocked me.

Issue 5 of Fantastic Four, 650th, is the wedding between Ben and Alica and I am happy it kept its promise.

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This year of broken promises of characters getting married has been a major joke, from Kitty/Collasus to Batman/Catwoman.

Image result for kitty pryde and colossus wedding
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!

Image result for batman and catwoman wedding
(Tell me lies)
Tell me lies! Oh, no-no you can’t disguise!

Though we did get Gambit/Rouge hitched and they are off having their own adventures in Mr. and Mrs. X, written by Kelly Thompson (an awesome writer), which is currently 7 issues!

Image result for Mr and Mrs X
Married life suits the cajun and southern belle!

The wedding goes off with some minor hiccups at the end with Doctor Doom, who went all breaking bad once again, declares to the world that he will protect them from a now invading Galactus.

Reed comes in with the save, using a device that freezes time for those in close proximity of Ben and Alicia and the Rabbi is able to to officially declare Ben and Alicia, husband and wife!

Alicia Grimm then gives her husband encouragement for the fight with “Clobber ’em”. That’s all the ever-loving blue-eyed thing needs as encouragement!

And that’s the (current) story of “The Return of The Fantastic Four”. It’s issues are 1-5 with Marvel 2-1 being 1-12, with issues 11 and 12 continuing the FF returning and getting used to life in their new home.

Okay so the dynamic of the Fantastic Four has changed, namely with Franklin and Valeria, who are older now and not just helpless kids.

These two characters are not teenagers, at least around their early teens as mentioned previously. The kids of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman also have code names!

Franklin Benjamin Richards is Power House! While Valeria Meghan Richards goes by Brainstorm, which is very John Kirby like to have such cool names.

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Powerhouse, since Franklin is “beyond an omega level mutant” with all the abilities he has at his disposal. Currently, he cannot create universes anymore as it hit a limit, as stated in issue 2.

Even though that’s the case, his powers are large and in charge and with him being older from his rambunctious self of 7 or 8 last time, he has some wisdom.

Though now since he is a teenager, he’s a little like his uncle Johnny, with having a wisecracking attitude and testing his mom at times and being on his smartphone for all sorts of hours.

Related image

It’s expected for a boy his age to do that so it will take some used to this new deal but I’m enjoying a smart ass, Franklin! He’ll go far being an extra addition to the FF if he so chooses to partake.

Valeria going by her code name is because she has always stated she is a genius.

Related image

It is confirmed she is as smart as her father and Doctor Doom, if not smarter and her being a young woman shows her crafty side. With her genius level intellect, she could be a force to be reckoned with to keep up with the likes of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and T’Challa, when she get’s older.

But like her brother, she’s a teen (for now) and also has spouts of teenage angst but not to the extent of Franklin. Though with only 5 issues, it’s hard to determine what will come to pass.

I say “for now” as comics have a sliding timeline and at times, the artist or story will make them appear younger or older from what is stated in the story.

Personally, I like this and hope it sticks for awhile.

With these two added additions, the team just got a more “fantastic” and I can’t wait what the future has in store for them!

Okay, before signing off, I am going to say, the Fantastic Four is my favorite team in all of comics. Being a kid when finding them out to picking up my first comic book of them from Chris Claremont’s run in the late ’90s really was a big thing for me.

Even though I dropped them for a time and didn’t pick up any comics to around the time I got a full time job around 2008/2009, I am glad I got back into them.

They are not just a team but a family; even though one is not by blood, he is an honorary member and that is something I can like! Being blood doesn’t always make a family, it’s the bonds and experience, no matter how inconsequential it might seem, that do it, in my opinion.

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I am very happy this team has returned and you bet your ass I am going to be reading this team and supporting this. I don’t care what the opinions of hardcore comic fans are for this team, they make me happy for reading, experiencing and growing with them no matter what.

Comics aren’t just “for kids” as close-minded folks think, it is a medium to expand your mind and make you better with learning some views from the writers and the artist that convey the feelings on paper.

Here’s to you FF, and to many more!

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix show), my thoughts


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Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a story of a teenager, named Sabrina Spellman, who is a witch living in the quaint town of Greendale with her two witch aunts, Hilda Spellman(Caroline Rhea) and Zelda Spellman (Beth Broderick), and Salem the cat (voiced by Nick Bakay) is also more humorous and snarky but loveable at the end of the day.

Our protagonist deals with being a magical being dealing with her crush, Harvey Kinkle (Nate Richert) and the hijinks of growing up with magic and high school to eventual early adulthood.

To start, the show isn’t like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, starring Melissa Joan Hart as the character as it was a comedy/come of age show around the mid 90’s. The magic used was more “light” with sparkles and her origins are less macabre and a family sitcom that came on Friday nights on ABC.

Image result for Sabrina the teenage witch 1990s

*My heart!*

What if Sabrina wasn’t squeaky clean but a tad bit more dark and twisted? That is what this show is about with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, based off the comic which came out around 2014. It took a break and didn’t get picked up until 2015.

Image result for chilling adventures of sabrina comic

*Much darker than the show* 

The series is ongoing but with an irregular schedule which still hasn’t been completed.

Overall plot is the coming of her 16th birthday, Sabrina has two choices to make, stay on the path of being a witch, being granted the continued use of her powers and give herself to the Dark Lord (Satan) by an ancient covenant or stick to the path of mortality, her powers being stripped but living her life with the person she loves and establishing a peaceful future.

The writing for the series is good with unexpected consequences to choices or manipulations that occur.

Issue 8 is the current one dealing with the ramifications of Sabrina’s once and future boyfriend, Harvey, being resurrected but unknown to the half-witch, her father, Edward Spellman, is in his body.

Now, the show takes liberties with using some parts of the comics as a basis but it goes in its own direction with more characters.

Image result for Shock gif

*That moment when it gets freaky*

Chilling Adventures is a 10 episode show which goes is about all that was described in the previous paragraphs, so I won’t bore with the details. I will, however, try to articulate what I enjoyed with this show.

Chilling Adventures takes that on its head with darker and symbolic undertones of witches, rituals, Satanism, and horror of magic while being accurate with its representation. The use of Latin also surprised me as some of the spells heard in the show utilize the dead language.

It isn’t the cookie-cutter show trying to be dark with fake emotional moments. The lasting repercussions, thrilling scenes, and the story really make you feel for the characters in this show.

For one around episode 9, there was one scene that got my me choked up between an exchange of Sabrina and her aunt Zelda, which really got my attention.

There are scary elements or unexpected dark humor in this show so it isn’t for the light-hearted. This isn’t for little kids, if you want them to get to know Sabrina and all her shenanigans, I highly suggest watching the 90’s show!

Do you want to explain why a bunch of teenage witches and warlocks are having some orgy in the attic on episode 7 to young Jimmy and Jessica? THINK OF THE KIDS!!!

Image result for Think of the children

Apparently, that was a shocker for some, which isn’t surprising if not bewildering given the day and age we live in.

To be honest. It didn’t really bother me; once you watch anime where there are females with large breasts wind up in situations beyond comprehension or watch hentai where a demon is trying to eff her with a whip-like dick, that kind of dealing you treat as if you are drinking tea on a nice warm summer day.

Image result for Drinking tea Kermit

*Ahhh, taste like shock and awe*

For being with the times, it has an atmosphere of a multitude of era’s etched in Greendale; fun fact, this place is a sister-town to Riverdale, which gets referenced. and what links it is Sweetwater River.

I don’t know about you but “Sweetwater River” sounds like something from the South and the water is sweet! I know, water can’t be sweet in a river but a guy can dream, can he?

Image result for Riverdale gif

*Just because…*

Back to the train of thought, it has the aesthetics of mixing 60’s or 70’s with today’s fashions, which makes this a unique take.

At first, I thought this would take place in said 60’s like in the comics but it is in this time period as even though Sabrina uses a landline to contact Harvey in one episode but said character uses a cell.

Even though this show is for teenagers, I actually thought it was going to be like another Archie related show, which got a modern and thrilling twist, Riverdale, which appears on The CW.

Image result for Riverdale

*Archie and crew reimagined as “edgy” teens; we back in the late 90’s Y’all!*

Riverdale is Cruel Intentions meets Poison Ivy and had a fling in the late 90’s to give birth to said show.

Image result for Cruel IntentionsRelated image

*These movies were good tho!*

I did watch the first season of Riverdale and I was intrigued, however by the second season, I lost steam with what was going on and I get that it only takes liberties with utilizing the characters in a modern, if not, dramatic, teen-angst interpretation, it got boring.

Where was the Archie/Betty/Veronica angle where the ginger dates these two at the same time? It was there in a way but not what I expect for its execution. Along with Archie is not a klutz, just a teenage boy with suburb problems.

Don’t get me started with Jughead/Betty, they are an item now! Only thing I can take from this show is Cheryl Blossom and her dark sense of humor and white-girl drama, though I believe her character took on a twist with being a lesbian now?

Though she is still an intriguing character and if this is where she stands, who am I to stand in the way of her greatness as one of the popular characters in the teen-drama series!

Image result for Cheryl Blossom gif

*In anime lingo, “she’s best girl/waifu!!!*

See, this gets tangled up in my head and I can’t keep up! Currently, it is on its third season and I have no clue what’s going on. I vaguely heard the rumblings of witches hopping on the bandwagon?

I do like the actors/actress that are bringing the characters to life so that’s a good thing. The new generation gets to see the intrigue of Archie and the gang, except less idealistic.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, here’s some general info; Sabrina’s series comes from Archie comics which does link up with the said character making an appearance in there from time to time to stir up mischief or help out at times. She was created in October of 1962.

Image result for Sabrina the teenage witch 1960s

*Teen bop!*

No one knows she’s a witch except for Jughead, or at least in the continuity of New Archie where Jughead has his own series, but that’s expected as he is eccentric and good at keeping secrets.

Due to the now-defunct comic authority issue which Archie comics were the last to drop it after ones like Marvel and DC did ages ago, to write an updated Archie and the gang in a new series and spin-offs of today’s genres or ones that have caught our culture as a whole.

Leading into “Archie Horror”, a brand of books which deal in the horror aspect genres, namely vampires, wolves, etc., anything relegated to those some B-horror elements.

Image result for Archie Horror

*Until death does us part…*

I’ve read the 2015 Archie series, in it’s compiled form instead of individual, and it is an awesome series! Mark Waid! It has a total of 6 volumes as of now so I do suggest you read it to get into the Archie bandwagon (comic style, baby!)

Image result for New ArchieRelated image

*Just a taste of this awesomeness!*


Anyway, enough of that, let’s continue, shall we?


First thing is Sabrina Spellman, played by Kiernan Shipka.

Related image

She truly shines as the titular character from being headstrong, assertive and rational from her relationships with her friends and romance with Harvey and loving niece to her aunts, Zelda, and Hilda along with her cousin, Ambrose.

She fully captures the essence of a teenager for today’s generation, however, having the knowledge and knowing when to use it also becomes part of her downfall for the purpose of the story.  Sabrina is a 16-year-old with magic and though she is responsible with them, she has used it for personal gain or at least gives her the mindset that she can interfere in the natural order of things.

Sabrina is the daughter of Edward Spellman, a warlock and Diana Spellman, a mortal; a union which is or was forbidden but granted permission by the Dark Lord, for a devious plan still being put in the making.

The plot for her story is trying to change the status quo of choosing what path to pick, either being a wich and being on call to the Dark One (Satan) in the Church of Night or be a human and stay with her friends and experience the life cycle of growing older and having mortality (as witches and warlocks that get baptized gain a form of eternal life).

Ever hear of “Have your cake and eat it too?” That’s the gist of it for her. Granted the show would be short if she chose one or the other so the plot shows her staying in-between by balancing her normal and school life to being granted into the Academy of the Unseen Arts and figuring out where she stands in the hierarchy and is the daughter of Edward Spellman.

Please, it’s no Hogwarts, this place is hardcore and not for kids with wands! The lore of witchcraft isn’t waving a wand made out of a phoenix feather, unicorn orbs, and rosemary! This is using objects or plants that are around the area and making it work for the wielder. Also, it gets downright scary with some of the information at hand, which you learn in later episodes.

Image result for Hogwarts

*Hogwarts for visual purposes*

She is a likable character, if not stubborn that ones that do have lifelong experience in knowledge more than Sabrina, she comes across as being arrogant with trying to get what she wants.

This makes or breaks it for some if you analyze her but at the end of the day, I can say I like her.

Sorry for the side rant, back to the main part!

With Sabrina being granted that reprieve, there is another shadow in the wings and that’s her mortal teacher, Mary Wardwell, played by Michelle Gomez, who is under instruction from Satan to get Sabrina to sign the book of the beast for nefarious purposes.

Image result for Lady Satan Chilling

Wardwell’s character takes trolling to a whole new level as I see it; from subtly manipulations to a good performance on in acting.

Wardwell stands out for me as she seemed like a wallflower at first but soon that vanishes when she gets possessed in the first episode to become unheeded by her previous mousey ways and have her own “She’s all that!” moment with a makeover.

I won’t say what happens with Wardwell but I was honestly surprised by the end of the season of who she is! I’ll be curious what sort of machinations she has in store for Sabrina?

Hilda Spellman, played by Lucy Davis, who also was in Wonder Woman (2017) and played Etta Candy! She is just a fun character; warm and loving, to offer you a spot of tea to warm your cold heart up in a jiffy!

Image result for hilda spellman netflix

Now that I think of it, she reminds me of Mrs. Potts from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The 1991 animated version, not the live action one. What could you possibly not like about Hilda? She’s the aunt you go to for comfort and she’s willing to give you a chance!

Of course just because that’s the case, she’s not one dimensional.

In fact, both aunts aren’t!

For Hilda, she is the sister that get’s put down on by Zelda, the one that could be considered weak in spirit and suffers from a lack of self-confidence though she and Zelda have been around for ages, as stated by Edward (in the comics). In a way, she has codependent issues with not having much of an identity.

Even though she seems like a joke, Hilda surprisingly has some tongue on her, especially when she shines in later episodes. She is also good with potion brewing, which factors into the show in some parts! She also establishes a form on independence which is shown for the most part and will factor in for season 2!

Zelda Spellman, played by Miranda Otto, also known for portraying Eowyn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is what you see; haughty, proud, sophisticated and top witch of her family. With a flair for sarcastic quips, what else could there be to her? Well like her sister, she has her own demons but they aren’t apparent at first glance, even at the beginning of the show.

Image result for Zelda spellman netflix

When getting down to her character I have to say that she is my favorite in this show! I know, I have a thing for the sardonic characters in fiction but Zelda has this niche within her that I can’t deny that makes me want to see what else she holds!

Yes, she is a hard-ass to her family but only because she knows the Spellman’s can reach a prominence in the old days. What that is is currently unknown but from the way she talks, it must have been grand.

Of course thinking on the matter of her younger brother, Edward Spellman, it must be when he was around.

Zelda is a ball buster but that is only due to the various circumstances with her family; one born of mortal and witch blood, a sister that is too nice for witchcraft and someone that is under house arrest for a long period of time, it’s a lot to take in.

Though she tries to come across as distant, Zelda embodies the kind of love one has of always watching from afar. You truly feel it in more respects when it comes with her private moments where she exposes her vulnerable side.

Ambrose, Sabrina’s cousin, played by Chance Perdomo, is a “cool” type of character I feel. He’s older than he looks and is on house arrest for trying to commit a crime which is later revealed. He has extensive knowledge of necromancy and other magic. He is also is known to be pansexual.

Image result for Ambrose spellman netflix

Now when I heard that, I had no clue what it meant; it’s a new dealing that I am still trying to grasp but apparently, from some reading on the witches and warlocks of this universe from other reviewers on this show, it seems that their mindset is one of sexual liberation of not caring what sex, orientation or gender one is but satisfying any carnal desires as it’s stated that witches and warlocks don’t love and some prefer a polygamous view on the equation.

Personally, I still can’t fathom this as it’s still new and I’ll be honest, Ambrose, per example, just seems like he likes dudes and if he just said that, I wouldn’t have batted an eye but to say this seems confusing for me.

However, if this is the trait the fans want to stick with him and have someone to look up too, then it shows how much a show is trying to cater to some.

Harvey Kinkle, played by Ross Lynch, is Sabrina’s boyfriend in this series and unaware that she is a witch. The way his character is played is drastically different from the 90’s incarnation as not being a “dumb but loveable jock”; he has a character outside being Sabrina’s boyfriend and it becomes apparent as the story progresses to a point which shows he also has insecurities over being brave or his love and admiration for his brother and abusive one with his dad.

Image result for Harvey Kinkle netflix

An interesting point with Harvey also fits in with Sabrina’s life as a witch which brings another piece to this twisted puzzle of woe.

For a side rant regarding these two lovebirds, even though the show is about the darkness and macabre view of the world, their affection and care for one another shines brightly and I would like to believe that at the end of this series, their love prevails over the dealings of whatever goes on in this show.

Image result for Harvey Kinkle netflix

Sabrina’s life also revolves around her mortal friends are also intertwined in her life as a witch in unexpected ways.

Rosalind Walker, Roz for short, played by Jaz Sinclair, is a character that is forthright, smart and all for woman empowerment like Gloria Steinem along with adding a mix of diversity in the cast. I didn’t know what to think of her at first but she grew on me.

Image result for Roz netflix

Susie Putnam, played by Lachlan Watson, is Sabrina’s close friend as well. Her story involves her own identity and a connection to the weird stuff that goes on in Greendale. From what I researched, he is a Non-Binary Actor. I don’t know much on that except that they are gender-neutral.

Image result for susie sabrina netflix

This is a revelation to me as I’ve never heard of this but as Bob Dylan sings “The times are a-changing.” and I’ll be curious more on the future of this character.

I’m going to speed blitz the next characters as they are important to the story but not to me.

We are introduced to The Weird Sisters, with Prudence, played by Tati Gabrielle, is the leader of her group of trio witches and an antagonist to Sabrina while in her time at The Academy of Unseen Arts. Her character experiences growth which is another factor in this compelling story.

Image result for Prudence sabrina netflix

Granted I thought the trio of witches, Prudence’s sisters, reminded me of the Stepford Cuckoo’s from X-men with their similar hairstyles and bland personalities. They are shady AF.

Image result for Prudence sabrina netflixImage result for The Stepford Cuckoos

Nicholas Scratch, played by Gavin Leatherwood, is a warlock that befriends Sabrina in The Academy of Unseen Arts and potential love/lust interest down the line? I mean, it’s obvious as this is a show for teenagers (and yet an old fart like me is watching this…) but he’s okay.

He’s what I call a neutral force in this show.

Image result for nick chilling adventures of sabrina

There is another character in the form of the principal of the academy and antagonist in the show, Faustus Blackwood, Richard Coyle plays him, is the High Priest of the Church of Night, which Sabrina’s father, Edward was before his death and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

Given what his name implies, “Faust” is based on the character of the same name that sold his soul to the devil in old German literature.

Image result for Faustian bargain

He’s crooked and manipulative and is chauvinistic in a way which you will see.

Before I forget, yes, Salem is in this show and is Sabrina’s familiar, one that protects it’s charge, in this case, Sabrina the witch, from harm. Witches and warlocks have a different form for their familiars and in Salem’s case, he is a black cat.

Another thought, the deal of Sabrina’s parents is also brought into question over their deaths. Some info is revealed but given the show, one has to put everything under scrutiny.

Even though they appeared or worded to give birth to Sabrina, the dealings feel much darker then one would hope. I say this as due to what occurs in the comic and it is reflected somewhat in the series. I guess we will figure that out in time.


This show carries a lot of weight for this generation in how they show female empowerment, teenagers having extensive knowledge with the going’s on of today and exploring their identities as people and their own orientation.

I do like seeing how assertive Sabrina is of not backing down, however as I have previously stated, it comes down to having the knowledge or common sense to know that just because something favors you doesn’t make you right.

If I have to have another criticism is the over labeling some words or hyping up a character to standards? I still lose focus with characters being Pansexual but again as I saw it in an opinion, Ambrose had an inkling for a dude before he had an orgy with Prudence and the rest.

He still has said feelings for him outside orgies, so I can’t help but just see him that he likes dudes. If anyone is, congrats, you are a human being who knows who you are and are darn proud!

The magic dealing is a tool which is used in a way that isn’t bogged down in the plot around the beginning of the series. I like how it is sporadically used and when it is used really brings in the atmosphere that this is otherworldly and not just twinkles of light.

Music in the show also caught my interest; I immediately had to get songs from some episodes due to liking them very much! It brings focus to whatever is happening at the time.

Season one of Chilling Adventures was a good one, characters felt fleshed and ones that do, get their spotlight eventually. Surprising thrilling moments and even ones of shock. If you want to know my shock moment, I’ll just say this phrase, “Praise Sister Freya”.

Image result for Praise

Very intriguing with actual witchy uses from coven’s and their belief system and how it stems from a belief in something grander than oneself and given the imagery of the Dark Lord, it’s very compelling to see why their faith is strong.

It takes a lot of dark turns that you might see in other forms of media or books you might have read regarding fantasy or dark lore of myths, which does hold my interest in fantasy novels.

Again, I say this is not for kids below the age of 10, 12 at best. If you know your child’s personality and the atmosphere of this show, wait till they are mature to watch!

Personally, I’ll add, this isn’t the 90’s where kids watch “adult-like humor” or gross-out jokes like Beavis and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy. If you aren’t sure on this show, take a glance of it yourself and make a choice.

Image result for Beavis and ButtheadRelated image

For the ones that will, I hope you enjoy this show! Season one was good in my opinion and will be excited for when the second season drops!

I hope this blog post was intriguing? I know this steps away from my post of movie reviews or anime, which has been low lately and I will get that out of the way around December or by the end of it.

Later days!

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Otakon 2018


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What’s up, everyone? Jeff here to discuss my experience at Otakon for 3 days!

This is a first as I only went on Saturdays in the past but now since it’s in D.C., there’s no need to persuade myself in not going for the full experience, or at least for a while as I didn’t do the nightlife part of it.

I do want to do that at some point and see how Otaku get their groove and drink on! Now let’s start!!

On Friday was D day and the day began well even though there was something; I didn’t hit Otakon until the afternoon as I wanted to get ready (breakfast, washing up) and I headed out. Of course nothing can ever go as planned; the metro was going through matinance and I was delayed for about 30 mins. I was able to make it by 2:30 at the latest but I was fretting as an autograph session was going on for Cherami Leigh Kuhn and I really didn’t want to be late (more on that later).

I make it there and I wait for my buddy, @mmorose1017 or Mike and we headed into the convention after going through a bag check, which is going to happen throughout this weekend if one has bags.

After checking in and getting my badge, I headed to get some minor stuff organized until I realized I didn’t have my flipping badge? WTF happened, I just got the darn thing! I back tracked and I left it at the check in counter where I was at. After showing my ID that that I was as I said I am, I got the badge and got it in the lanyard strap and I was good to go! After that minor crisis, Mike and I headed to the Dealers room as that’s where the autographs were being held at.

I took some pictures or admiring the cosplays and fellow Otaku in all there glory and that’s always nice to see. Dealers room hadn’t changed as it’s just big with tons of booths and merch but autographs awaited and we headed there to try and get Cherami Leigh; the program said it actually started at 3 and not 2 as I originally thought…this would be a recurring theme througout the weekend.

We arrive and get in line for Cherami Leighh and we are in there for about an hour until the worst possible news happeed; they were only taking 20 more! This was a shock to my system as I wanted to get her autograph but unforunatly due to the length we were not going to get it this time. So I counted that as a loss but refused to give up as she would arrive on Saturday so there was hope! I even checked social media and got her words what time her autograph session would start and I made a note and told Mike the sitch (various times as I did not want to get cut again).

So we walked around and before you ask, there was no shopping, that would be Sunday as I wanted to observe where things were however I did by one or two things on Friday and Saturday to cheer myself up.

Evening of the first day arrives and we try to find the line to Max Mittleman and it was the wrong one! Apparently they changed it at the last second as in the Otakon guide book it said the line was at 3 and we matched it to 3 but it was really for people that worked as artist in Little Witch Academia…an anime I treat as for little kids. After learning that halfway I decided to just at least get the autograpsh as these are legit Japanese people that worked on a show from the ground up. We were in line for about an hour and 45 mins before we were able to get to the main part and low and behold, they cut the line by the end! That’s the second time that occured and I felt bad for the ones that wanted to get an autograph. I eventually get an autograph sighned by 3 and it was okay…not that I really cared but I was polite and I at least got something.

After that Mike discovrered that Josh Grelle, almuni voice actor of Funimation was doing an autograph session and we headed there. My goodness that made my night!!! When I got to him, he was really cool and humble! I brought up how I first heard him in [Kaze no Stigma] when it came out the first time and we talked about that for a minute or two! I paid the commission and also got a picture with him!!! That was so cool and made up for the minor hiccup earllier!

After that, I headed home to get recharged for Saturday when I would get Cherami Leigh’s autograph and even planned on trying to get Bryce Papenbrook and some others.

Saturday rolls around I head out by the afternoon due to helping mom with grandma as she was spending a few nights with us. It was not a good deal for Mike as the metro fucked him over hard by doing a transfer or two.

Cherami Leigh’s autograph session was going to start before he got there and I mentioned it and he was like “go without me” as in “I know this means a lot to you, go, and I’ll meet you there!”

I did get my ass over there after getting my bag checked and hauled butt! I made it to the autograph session and I was over the moon! Okay this is the part of the story where I explain why I was pressed for this autograph; Cherami Leigh, who is also an alumni of Funimation who soon breaks her time from Houston to the west coast as she voices in other anime down there, voices my favorite Sailor Moon character, Sailor Venus!!

This was the only time I would be able to get close to someone I respect and enjoy her talent as my fav character to a series which brings me good memories!! I get the autograph (while complimenting her on the role) along with hoping she and the others are able to to Sailor Moon Sailor Stars which she responds with equal enthusiasm!

I also got a picture with her!! She also liked the back of my phone case of Noel Vermillion as she thought it was Lucy at first, I was able to correct her and she mentioned she also liked Blazblue as well! I was over the moon!

So I got a total of 5 autographs in 2 days…sadly that would be it for me as the other autograph I wanted from Bryce was done by 3. Flash forward a few hours and soon Mike and I are in the line for Robbie Daymond, we made sure to double check that it was the correct line! Low and behold that we were in the extended line and this somewhat lowered morale for me and the others there.

We were in line for almost 2 hours before getting news on some things running late and prior engagements for Max, Robbie and Kyle…this was not a good deal. I eventually gave up as it was almost 7 and I hadn’t eaten anything all afternoon with running around. So I cut my loss while wishing some fellow fans good luck and I showed Mike a good place in D.C. where they sell some banging burgers and fries!!

After that delicious meal we seperated for Sunday. Unfortunately the night was rather exhausting with some family issues but that’s not what this is about so let’s just skip that shall we?

Sunday rolls around and today is the day for shopping, aka “GET EVERYTHING YOU FIND INTERESTING, IT’S THE LAST DAY!!!!”.

I leave the house around 9:25 am and when I got there I went straight to the dealer’s room as I wasn’t planning on getting autographs on that day. I did what I said and shopped while Mike decided to get autographs from Cherami Leigh, Erica Mendez and Lucien Dodge.

I actually was jelly over that, I should have made some effort to do it but in hindsight, it wasn’t that important for me, on the other hand Mike got 3 that day and I was happy for him as Saturday was not his day.

We met up and got various stuff like Bluray, DVDs, and various other stuff before we took some pictures and headed out by 3 in the afternoon. It was a good thing we did as that was the day for some asshole racist to flood the street a mile and a half away for Unite the Right or some pathetic nonsense to bring about hate.

Spoiler alert, only a measly 30 some people did it and it was barely a footnote!

That is majority of what happened this year!

Now the bad stuff; the autograph sessions were confusing AF this year as the lines were not properly stated or they changed at the last minute! This is the major reason why I didn’t want to go through that stuff on Sunday due to two days of getting cut away at the last minute!

The meltdown from fans were something to behold; some sobbed, and one actually yelled for half of us to hear! I feel them on that, we are all fans wanting to meet the people we like and to not get that chance is disappointing.

Last year, it was easier to do with less confusion, Otakon has got to step up their game for 2019 or fans will find this area not the best place to get autographs. I actually decided to do some other anime conventions before venturing out to other cities.

I had an exciting 3 days and I’m happy I was with one of my best bud’s, Mike was a trooper. Granted we did take jabs at one another for shits and giggles but that’s what friends do, no Gilmore Girls shenanigans here, leave the feels at the door!

That quote is from Mike.

It would be fun to get other friends to go with us or experience a squad deal at other cities, I hope that happens one day.

Below are some pics I was able to take, I hope you enjoy what you see! I have some others but this should do for this post!




*Josh Grelle; he was humble and I’m glad we bonded over Kaze no Stigma! I have a new appreciation for High School DXD due to this experience! Thanks Josh!*



*Cherami Leigh Kuhn; OMG this is the one I wanted the most!!! She was sweet and she liked my Noel Vermillion phone case! I’m glad I met her; I know I’m just one of many fans of hers but it really meant a lot for me to get her autograph!! Thanks Cherami, if I should ever go to a different anime convention, I hope I get to meet you once again!


*Sailor Venus!*


*Sailor Mars!* 


*Frog girl from My Hero Academia*






*Android 18!*


*I’m really being goofy with my Re:Zero hat I just bought!*


*Good old Mike, he’s always fun to hang out with; he’s actually feisty when he gets in his feelings! XD*



Until next time, bye-bye!


*I was very tired but enjoyed myself immensely! Until 2019, Otakon! Later days!*

Anime Review: Recap of anime 2018


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Earlier in a blog I did, I explained what anime I would be watching either out of curiosity or interest. What was my take on these and maybe a few more?

Read and find out!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

Image result for Clear Card Arc

Here we go, the one anime I was hyped up for and a total of 24 episodes!! With that much product, you’d expect questions with the mysterious person appearing in Sakura’s prophetic dreams or the mysterious appearance of the Clear cards that wound up replacing the Sakura cards.

Well, that was my fault; none of the answers get answered except for one crucial bit of information mainly with the creation of the cards, which I won’t spoil. There is also a question with Syaroan utilizing techniques throughout the course of this series that get answered but not being told to Sakura.

Okay let me gather my thoughts to at least be tactful; over the “2nd season” which began around episode 13, the episodes were good to ok however they had more of a daily life deal, which is expected for Sakura and the others. It helps show that just because she is the strongest magician in the world doesn’t mean she lets it go to her head; her main attribute is that she cares about the people in her life and would never think of doing harm to anyone or use her magic for ill-use.

The thing is, as someone that has watched the entire first series of where she came from to her parting with Syaraon, I got that. For the first few episodes of this series, it was good to establish.

I was expecting just more of exposition with wanting answers at a certain pace due to, with the show going slowly with dealing with certain cards and making a small arc that could be two or three episodes, time was running out until we hit the end!

By episode 19 or 20 I was getting bored. Not only were answers finally coming down the pike, it wasn’t the answer I wanted or we dwelled on it for a nice amount but wanting it to, once again, get to Sakura and explain.

Unfortunately, that is not what occurred!

In the end, we are left with more questions and mysteries that are not solved. In the last episode, it hit the wall and did one crucial deal that fiction shouldn’t do; time travel.

Yes, I know it it was established by a certain handsome butler, Yuna D. Kaito (which the D. is a clear reference to CLAMP’s other character Fai. D. Flourite due to the use of the initial D)  with a sweet pocketwatch as he’s making choices that affect the person he cares about by keeping Akiho in the dark over her own dreams of seeing someone (Sakura) take the cards from her.

Don’t get me wrong, the action was sweet with Sakura using the new cards she gathered to fend off a non-coherent Akiho, who seemed not to notice what she was doing and when our protagonist finally pulls the hood from the frame and sees her new friend, she is stunned.

Then here comes Kaito using his magic to turn back time, which I’ll admit is an extraordinary feat of any character in fiction to pull off, and make sure Sakura is in the dark over the robed figure and vise-versa.

The entire show ends on a cliffhanger with Sakura just saying that no matter what happens, she won’t give up and continue to figure out the mystery of the Clear cards and assuring the viewer that there is more to the story than the anime is showing.

That’s it? I get that from a certain point of view but come on, don’t leave us hanging! There is clearly more than I’m curious about; like that uppity bunny plushie that just comes to life whenever Akiho leaves and offers some exposition. Another deal is with Toya; the story keeps stating that he is gaining some kind of new powers and all he keeps saying “It’s not the time to use them to help Sakura.”

With that said I can kind of calm down but…I guess I wanted it to happen now. Yes, I was being spoiled and wanted everything to happen as when it comes to anime about to close, the likelihood of it coming back for another series is low, depending.

Cardcaptor Sakura was big in the ’90s as it reinvigorated the Shoujo hype after Sailor Moon left the scene along with Magic Knight Rayearth or Revolutionary Girl Utena. Seeing how this show comes back in a brand new series is nostalgia bait since as of this time period, nostalgia for the old material is the bee’s knees however with nostalgia comes a form of stagnation; we go to what we like automatically due to disliking the new stuff nowadays.

Clear Card might not see another series due to various circumstances on anime nowadays. The show on my Crunchyroll barely was kept in the “Popular” category and was always off and on.

Another factor is the most basic, the anime caught up with the manga while it was still going on and it had to end with an open ending. I haven’t heard news of the manga ending so it will be a while before we see a conclusion for this entire series as a whole.

While I have discontent, I do have some favorable words for Clear Card; bringing in Meiling was a good deal, as she became a fan favorite for some in the original anime by offering a helping hand for Sakura and Syaoran’s relationship.

She has come from being a brat to a rational and fun-loving teenager to offer words of wisdom or teasing for the couple. She also was able to help Sakura with dealing with a Clear card which was nice to see.

I actually found Akiho to be milquetoast at points; the show points out she is just like Sakura but a tad bit more polite but that get’s boring and she is far too sweet for me. To be honest I expected her to faint at any cause of trouble due to how faint of heart she is.

That’s not to say I despise her, I just want her to have some depth to her other than the rich girl that is somehow always polite that can sing to the par of Tomoyo.

Okay, another way of saying she is a “Mary Su” and I don’t like saying that for any female character in fiction but a spade is a spade and you can’t say otherwise. Until there is something, I have to go by that.

Syaroan’s arc was intriguing with him using, what seems to be powerful magic that could be the Clow Cards however it is explained off that he’s just using a different branch in the family tree and is pushing himself too hard. He does have a sweet stock footage of him summoning his Jian though and I being a 12-year-old kid at heart found that so cool!

This show is not bad, it has good moments but sadly in the middle, it slogs on with the daily life aspect at times that makes it a slow burn until one or two answers get answered at a pace that could have been cut; I like melancholic drama but this was a tad bit much.

The 2nd opening for this “new season” called [Rocket Beat] sung by Kiyono Yasuno, had a different pace that has a nice sound to my ears along with footage of Sakura is like Alice in Wonderland kind of deal with her wearing a red dress like the Queen of Hearts and her needing to find some balance between her normal life and magic life. Granted that’s how I interpret.

2nd ending named [Rewind] sung by Minori Suzuki, also the voice of Akiho in the Clear Card series, is song I like hearing more than the 1st ending due to how upbeat it sounds with footage of Kero and Spinel hanging out with the uppity rabbit plushie; even though these three do not interact at all in any episodes!!

I realized that the ending is misleading and there for fan service due to cute plushies!

For grading purposes, I give this series a 7  out of 10 rating for the story, plot, etc. That’s me being bias as since it’s Cardcaptor Sakura, I’m willing to not be butthurt over how the course of the series went but it could have been better.

Despite my rating, I will buy this when Funimation gets this on Blu-ray probably in the 2019 year. I do suggest giving this series a try!

How to Take care of a Mummy

Related image

I’ll be speed blitzing these next entries; How to Take Care of a Mummy wound up being a good anime! This show has heart and characters while being typically bland at points, are enjoyable with how the humans wind up caring for these little monsters that appear in their lives.

From Sora and Mii-kun as they are the main characters, they have a good combination of Sora being the caretaker with little Mii-kun trying to do his best to help his new friend with daily tasks or trying to be brave while his master/friend is gone is cute to see.

For Sora Kashiwagi’s overall plot from taking care of Mii and the other monsters that visit with their own caretakers, he has to deal with being able to not take on so much responsibility or his fear of winding up alone as days like these will not last. He is surprisingly lonely and that shines through in the last bit of episodes. Mii-kun the other hand is considered to be the “baby brother” of the quartet of monster children but he tries his best and cute when doing it. Granted there is no reason to ever show any disgust with the mummy as he is cute!

Tazuki Kamiya character arc corresponds with him finding a small oni child that he reluctantly adopts, who is eventually named Coni and they don’t “officially” become partners until episode 11, where the cool-headed but stubborn Tazuki acknowledges he does care for his charge. I found that episode one of my favorites as these two are my favorite human/monster duo in this series. Coni is a brat and a tsundere in a way but despite his derpy face, he has his own charm which matches with Kamiya’s own tsundere traits. Coni can be considered the third bratty but heart of gold brother of the quartet.

Asa Motegi’s character is one of the female protagonist’s that is a happy girl but major fear of lizards, so fate kicks her in the teeth when a young dragon comes unexpectedly which terrifies her out of her wits! It’s not only until Sora arrives, as he is the main character, to help Motegi and inform her that he is a dragon and it worried for her when she tripped down the stairs when she was in hysterics. This soon blossoms into Motegi becoming the dragon’s caretaker. The dragon is named Isao and is considered the big brother of the quartet. He also flies as well…but only 30 meters.

The fourth character is Daichi Tachiaki and he comes in almost late in the series. He suffers from sleep problems due to nightmares he has which causes him to lash out at his fellow students and teachers which soon gets him the delinquent status. With Sora’s help by using a kind of charm, Daichi’s charge comes in the form of some dream eater who soon starts living with the gloomy individual, who is eventually named Mukumuku. The change does Tachiaki good when he becomes kinder with the amount of sleep he is getting thanks to Muku eating his nightmares. Muku is the steady second older brother of the quartet.

The show has a total of 12 episodes which one can binge watch and not get bored with it. The ending theme has a nice sound to it along with a dance the humanoid characters do which is intriguing.

I give this show an 8 out of 10!

Akashic Records of Bastard Instructor

Image result for akashic records of bastard magic instructor

This show I wasn’t ever planning on watching due to my burned out of the anime dynamic for a bit due to the hype and the animation quality being the same of bright colors and easy panty shots of teenage girls. However, when I recently went to Otakon 2018 (a blog is coming on that) I brought the Blu-ray as I wanted to get a couple of purchases and went with that.

I was able to watch this anime dubbed, thanks to Funimation, and I actually liked it! I wasn’t on my usual cynical tirade with this as the writing made it better to laugh at the unique jokes it has, along with Josh Grelle voicing the main character.

The main character is Glenn Raders, a would-be deadbeat man around his mid 20’s winds up becoming a substitute instructor for a magical school where he meets some resistance by one of the three female characters. I feel rather exhausted trying to explain as it’s pretty straightforward but think of this series as a cross between Fate/Stay Zero meets Slayers for the most part.

Characters are generic and nothing truly shines for them since they are part of the usual spiel of Light Novel Syndrome but with the adaption by Funimation and unique writing along with a twist on some of the symbolic traits of magic thanks to Glenn, it’s a decent watch. Nothing outstanding but worth a watch.

The series is only 12 episodes with the last episode being rather rushed by trying to close up the storyline.  I give this show a 7 out of 10.

High School DXD Hero

Image result for High School DXD hero

Talk about a surprise, I’m talking about High School DXD again after a long while after my review on the matter? 

That’s right witches, I’m in a better mindset from my rather cynical review. Granted I do feel the same with the strong Light Novel Syndrome along with Issei getting far too much praise by all the females that flock around him as if they are skanks in heat but I have calmed down.

I’ll be honest, I was in a spot with anime given social media so that was a major factor in my thoughts on it. However, like I said, I’ve calmed the eff down.

Okay, the first thing you notice is the animation is different compared to the last season of High School DXD? That’s because the show was adapted by another animation company and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of seeing some of the images but seeing how it actually matches the light novel in terms of character constructs, it has actually grown on me.

The story continues with two arcs divided into 6 episodes to explain more or less of how Issei, Rias and her group deal with more demonic factions along with the progress between Rias and Issei and them going through the motions on their relationship.

Funimation once again knocks it out of the park with the adapting for English viewers with using hip lingo to explain the gist of Issei wanting them big old tits of Rias or the harem consisting of Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Xenovia and Irina wanting to have sex or get close with Issei’s snatch.

I found myself laughing and going along with the typical formula of the main character needing to get stronger for someone else’s sake, the main female getting jealous and them coming together with feelings finally revealed after 3 seasons.

The animation is good but with how Light Novel Syndrome usual goes, nothing new or exciting to think about.

Sure, the terms of religion, symbolism and the like are good to do independent research on is good but again, this is a typical “dude/harem/romance” scenario with lots of boobs and butt shots, which actually works when you need to turn off your brain after a grueling day of work.

Josh Grelle kills as Issei with the usual voice actress/actors reprising their roles like Jami Marchi, Jad Saxton, Kristan Kang, etc.

Opening and Ending themes are ok; they weren’t anything I need to hear on a second run, to be honest. Episode count is 12 so it’s best to binge watch this.  I also watched this on the Funimation app on my PS4 so they have edited it with showing nipples; which is sad as a boob shot either needs it or to be tastefully not seen (depending).

I give this show a 7.5 out of 10 and worth a watch!

That is my list of anime’s that have stood out for me currently. Here are some honorable mentions!

School Babysitters

Image result for Gakuen Babysisters

This show was worth the watch! It’s a day of life deal with real heart with how everything goes down. The characters are likable and there were none I disliked (I mean half of the cast are babies) and the character that spoke to me was Hayato, Ryuichi’s first friend and eventual helper for the babies at their school. I give this show an 8.5 out of 10!

Devilman Crybaby

Image result for Devilman Crybaby

An anime I watched on Netflix and this one, pardon my language, fucked me up! It’s a flipping good one but it will hurt you with what goes down!

Music is dope, the animation is actually slick as it reminds me of xxHolic with how the characters are lanky and the story will hold you. Not for young watchers under any circumstances and I do suggest watching something to perk you up after your first viewing of this anime!

I hope, whoever is reading this, enjoyed this article. Sorry for lack of content, once again, I’m lazy and procrastinate however I’ll do my best with this!

Until next time!

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Comic Review: X-men Red


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What is is up, everyone? Today’s blog is a comic I’ve been reading for a few months and wanted to express my opinions on them.

Let’s take a look at the comics I’ve been reading and my views on them. Come on, let’s go!

The Return of Jean Grey

When you think of X-men, normally some recall famous or popular characters like Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Rouge with the other half talking about Cyclops being lame and especially Jean Grey due to the portrayal in the 90’s cartoon.

X-men once ruled all of Marvel comics in the 90’s and during Grant Morrisson’s run, Jean experienced major changes; from gaining the powers of the Phoenix (once again) and the decline of her marriage and unfortunately, winding up dying by the hands of an enemy and once that occurred, the entirety of the X-men team has felt the effects of the loss of the red-head.

I’m not saying that she was the focal point of the team, as there are plenty of characters that kept the team going and stories going for years however the fall of  the mutant team came in the form of “Vs” titles when they went up against the Avengers around 2011(and being popular with the MCU) and the Inhumans in 2016, which lowered the team as being nothing but brutes and given the Inhumans a boost as they were nothing more than replacments of the X-men due to Marvel comics not having the movie rights owned by Fox.

With all this and getting involved with disagreements with each other in the form of the event “Schism” which was another, if not, killing blow where Cyclops and Wolverine have conflicting ideologies where to lead the X-men and mutants as a whole, this looked to be the end.

Enter the point of that little history lesson, in the recent X-men Red Annual, which takes place between Phoenix: Ressurection, where Jean Grey miraculously returns and X-men Red issue one, where she is leading her own group.

Annual is the apology tour with Jean is getting caught up with the events that have transpired after her death, from the stuff I mentioned to other stuff that was touched on. This was a definite shocker to Jean but also how non-mutants still treated mutants, if not worse.

It also shows Jean confronting Black Bolt over what happened to her husband in IVX. Even though Scott didn’t really die by Black Bolt’s hands as that was Emma using her powers, he did still die by the mist along with the King of Attilian being the one to unleash the mist in the first place.

He apologizes for what occurred with the war or mutant’s and Inhumans as that never needed to happen. This feels like a breath of fresh air as I think editorial wanted that to occur, to show that they, Marvel, didn’t hate the X-men or try to push them out. Though it is suspect the Inhumans got that MASSIVE push a few years back.

Yes, I’m not an Inhumans fan, they are forever Fantastic Four support players with interesting backgrounds though I’m not curious on the gist of expanding their history.

The issue also is like a wake-up call with the goings on of today where racism/classism/sexism still being a factor but with mutants being the focal for all that in this comic. I’ve heard some call it “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior) comic due to what Jean is tackling.

Jean Grey is trying to bridge the gap of humans and mutants and get the X-men back on track with her actions although, unknown to her, another enemy that has come back under mysterious circumstances is trying to halt that progress.

That person is Cassandra Nova; Charles Xavier’s twin sister/doppelganger that was a big pain in the ass in the first arc of Grant Morrisson’s X-men run and antagonist in Joss Wheadon’s third X-men arc in Astonishing years back.

She is one with no compassion or love and wants to bring mutants to the brink of destruction due to her twisted ways and Jean is no closer to figuring that out as of yet.

Due to Cassandra’s machinations of framing Jean of the death of an ambassador of the United Kingdom in the United Nations summit, Jean and her team are on the run trying to figure out that along with the massive spike in mutant propaganda which will introduce a new character along with try to show that hatred and bigotry are a thing will continue to divide us if we continue to give into the negativity of someone that is different.

I believe this is an analogy for the stuff going on today as I mentioned and I can see why some cynic reviewers refer to X-men Red as “SJW X-Men” and downplay Jean’s martyr act as being annoying or a way for the writers to push their agenda on the reader while they (some readers) just want to enjoy superhero’s battling bad guys.

Granted Tom Taylor, is showing his views on the matter via Jean and his writing, there is nothing wrong or false over what this book is trying to iterate. These are troubling times, more than I would like to admit and that is me being honest. However even though it does have “SJW” stuff as some close-minded people are stating, it holds an amount of truth of the matter as well.

Reading X-men Red has been a breath of fresh air for me as it tackles those issues that X-men comics have done in the past and now getting back into. Sure, X-men Gold is doing that but Kitty’s team is more superhero route while Jean’s is trying to unite by not trying to be violent or in your face so to speak.

Jean’s personality has also changed from when we last saw her. She has lost her husband, a good friend, and a teacher/father figure. She has to move on with her life and find meaning in this ugly but beautiful world. She seems somewhat calmer compared to the fiery personality she was portrayed with a decade ago and also more of a maternal side that wasn’t seen in a long while. She is also the straight man to Honey Badger’s quirky personality which is nice to see.

Image result for X men red

Even though she is, now, one of the strongest mutants in the world and omega telepath, Jean knows that power alone is not enough to stem the lines of unity and she is using this as a stepping stone to achieve Charles Xavier’s dream, even though she is going about it her own way.

On her team, we have X-23, aka Laura Kinney, popular X-men character, and new Wolverine. Her abilities are like her originator, Logan, has adamantium claws but only two with the added measure of a claw coming from her toes. She also has a healing factor which is on par with Logan’s as well. She is deadly in combat but has learned to control herself in the years of publication.

Image result for X men red X 23

Honey Badger, Gabrielle, the clone/sister of X-23, join this group by bringing her brand of humor and teenage charm to this story. Similar powers to Laura but with a single bone claw and healing factor, she is an interesting and fun character though I am not knowledgeable on her history.

Image result for X men red Honey Badger

Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler is part of this, watching out for Jean. Being referred to as “the soul of the X-men”, by Jean, this does not go against continuity as when he died a few years ago it could be felt that his lack of presence of being the integrity to the group was missed. He can teleport and is an expert swordsman and is also a prankster and a former priest. His mother is the infamous Mystique and Rouge is his foster sister.

Image result for X men red Kurt

Nezino Abidemi known as Gentle is part of the team but is a pacifist. According to Jean his mutant ability is on par with someone like the hulk, he gets a massive build of strength but it put’s a strain on his body. He utilizes bands made of Vibranimum to keep his powers in check.

Image result for X men red Gentle

Namor is also part of this group and is the King of Atlantis. Jean uses his help when it comes to his link with Atlantis being a nation along with Namor being a mutant as well.

Image result for X men red Namor

Gambit aka Remy has been an X-men and antagonists for years but it seems fate leads him back to the wayward group.

Image result for X men red Gambit

Trinary is the new character from India introduced in this series. She is a Technopath; someone that can control and form of technology with her mutant gene.

Related image

The series has got me to like the X-men again and Tom Taylor is an awesome writer for doing the character Jean Grey justice and what he is bringing to the table with his writing. The art, by Mahmud Asnar, is really well drawn and crafted!!

X-men Red has become one of my favorite read comics for 2018 and I don’t care for the “SJW” some say in a negative light. Comics is a form of entertainment and not just for kids, it’s a medium for info as well as to make us broadminded.

Image result for X men red Trinary

I do wish this came out every few weeks instead of monthly but with the crafting of this book, I am glad Tom Taylor has a month to do these.

Until next time!



Once Upon A Time – And in the end…


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Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been updating this as I said I would do, adulting is hard; from work, emotional highs and lows, family and life in general, it was and is still a little hard to get back into this but since I like writing, I have to get back in somehow.

Image result for Hello anime gif

Once Upon A Time, a show that began 7 years ago with it’s humble beginnings, intriguing characters of well-known fairy tales re-imagined to make up the story of good vs. evil, love, and loss, hope and despair in good or bad takes on characterization depending on the plot, this show was and will still be a big deal for me and other fans of this series.

Related image

Beginning with Emma Swan coming to Storybrooke and being introduced to a central character, Henry Mills, the child she gave up when he was born, comes to her and explains the goings on in a little town of Storybrooke where his adopted mother, Regina Mills aka The Evil Queen, has cursed the residents with a memory loss and is located in the real world and how it’s up to her to break the curse due to being the savior.

Another important note was that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, two central figures in the battle against Regina in The Enchanted Forest. From the 7 dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinnochio and various other classic tales involved in this realm and the next, Once Upon A Time expanded it’s horizons from The Wizard of Oz to the likes of Frozen to Greek mythology and some Chinese lore.

Image result for Once Upon A Time

With the end of season 6 as it being the conclusion for Emma’s entire story of finding out she is the savior and granting the residents some form of reconciliation of their stories, to finding love and losing it at various points, to learning to trust in love and her family, becoming the Dark One but ultimately finding light and being a beacon of hope, I thought that this would be the end of the series. Boy, I was wrong.

Image result for Once Upon A Time

Edward Kitiss and Adam Horowitz came out and said that Season 7 would be a soft reboot to the series given half of the original cast would not be here, either due to contracts being up or the characters stories coming to a close. Granted I remember reading an article that Rebecca Mader was surprised that her story was done but low and behold she was able to come back in the middle of the series.

Image result for Once Upon A Time

I bring that up due to this soft reboot was a flop for most of the long-term fans, myself included. It felt out of place with how it was or that the characters introduced were not really intriguing or felt tacked on.

This time around a grown-up Henry Mills is the star as he, Regina, Hook (Wish-realm version) and Rumple, wind up in another situation in a different realm where there is a different version of Cinderella is involved in a plot to somehow stop her wicked Step-mother, Tremaine, and her daughters.

It is also discovered that Henry and Cinderella have a daughter, named Lucy, is the new “Henry” as it were to help Henry and his now cursed group, make them believe their former lives while being a place called Hyperion Heights, which is supposed to be Seatle or feels like it?

Now I didn’t watch all the episodes as they seemed boring or not that entertaining. I’m not sure what happened but I wasn’t enthralled by it.

Maybe it was how this Henry didn’t go about his destiny of being the author as I expected it or fallen in love with a different version of Cinderella and having a daughter. It just felt off?

I did eventually come to accept it but it felt like an odd combination. Finding out where he belongs is the core of his arc and having his once belief, be a non-factor anymore was an allegory for loss of innocence as, in his cursed state, was an author but didn’t believe in Lucy’s claims, because he was scared to believe in something, evident with his talk with Regina in the last episodes.

I also didn’t buy him and Cinderella being in love, it felt like a fan fiction however he loves her and she loves him so that’s all that matters (I guess).

Being aware, after getting some info and watching the middle of the season, that a coven of witches was a big deal and lady Tramine was a pawn and it was really her daughter making the calls and even that felt tacky. And once that was done, an even bolder character comes in the wings and it was just a mess.

As the episodes dwindled on, it was soon discovered that this would be the last season of OUAT. It most likely was the ratings, as this show moved from Sunday nights to Friday nights and that is a death move.

No one or at least, half of the people are not home Friday nights and that was the beginning of the end. So the production staff had to wrap up various storylines, even if it didn’t end the way you would want or expect.

I actually didn’t watch the last episode until that Saturday due to talking with someone (which was important) so I wasn’t upset. When I did watch it though, I think that it wrapped up nicely for the most part. All the former cast was able to return, at least for a bit.

To be honest, I  wanted to see Emma as she did appear in like an episode in the beginning and finding out she was pregnant! Come to find out she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Hope!!

Seeing Emma and Hook barge in at the end of a ceremony for Regina (I’ll get to her in a moment) was fun and knowing that she was good with her “happy beginning”.

Related image

Regina, being a central figure this season, from what I saw, was the one to keep the show going. She still had her quips and her experience being a bad guy to finding redemption and being a mentor figure for some, was good to see. It wasn’t enough to keep me active in the story but I did like how for her “happy beginning” that she became “The Good Queen of the Realms” due to her part in uniting all the realms in Storybrooke so no one would be alone anymore. Along with she had the last word in the show to declare that there is always hope and goodness.

I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of the show; hope in sadness, despair, grief and that one can rise above what others perceive.

Image result for Good Queen Regina

Rumple had his own journey and loss this season as well. From being police partners with Wish-Hook at Hyperion Heights to find out what happened to Belle to having the ending he wanted while conquering his evil counterpart, for the second time in a way, he came full circle as well. The ending with him and Belle were sweet as he was able to be with her again. Granted I believe Gideon is still alive but never found out if he found out about his dad passing? See, that’s a plot hole or at least was never acknowledged.

Related image

Wish-Realm Hook had his own story from being young and fit again to traveling with Henry and the rest to finding his daughter, a girl named Alice and his own plot with resolving that was decent. Alice was an odd duck but she means well. All I got from her was that she had magic due to her mother, Mother Gothel, being a central big bad, and giving a prophecy to Rumple that he would be reunited with Belle somehow. I didn’t pay it much attention but the one thing that stuck out was she hooked up with Zelena’s, now, teenaged daughter, Robyn (Robin?) and they make a good couple. They are engaged by the end of the series.

Image result for Hook and Alice

Image result for Alice and Robyn

This season also showed other fairy tale characters in this alternate realm of story characters, namely Tiana from Princess and the Frog, best friend to Cinderella and ruler of that realm. The Witch Doctor from that movie is also prominent and has some relationship with Regina in the past but nothing comes of it and I have no clue what happened to him in the end.

Related image

There are other characters but I am not aware due to, as I keep saying, I didn’t pay it much attention as they seemed “meh” to me and whatever love story going on didn’t amount to much except for Robyn and Alice in some small favor.

Overall I’d say the last episode was decent and gave the fans the ending they needed, even if some minor stuff goes unanswered. I say that as all shows have loose ends.

For my headcanon, I’d have kept it in Storybrooke and maybe make that Underworld storyline have a better ending and be a factor for season 7 as we left Guinevere and Lancelot in limbo or at least bring back Elsa as I am forever an Elsa/Emma best friends forever shipper.

I’d also go back to the Enchanted Forest and see how Dorothy, Ruby, Mulan, and Merida are doing along with that old author that appeared in season 6 for a half second and that never got resolved.

Image result for Mulan and Merida

I will make this clear, I have no ill-will towards the actors/actress that did this season; for the new casting of Andrew J. West (Adult Henry Mills), Alison Fernandez (Lucy), Dania Ramirez (Cinderella), Gabrielle Anwar (Lady Tremaine), Mekia Cox (Tiana) and rest brought a different feel for the story which is good in a way.

In the literal sense, it was a lot of diversity compared to the earlier seasons, which in this day and age is a good thing, got to keep things current to maintain some sense that tv shows aren’t pulling a [Friends] deal.

If you don’t get what I mean, just look it up and you will see.

Anyway, I know this show will be a factor in my life as I get older from the lessons and exciting stuff it introduced. One is never too old to like fairy tales, especially if it is in a different medium like tv to show that these characters might be like their goody-two-shoes way but have depth behind their stories and make something rich.

I am forever an Emma fan and I’m also happy Regina won me over in the end. It will be a different deal come fall as this show will no longer grace me with its presence but good things come to an end and this story has finished with a happily ever after/beginning.

That’s it for me on this blog. If you want my opinions regarding Emma Swan or Regina Mills/Evil Queen, you can locate my blog posts about those two somewhere on my blog page. I hope you enjoy them but I warn you, they are a little outdated as I did that in its 5th season run.

Later days!

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Anime winter start up (2018)


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Hello everyone, I’m here to start my anime blog with some I’m currently watching and my view if I will continue to watch it on a weekly basis, wait after a few episodes or just drop.

This will just be my thoughts, nothing too deep (I hope). So let’s go, shall we?

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Related image

One of the most well-known anime of the Magical Girl genre, Cardcaptor Sakura returns in a brand new series, which is a direct sequel to the show and manga of the same name!

Sakura Kinomoto, the master of the Sakura Cards and the world’s strongest magician, is now starting her junior high career at Tomeda Middle School! What’s to be a brand new day winds up with something more happening.

One night, Sakura winds up having a strange dream (a prophetic one, as a fan, would note) of a figure wearing robes and covering their face, where the cards that she collected suddenly turn clear.

Waking up startled, she immediately checks on them to see, to her shock, that the cards are now inert and blank. None of the cards holds any power which is concerning. With that and now, the resurgence of other mysterious happenings with new cards showing up, a new staff and incantation, Sakura winds up going down a rabbit hole to figure out the strange dealings going on at Tomeda.

Of course, she’s not alone in this endeavor, returning characters will offer her support throughout all this. Namely Tomoyo Daidoji, her best friend/stylist/fangirl/second cousin, Keroberos aka Kero for short and her now boyfriend, Li Syaoran, who has returned to Japan after him being away at Hong Kong.

Other characters also return, her school friends, Chika is in her current class with Naoko and Yamazaki in the class next to her. Rika goes to another school now but gets a mention which is nice.

Toya is in Universtiy with Yukito and though the snow rabbit is aware of his other self, Yue, he offers out some advice to Sakura, I get the feeling that he will be on the back burner for a few episodes to build up suspense.

I say that since Yue is powerful and even though that’s the case, in the last series, his magical power was weakening and didn’t really see him go all out, if not counting that brief fight with Ruby Moon.

Speaking of which, she (he), Spinel, Eriol, and Mizuki make an appearance and they are still close to Sakura via emails and the like. They also have gone ghost during this period and since they are the McGuffins of knowledge/exposition, they would have to let things play out. I don’t expect them to be part of the plot until the middle or end of the series.

I say that due to only two episodes are out and Eriol mentioned he is aware but can’t/won’t help Sakura at this time so Sakura will have to get the answers on her own (pretty much telling the viewer to be patient and do theory crafting to get the answers you want).

I am also curious about what  Syaoran will do. I get he is Sakura’s boyfriend but I’m hoping he has more to do then just be there, offer advice and give his magic power to boost Sakura’s, like in the last bit of the series.

He has also claimed to have done something while in Hong Kong which he isn’t saying anything more about. I suspect that will go into the current situation with these new cards appearing.

The animation is splendid and I can tell that Sakura and the rest look like teenagers. It’s done respectfully, they aren’t “sex up” or giving the female cast big boobs or any panty shots, which is a flipping miracle in this day and age of the anime fandom.

Granted when CLAMP get’s involved I think they keep a tight ship to guarantee that their product is done right and not some hodgepodge of animators doing a crappy job. This is Cardcaptor so there is a standard to maintain as this is another treasure trove and series that anime fans love and want it done right.

I suspect if there were the typical tropes, there would be some fallout and it won’t be pretty. I’m joking of course.

The opening song, called “Clear” is sung by Maaya Sakamoto, the VA for Sakura and it’s beautiful. It really is a call back to the other openings of Cardcaptor Sakura with its feel, I think.

For the ending theme, it’s called “Jewelry”. I can’t say it’s bad though it’s just there for me. I can go without it but it’s nice.

In the end, I know this series isn’t going to be non-stop action with cool fight scenes and cussing, as some would want in this time frame but Cardcaptor Sakura is refined for its story, loveable characters, and themes.

Though a critique is that these characters don’t ever get in strong arguments and everyone is nice at their core, even new neighbors that pop up on occasion as it were but I’ll take that over some of the more jaded sides of anime nowadays.

I am all in for watching this series. It will also go into 26 episodes. Yes, 26 episodes!!! I never thought I’d hear or see that pop up again!!! Does my heart good.

May this jewel continue shining as it goes into spring and maybe the summer (that’s my guess when it will end) but I could be wrong.

Something else, this anime follows the manga and not the anime specifically. If you remember, there was the 2nd movie after the first series ended called “The Sealed Card” that was a kind of epilogue to the show as the last episode left on what could be considered a cliffhanger.

From what I can tell, that is non-canon. I’m not some expert on this but if it were, that means Clear Card would have alluded to the goings on, Sakura acted surprised when Syararon came back as if she is seeing him for the first time.

Though as I think on this maybe it is canon? The 2nd film did show Sakura admitting her love for him and one could say that after that, they kept in contact with email and letters as stated by them in this series?

I guess use headcanon?

Related image

School Babysitters

Image result for School Babysitters anime

When their parents die in a plane crash, Ryuuichi and his baby brother, Kotarou, wind up in the care of an old headmistresses school and she wants Ryu to help out in the daycare when he’s not at school as payment.

There the brothers meet a colorful cast of tots as Ryu works at this place with some help of some other characters in this series.

This one surprised me as it’s only been two episodes and I’m hooked on the dynamic of the reliable Ryu and the stoic baby brother and his dealings with his new friends.

There is one that stands out for being rough, named Taka but get’s whacked on the head by his older brother, Hayato, who is also a classmate to Ryu. Another is a pair of twin boys, one who is hyperactive and the older one while the other is timid and looks on the verge of crying. There is also a tot girl who carries a giraffe wherever she goes and winding out the crew is a baby girl who babbles and usually in the arms of the caretaker, named Yoshihito (Yoshi for short), who is lazy as he is always sleeping.

I find it charming with this show as it’s a slice of life with the theme of family and loss. Even after two episodes, I feel this is a series I can watch every week and re-watch until more episodes come on.

Like most, this will be a 12 or 13 episode run.

Here’s to you brothers that bring the feels!

Related image

How to Keep a Mummy

Image result for How to Keep a mummy

This one will be one of shortest. I wasn’t even going to watch it as it looked too cute with some bandaged mummy with a kid who appears to be in high school, even though I thought he was a junior high school student due to his Shonen appearance.

From the looks of this, the orange-haired’ dude, named Sora Kashiwagi, gets a delivery from his dad, who travels a lot, sends him a big box and to the dude’s shock (as it’s established his father always sends him something that winds up being comedically dangerous) finds a small figure which turns out to be a mummy.

You know, wrappable dead people that you see in Egypt in coffins that could possibly be dead kings and the like? Yeah, this dude is a bonefied mummy. But he’s cute.

Sora winds up giving the mummy the name “Mii” and this is where their story begins.

Going by the opening and some images I pulled up on Google, Sora’s friends will be getting little monster friends of there own and live with them and lots of misadventures will make up the show I feel.

I do apologize for not giving any other info or names of characters. I know that as someone who watches anime I need to know this to give out info, however, this one I’m just treating casually.

I can’t say this show will be deep, seems like a feel-good show with a cute helper in the form of a mummy. Going by some images, it seems the manga is popular for the kid/early teen demographic.

honestly, I see this one going for a single season. This isn’t terrible, it’s actually thawed my cynical heart and I can just watch this on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis once the show completes.

I’ll say this much, Sora’s cynical friend, the one that has the dour look on his face, speaks to me. He’s jaded and apparently will tease Mii for shits and giggles.  Yes, I’m a jaded person but not by choice!!!

So if you need some escapism in the form of a cute mummy helper, this show is for you!

Image result for How to raise a mummy anime

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Image result for death march to the parallel world rhapsody

Death March, a term for IT workers use when trying to fix a computer problem that will take up most of their time and work non-stop with few breaks and after it’s done, they are tired to the point of being dead.

When I saw this as the name of this show, I wasn’t going to give it a chance. I mean, the main character, named Suzuki Ichiro, is a programmer and an actual adult, who mysteriously winds up in the game he is trying to fix.

When he awakens he appears to be in his teenage form, to his surprise. Ichiro also has high stats and is pretty much pulling a Kirito-GOD MODE in that respect, minus the determination and not being oblivious.

What really is draining about this one is that it’s the genre of going to another world, like RE; ZERO or some others in recent years that is becoming a thing. It’s a male character who will eventually get a pack full of females (look at the opening and ending themes, that’s not a spoiler) and I’m going to guess over the course of the series, the main girl and the others will develop feelings for him and while some will be put in the platonic side, it doesn’t mean they (the females and lolis) will pine for his attention at some point.

I also feel a hot springs episode or full of fanservice episode coming down the bend!

The animation is actually good and the story is intriguing for one. The main character doesn’t seem insufferable in the slightest but this show has the tropes that drive me mad (look at what I said before this paragraph).

However, I’m willing to give it a chance and not come across as being judgy. Granted I am due to reasons but at least I’m trying to get over myself.

If you are into the main character that get’s an all-female cast that will eventually love him to the cows come home, action mixed with gaming elements, this is for you!

I’ll probably or will, wait awhile before picking this up again. I feel I just want to binge watch it and never think of it again. Again, it’s not a bad anime, this is just my (cynical) view of it.

But really, do the females have to fall all over him? I miss the days of Love Hina, and let me tell you, that anime hasn’t aged well!! I see the flaws in it and I hate Naru!!!

Image result for death march to the parallel world rhapsody anime

That’s my anime views of the ones I’m watching or am trying to list. Sorry, it wasn’t that long. I hope you found this at least, slightly intriguing.

I apologize if my cynicism showing.

Until next time!


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Overview of 2017



Greetings everyone, Jeff here after a long absence from writing any blog post and fan fiction writing.

Image result for Hello anime gif

*It’s been a minute!*

Today’s post is just a compilation of my experience during the 2017 year; things that might have changed me on a personal level, to the movies I’ve enjoyed, to events that caused a firestorm of opinions to run rampant by the political movement.

Though I’m not much known about the latter as I want this to be a good thing and not one to cause even more issues than we already have so let’s get started!

Image result for Let's go gif

Movie/TV watcher

That’s right, I am still going to the movies, either by myself or with a friend (which I need to update to more sometime) and for the 2017 movie year of entertainment, this was a good year!

The first film I saw was La-La Land; yes, the movie did come out in 2016 but due to the Oscars were going to come on in February, this was in January BTW, I decided I better get in gear as it was getting acclaimed.

Image result for La La Land

The movie starred Ryan Gosling, the one that saved Jazz music and Emma Stone, Easy A and Super Bad fame.

I was not left disappointed when I saw it and it wasn’t what I expected. I for one thought it was going to be a set piece in the 60’s with the images I saw but it actually took place in the present timeline. The songs were good and the story had some decent structure.

*I loved Emma Stone in this! Ryan Gosling was suave as well and I believed their chemistry*

This was built up a little too high and it was good overall, not some big foundation but one that majority could watch and enjoy.

Image result for La La Land gif

*City of stars*

Let us not forget what occurred in the Oscars in Feb, this film will not be forgotten.

Image result for Oscars 2017 flub

*Always remember*

Being a 90’s kid, I enjoyed myself some Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so when I first heard there would be a rebooted movie, I got on my high horse and deemed it unworthy. I’m being butt-hurt by this, it’s my childhood along with ones who grew up in that era.

Image result for MMPR

*90’s bliss*

Knowing that I decided to see it as I had nothing better to do and I actually enjoyed it! It was funny and despite the storyline being typical and characters almost coming off as typical archetypes, namely Billy being the “Sheldon Cooper” of the film but less obnoxious, the movie was entertaining.

Related image

*Iron Man Rangers*

Sadly enough there won’t be any more sequel films. I was actually looking forward to seeing where this story would go when we get introduced to Tommy, the most popular of the franchise. Along with seeing (my theory) of a love triangle between Jason/Kimberly/Tommy if the character were introduced.

I guess there’s always fan fiction?

Image result for MMPR 2017

*We will never see the continuation of this*

Logan, one of the bigger films to spring up around March was the end for everyone’s favorite (overhyped) X-man, Wolverine aka Logan aka James Howlett; eat that movie viewers for not knowing that piece of info!!

Related image

*Old Man*

It was a film that wasn’t really a superhero film like the Avengers but had a Clint Eastwood aesthetic to it which made it a damn good movie.

I went with one of my best buds, Mike (@mmorse1017 on twitter) and we enjoyed it!

Get Out, was a film I watched by myself on a Sunday morning and my goodness, I was not expecting all those twists!!

Image result for Get Out

*Mind fuck* 

What made it memorable for me was that Church people were there. I know, not really something to go on about but come on, a bunch of people that go to church, come see a psychological, thriller film after getting their prayer on?

No one can make that stuff up! I have a hunch that they went to see it because “black person is the main character, we must support!!”.

Yes, I’m stereotyping the intent, I’m guilty of that, though it’s not untrue that is the case.

I also saw Ghost In The Shell (American version) that starred Scarlet Johannson. I had no complaints due to I never saw the animated movie. Along with I’ve only caught glimpses of the anime series and never gave it much attention.

I saw this with Mike as well.

Image result for Ghost in the shell

*It was decent*

Let’s speed blitz the rest of the films, shall we? Films I saw with Mike since we like the geek stuff!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it had a lot of emotion when it came to what it was trying to emphasize with what makes a family; is it blood relations or ones we make by choice and circumstances?

Image result for GOTG 2

Granted, I could be digging too deep into that symbolism, however, my favorite scene is where Yandu and Quill floating in space and the former states “He might have been your father, but I’m ya dad(dy)”.

It hit me like a bulldozer with the number of feelings that went through me with that simple phrasing.

Image result for Father son

As much as I enjoyed it, I can’t say that it was great since I found Gamora lacking as she was stuck as the den mother with key visuals of actions that you can see in the trailer.

The budding romance of Quill and Gamora is rather weak in my opinion and I don’t want to see any hookup. They are family, let’s leave it at that.  Baby Groot was for the kids, Rocket was fun, Mantis is a good edition and Drax was Drax though with fun comedy bits.

Spider-Man Homecoming, a decent film but I’m not much of a big Spidey fan but I can appreciate that Marvel finally got him in the MCU, which is big since Sony is sharing the IP they brought from Marvel in the 90’s. I enjoyed Tom Holland as a quirky Peter, he had the Queen’s accent and humor and his Spider-Man was good too. Zendaya was a good MJ though she is more “Millennial left-wing, I am woman hear me roar” kind of deal. Michael Keaton was someone that shined for me as his character had depth compared to other villains in the MCU films.

Image result for Spider Man Homecoming

It (2017) was also an effing good film which gave me jump scares, fun note, I actually hit Mike’s arm when it got intense like “OH MY GOD DO YOU SEE THIS SHIT?”.

I asked Mike which personality I matched in the film, for fun and apparently it’s a cross between Ben, for his like of reading and Richie “Trash Mouth” for his quips and lame jokes, which I’m guilty of. Mike would be just Bill and a little of Eddie.

Image result for It

Wonder Woman, I felt choked up in that one pivotal moment which stands to be the greatest moment in DC films and that it’s effing Wonder Woman done right by Gal Gadot! The story was awesome, visuals were stunning and it held up immensely that it has become a juggernaut for DC! Now if only they can be consistent.

Image result for Wonder Woman

Thor Ragnarok, another awesome film that put Thor on the map, made Loki cool and Hela (Cate Blanchet is divine and hot) is now one of the best villains in the MCU. Due to this, I have become a fan of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song”.

Image result for thor ragnarok

Yes, I’m that trash that learned of a classic 70’s song due to a comic book adaption and how dare I listen to that and not get into “Stairway to Heaven”? Granted I’ve tried to listen to it and I can honestly say I just don’t get it. I think it’s overrated and must be a timepiece for ones who were teenagers in the 70’s to get into a song that is long. Though I also suspect weed had something to do with it as it feels trippy.


Justice League was good, not sure why the fans cried havoc?

Image result for justice league

Superman was done right and I am happy that the kids I saw in there enjoyed it a lot too, not like some of those Comic Youtubers who can be cynical and snarky going on and on about the technicalities and plot holes.

Come on, stop being butt-hurt and enjoy the escapism, okay? Give it a chance!

Image result for justice league

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, an effing good time and changed the dynamic!! Let the past go, people, it has to move on from the Skywalker lineage. Carrie Fisher’s last part as Leia was very emotional for me and may she rest in peace. Mark Hamil was good as grumpy Luke with Kylo Ren being an improvement for me!

I also enjoyed Rey, Finn, Po and the new edition Rose! I also and still hate Porgs, nothing but a cash grab!

Image result for star wars the last jedi

I do suggest taking a look at the comics by Marvel to give you more content of what went down in between films, wild stuff.

Image result for star wars comics marvel

I’m glad I went with Mike, always cool to go with a friend to talk with!

Films I saw by myself; Baby Driver, good music, the character was cool, the story was good, nuff said!

Image result for Baby Driver

Alien Covenant, it was boring and even though it got intriguing in the middle and the end, I have had enough of seeing Michael Fassbender in there! He’s a terrific actor (but) my gosh, he just wouldn’t go away. I got get it, dude, you are the main lead.

Image result for alien covenant

Lego Batman (got on Blu-ray) was funny! I had to watch it twice and I can say I will go back to it to turn off my brain and get some laughs and “dem feels”.

Image result for Lego Batman

The Defenders: I felt the crossover of Netflix Marvel shows was awesome! Seeing Jessica Jones after 2 years was an effing blessing (I’m a big fan) with bringing her snark to the serious Daredevil, the calm Luke Cage, and the petulant Iron Fist. I loved seeing Sigourney Weaver as the antagonist as she made it her own!

Image result for The Defenders

Death Note (2017), I felt the film got sent to the wolves by the anime community due to how it was. I also have some nitpicks but after sussing it out the movie was actually decent. I have no ill-will towards the director of the film or any of the actors/actress that did the roles. Granted I would have toned down L’s personality and the one that played Misa as a “fuck girl” but an interesting take.

Image result for Death Note 2017

Once Upon A Time (Season 7), I have not been a fan of this season is it’s a soft reboot and most of the characters have been replaced with new ones or alternate versions. I can respect it but it feels too forced. However, I am curious now how the second half of the season will play out when it comes back on in the spring so I still holding out hope.

Image result for once upon a time season 7

Super Girl, going well. I’m not a fan of this Reign character and her daughter is annoying AF but the drama which is happening is good and for when it comes back on apparently, we are going to see Brainiac 5. I’m only aware of that character from Justice League Unlimited and that he and Kara do have a relationship at some point so I’m excited.

Image result for supergirl season 3

Legends of Tomorrow; the new season is enjoyable! Some episodes I felt were meh but with Constantine showing up soon, I can enjoy it a little while longer!

Image result for legends of tomorrow season 3

The Flash; I’m not sure why but I’m back and forth with it. I am enjoying Caitlin/Killer Frost dynamic though.

Image result for The Flash

Crisis on Earth X, the yearly crossover for the superhero CW shows was an awesome event and a legit one with Supergirl actually coming into the beginning with Alex and them interacting with the other characters. Though it’s not about them, the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West with the majority of the cast from the shows going there. It is interrupted however when Earth X, Nazi versions of Arrow, Supergirl appear along with the return of Reverse Flash. This showed much depth to each show for the characters to shine. A couple of hiccups but nothing to complain about.

Image result for crisis on earth x

I happen to be on the hype train of Alex/Sara relationship but it was just a fling and they parted on good terms. I’m actually hoping for Alex to make her way into Earth-One more in the future and finally in some way, combine the Supergirl reality and Arrow one together to make this whole as it should be.

Related image

I also ship the Oliver/Kara relationship as since they find each other grating at points, though friends, their evil counterparts had love and it looked legit.

Related image

Shameless, I thank my person for getting me into that show, I actually watched the entire 7 seasons on Netflix in the span of 3 months so I just need to get caught up with season 8 but after it airs. Then I can watch season 9 in the autumn of 2018 (if that’s what Showtime will air the new season).

Related image

I have also around this time finally watched the Alien franchise and I can say that Alien and Aliens are just awesome!

Alien for the creepy, stalkerish heart-pounding moments and ALiens is action-packed greatness! Sigourney Weaver did the character, Ripely, proud!!!

Related image

Aliens 3 though sucked ass while Alien Resurrection was all right. Not sure why those couldn’t stick the landing?

When it came on randomly (3), I always wind up seeing the part where the crew is at that mining station with the lava and the alien is chasing them through it. Along with Ripely offing herself to get rid of the species of alien due to it impregnating her.

Wow, that’s a way to end a movie.

Image result for Alien films

Along with I am aware of that infamous scene where Ripley is face to face with the alien and she looks terrified. I also thank Animaniacs for parodying that scene as well since it was funny. One can say that is meme-worthy.

Ressurection was also something I watched when I was younger but caught it like the end so this worked wonders in seeing it in entirety.

I also watched Indiana Jones for the first time and I liked that as well!! I still need to watch the second film and third but I’ll make sure to do that in 2018 at some point!

Image result for Indiana Jones

Blade Runner is another film I watched as I’ve never seen it and I thought it was good. Damn confusing at points and you have to pay attention to it to get any clues but I liked the ending and was able to discuss it with my friends in good old geek shit.

Related image


I have continued my trek of playing video games and watching anime throughout 2017.

To be honest, I wasn’t the most impressed with the anime of 2017 like most; it was run by My Hero Academia, hype trains, mixed with typical crap shows gaining recognition due to Twitter and overall didn’t meet my expectations except for a select few that was streamed.

However, I finally was able to get a copy of “Your Name” around the last bit of the year and I was almost in effing tears by the end!!! If you haven’t seen it, watch it and be amazed that there is hope for anime with the story, some characters, themes and overall symbolism. The song also hits in the feels, brah!

Image result for Your Name


I also acquired, ReLIFE and I also felt that was awesome!! An actual character that is an adult and not a teen? Eff yeah it spoke to me, especially with reliving one year of your teenage life in the current age and being studied for psychological reasons in order to get a job after a year passes but only if you gain change through the experience.

Related image

Sailor Moon S part 2 and Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 were also ones I have brought with the new English cast and no complaints from me, I’m still a Sailor Moon fan and always will be!!

Image result for Sailor Moon S

Related image

Food Wars dubbed by Hentai Butt Works (excuse me, Sentai Filmworks) was a decent one with the voice casting though I do not like Erina’s voice for it, I think they chose wrong with that. I also found some mistakes in the credits, someone probably getting high in the production?

Image result for Food Wars

My gaming has gone up and down but I still enjoy my escapism whenever I put in a disc and play to my heart’s content.

The strongest games I’ve played, and still playing, are Tokyo Xanadu EX, Tales of Beresia, Fate/Extella: Thee Umbral Star,.Hack//G.U. Last Code, Kingdom Hearts H.D. 2.8, to name a few.I have played them and beat KH 2.8 thankfully, but the rest is time-consuming so I need to step up my game and commitment.

Image result for fate extella

Image result for kingdom hearts fragmentary passage

Cyberdimension Neptunia was one I downloaded and brought, but I can’t say I’m really impressed. The story is fine and the meta-jokes are always funny but it’s not like Megadimension or previous installments and it just feels gunky at points when I played so I might delete that one and not speak of it again.

Image result for cyberdimension neptunia

But then again I should just finish the game and then forget about it.

I have also DL that SAO/Accel World game, given I’m a big fan of Accel World (SAO not so much) and I enjoy Reki Kawahara sensei’s world and I’m not even close to finishing it. After I deal with my other backlog, I’ll tackle this in the future.

Image result for sao vs accel world

For the comic front, I can say that DC comics has had the strongest comics this year over Marvel and that is with returning Superman to his current frame and kicking the New 52 history to the curb.

Superman’s comics have been a turning point for me and confirms I am a fan of his for life! Along with getting Jon Kent to become Superboy and establish a friendship/rivalry with Batman’s son, Damian Wayne aka Robin. those two have their own comic which I am a big fan of called “Super Sons!” That has become one of my favorite comics.

From Jon’s hopeful and optimistic ways of butting heads with Damien’s snark and jaded attitude, the two work well together! You know, despite being different and arguing, they are indeed friends and the next generation for the future of DC given one is the son of the personification of hope and the other for his stronger sales since he is Batman.

Image result for Superman rebirth

Image result for Super Sons

Image result for Super Sons

Marvel comics have gone back and forth with me as of late, I tried reading X-men Gold and Blue and even though they are good to decent, they aren’t really impacting me as a whole.

Though on the other side of the spectrum, Jean Grey’s solo series and Iceman’s have become a hard hitter for me in its delivery and I am disappointed that they will end soon as of this year.

Related image

Related image

I felt they were good but with how things are going now, of course, they’d have to get the boot. At least they had a good run!

Other comics I have read this year as well but too much and it killed my account so this year, it will be a few or just wait for the compilation, though it depends.

Growth as a person

I have finally gotten my drivers license in November and I am effing happy that it is done!!! I also got it on my first try. MY FIRST TRY!!!! I did practicing and it helped!! Now, I just need to start driving around in 2018 since I am planning on buying a car around the summer.

With that major goal out the way, I can now focus on the things I want like getting back into writing. Unfortunately, due to my procrastination into that goal, I have let my writing slide down the path of the abyss.

That’s one reason why I haven’t really done blogs in awhile and only 2 updates of fanfics in 2017, which I feel bad about.

So as of now, I have limited my time off Twitter for a while, to focus on writing and just relaxing in general. Don’t get me wrong, I have discovered friends on there that I do like to talk to or now it’s less as time has gone by.

Some I still talk too but not long as we are busy in our daily lives and have other responsibilities. I now talk to only a few on there and to be honest, feels like no one pays attention to me and that’s the hiccup, I need validation to be on there and I don’t like that.

I miss my being blunt but since this is a day and age of being far too sensitive, words, meanings, opinions can become lost by people at times, especially in fandoms and those are effing toxic.

I have mostly given up on the anime community and even lessened my time of Toonami since it holds no meaning for me anymore. Even live-tweeting has become a least favorite thing to do.

Call it me either getting older or just losing that flame does to time, cynicism and fans claiming to abide by something but are nothing but callous ass holes.

I have also quit facebook anime groups; I felt I needed something and it didn’t offer me much. I felt inadequate and the constant comparing got too much so I just quit. I also no longer follow many youtube anime reviewers. I follow one but he’s mostly funny.

I have also contributed as a Patreon to content I like and I like the benefits. I might drop one though, in the near future other than that, I like helping some grow what they like to do.

To round this out, I just need a break from the thralls of social media. The constant whining over the political climate, Weinstein Gate breaking down the foundation of Hollywood and everyone coming out the woodwork for sexual allegations.

I for one can believe some, depending who they are but there are others that feel tacked on and irrelevant.

But man, the fall out is shocking!! Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. to name a few. And the women that came out to denounce Weinstein was awe-inspiring and I’m glad word is getting out though I can’t help but feel this to is getting worked up into a frenzy by the population.

All the tweets are like “That’s right fellas, lock up, we coming for you!!” and not me specifically, I don’t even have experience, but it just feels like “if you are male and looked at a woman and not know how to talk to them, you are fucked!”.

Side remarks aside, it’s becoming the norm of someone saying something and it’s brought to light and now it’s becoming noise for me. Hopefully, this revolution continues at a pace that doesn’t seem forced?

Though as I type this, I can’t help but wonder why we as a society have become PC (Politically Correct) in everything. Putting it in another way, being butt-hurt by every little factor.

I get these are the times but with bleeding hearts just waiting in the wings to get upset just for the sake of getting upset, it can be disconcerting and not really give me much faith or hope in anything at times.

This also goes into the political commentary that I see, of some voice actor’s/actress I follow. It can get overwhelming with the retweets or tweets in what’s going on and yes, we have to be aware but at a constant base can get annoying and I had to put them in time out (I unfollowed them).

I’ll eventually follow them again but unfortunately, it won’t be now. We are in the third week of the new year and it feels like something is over the horizon.

I am keeping up with ones I talk too but it’s either on weekly bases or once in awhile and I feel guilty for putting them on the back burner. For the consistent ones I keep up with though, it’s a cool thing.

I also need to be less inclined to get angry at work. I had a rough patch in the last bit of 2017 and it’s an experience I need to keep in my mind so I don’t fuck up again. Though I also have been working at the place for a decade now so that could also be my problem.

I for one don’t want to work there for another decade, that would be foolish and the job is going nowhere, even though the pay is good and I have insurance (and never knock that) but with the times changing it just seems managing records is becoming less about people. Everything is going digitally and with a bunch of the new employees nowadays being in their 20’s, it’s not like they need to hold anything physical.

As of that, I’m going to work on my resume and try to change it up. It might take some time but I just want something different now. ALong with try out getting an associate’s degree in something.

I’m already stable in the money department so I should work on my knowledge of things since my school curriculum was complicated (it’s private and I don’t want to say) though I also want to expand other avenues than the typical work all day just to get some free time in the evening to do what I want and stress.

My real passion lies in writing and thought that comes with its own stress as well, I feel I could enjoy that more then my current position.

Another thing to change this up is to finally get a girlfriend or date, in general, to find the one for me. I have limited ways with the opposite sex and I’ve never put myself out there so I am planning on doing that even though I’m terrified.

Online dating is the way to go but I am scared. I know my type it’s just I feel like people will judge harshly or not get the reason why? Dating outside my race as it were. That’s a touchy subject but I know what I like despite what some say as to try it out first. I’ve already seen the side and it’s not like they want me, a guy that is a geek that likes anime, video games, writes fan fiction, blogs, has figurines as decorations and likes to read fantasy novels and mystery ones, I can’t say I’m a catch in that department. Or I am and not giving myself enough credit.

But even if I’m feeling sorry for myself, at my core, I am happy to have people in my life that I do love and even though I can’t always see them, the time I spend with them is actually the most I’m happy.

The experience is worthwhile so even with everything I am trying to accomplish mixed with anxiety, I can believe in my bonds even if we get on each other’s nerves.  That’s what living is all about as they say.


I know this was more of a hodgepodge of an overall review of the year of some highlights however I just wanted to get this out there to get my motor running.

I do have some anime reviews planned as I have found some keepers for these couple of months, I just have to jot it down and get my mind in order to describe why I am choosing this to watch and the plot, etc.

I hope you look forward to my coming writing material as well in regards to random blogs or my fanfic writing as well. I have also been inspired to work on my original story as it’s been 7 years.

Along with, I am planning or might, be streaming some RPG’s sometime this year, if I don’t lose my nerve. So just look for JMR 1022 on twitch if you see it, I am an effing novice so I have no clue what I’m doing to get things ready though I have linked my twitch account with my PS4 so that’s a start.

Wish me luck if and when I do it!

The story continues…

Image result for Chandler bing gif

*Until the next blog!*







Anime quick response: Re:Creators



Hello everyone!

This will be a quickie kind of review of my overall thoughts on Re:Creators, an anime being exclusively streamed by Amazon.

When I first saw some images or talk about it on Twitter I was mostly unresponsive towards it due to hype. I know, it’s a quirk of mine to automatically to dismiss a hype show due to how fans can go towards it without a second thought like how it was in anything really.

So I mostly put it behind me until like a few weeks ago I decided to watch it and I was intrigued after the first episode. By the third episode I put it on hold until another couple of weeks until I finished that and was becoming drawn into the world. By episode five I was done and enthralled myself into it’s open arms!

Re:Creators has enveloped my mindframe and I’ve become accustomed to the story as a whole, the themes, characters, what drives them and the development that occurs and it’s put me in awe.

I had given up that an anime could get me that fire again due to the usual suspects of mindless lame action sequences mixed with some fan service and a random loli trying to get on some nimrod MC’s junk. But low and behold I have faith again.

Not only the stuff I’ve mentioned is a refresher the songs for the opening and ending are  just on point (more the opening for which gets me pumped like a boss!) but the music involved in scenes really speak to the soul and it’s beautiful to hear. I can say opening 2 “shoUt” is my favorite piece in the series for how epic it sounds.

The episode count is not even 12 but a total of 22 episodes which the series hasn’t even finished yet! I’m not sure when it updates but I just finished episode 20 and I am just waiting for more.

The plot of the story is this; what if fictional characters came to our world? WOuld it be a fun time? Well that’s not really getting the point across is it? Okay, I’ll try again.  Anyone that writes or is an author in any spectrum know that we use our imaginations to build worlds with rules, characters and various other things but what if, due to some unknown reason those creations somehow wound up in our world by a force?

When fiction starts bleeding into the reality we know everything starts become shifted. Characters that have their own personalities based on how they were written comes into this world in confusion and figure that this world is home of the gods (us, people). But when they realize it how do some deal that the lives they lead are nothing but entertainment for them? How can they continue what makes them their own individuals when it was based on some normal person’s image?

Granted the story doesn’t go deep into that psychology though that’s more for my perspective however it gives you a glimpse into that along with it’s not just about characters from light novels/videogames/etc coming into the world, their is a purpose for them being here and it’s someone that has a reason for it.

The main characters that our introduced in the first couple of episodes are Sota Mizushiro, main protagonists that likes drawing but for some reason doesn’t anymore. He likes reading light novels, one which a character comes from. Selesia is from said book and she is a beautiful red-head that is a sword warrior that utilizes strong offensive magic from where she comes from. She is all but bothered by the fact her world is entertainment and has a fiery temper but is mellowed down and one of main heroes of the series.  Meteora is another character, an online RPG that has strong defenses with magic but lacks offensive. She is very intelligent and a glutton as she enjoys this world’s food

The main driving antagonist is a military coated girl whose name is eventually revealed to be Altair and seemingly ties to Sota.

More characters are introduced in the form of authors that created said worlds of some of the fictional characters involved as the episodes continue going forward; some joining with Selesia and Meteora or wind up following Altair due to the girl’s promise of changing and using the word of the God’s power for themselves.

From a magical girl, an armored warrior woman, a gun wielding gruff man, a delinquent with a wooden sword that has a summon spirit, a mecha pilot and a troll character that can manipulate reality to a small extent, this will prove to be an interesting series with how all these characters interact either some as allies or even enemies.

The story is easy to follow but it’s not simple due to various conflicts and interpersonal struggles with the fictional characters growing outside their parameters to becoming someone that is not based off some of their creators imaginations (if that makes sense, I can’t word what I mean in the correct way).

There is tons of action, mystery, exposition and chill moments from what I’ve seen making this anime worth a watch if you want some real meat of anime viewing. I more enjoy how it can get deep and make one think on the concept the show is conveying, which I feel is how some anime should be (within doses that is).

I have no problem with this series and can’t hardly wait to see the conclusion of this. This might be premature but for an entertainment evaluation I give this a 9 out of 10.


Anime Talk: Tenchi Muyo (OVA)


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When I think of anime growing up, Tenchi Muyo is one of the ones that come’s to my mind. Not only was this series one of my top 3 growing up, it actually opened the doors to anime.

The first one I watched one night when I went to the (now dead) Hollywood Video, was Tenchi Muyo: In Love. Now I know that this is a movie that one takes place in the “Universe” continuity than the OVA one however this does hold value to me.

The Ryo-Ohki OVA series is the first series and true continuity (as I see) on the story of a normal teenager named Tenchi Masaki as he learns that he’s not exactly “normal” in the way of his family’s extensive history along with what can be said “destiny” in the universe.

Image result for Tenchi Muyo OVA

Ryo-Ohki OVA series is divided by “series” with a total of 4. Episodes 1-7 (plush the special episode) is OVA series 1. This introduces the main cast in these episodes along with the general plot. Along with the big bad of this series being Kagato as he’s alluded to by the end of episode 4 with episode 5 being his official appearance.

We also get insight (as I see it) how Ryoko falls in love with Tenchi primarily during the Kagato crisis.

The Mihoshi’s Special is the accumulation of all the main girls being the space officers bizarre story of fiction (or is it real?) which is cool to see. We are also introduced to Pretty Sammy in this,  which also breaks off into her own 3 OVA series with different continuity.

Related image

Episodes 8-13 are OVA series 2. These branch of episodes are mostly stand-alone episodes but each offer up good development for some of the female cast, namely Washu with her link to the Kuramitsu family (lots of backstory via the internet if you want more info and Sasami’s connection with Tsunami, one of the Choushin.

Related image

Episodes 11-12 are the new arc revolving around a new threat of Dr. Clay and his robotic assistant, Zero. This series also introduces a prominent unknown figure that adds a mystery to the series by the name of Tokimi.

Image result for Tokimi

Episode 13 accumulates what happened in the previous episodes along with funny moments revolving around Yosho, Ayeka and Sasami’s parents coming to earth, the first emperor of Jurai, Azusa and his two wives, Funaho Masaki (mother of Yosho/Katsuhito) and Misaki Masaki (mother of Ayeka and Sasami).

Image result for Misaki and Funaho

Episodes 14-20 are OVA series 3. Fun note; the first 2 OVA’s were released in America around the mid-’90s with the 3rd OVA not coming out to at least around the mid 00’s. This series follows the secret behind the Masaki family, Tenchi being introduced to a long-lost sister, Kiyone, new fiance by the name of Noike. She is the adopted daughter of Tenchi’s great-grandmother, Lady Seto Kamiki Jurai aka “The Devil Princess of Jurai” that arranged it and holds behind the scenes power on Jurai and Mihoshi family getting into the mix due to her baby brother’s sister-complex.

Related image

All this is looked over by antagonist and follower of one of the Chousin Tokimi, a man called Z.

The 4th OVA series (which I haven’t seen, unfortunately) are episodes 21-24 with the last episode not coming out to this month. I don’t know when and if it will get dubbed but I hope it will.

Image result for Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo series has extensive and thought-provoking characters in what I can say is the typical “harem” anime. Though now that I’m older I can’t really see it as just a nubby “harem” anime as it is today which is saying something.

True as the MC, he does gain the affections of half if not all of the female characters by just smiling at them or being kind. And it is true I have gotten on the case of such tropes in one of my past blogs (pimping out my “Spiky Haired Syndrome” post, go read), though I’ll admit I was in a phase of “being overly sensitive to anime and knocked around by the changing times of fans” and that showed by bitterness over such things but as I rewatched the OVA series (on VHS baby, boo-ya!) and research on his character and the others, I’ve come to a different conclusion over this being a jacked up “harem” genre.

Yes, the female cast is extensive (multi-colored hair and all) and pine for his affections. Yes, they have shown their breasts on key episodes; Ryoko purposely does it at times which can be seen and Ayeka, though that was the space pirate trying to embarrass her in episode 3’s hot spring episode.

However Tenchi chooses not to engage in any kind of flirty behavior with any of them or even show romantic interest with them (frustrating for the viewer, trust me) and we can dub him being indecisive for not choosing one (most likely the female we favor to be the main girl for the male) but the important thing is that the cast that makes up the extended Masaki family of Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, Washu and later Nokie, is that Tenchi does indeed love them all as they are the ones to get him out of from being lonely; being raised by his dad after his mother passed as a kid, he cherishes them very much.

Sure one can say that once he chooses than one will be happy but that would break up the show’s cast and make it some revenge or emo anime about the repercussions of said actions. It’s not supposed to be that dramatic other than the occasional life or death situations however have fun with the awkward faces Tenchi makes when wound up in some predicament with one or more of the females in his house.

From researching what I could it has come to my attention that Tenchi’s relationship with all the girls in his house will be his future one day. To put frankly, he will be intimate with all of them and have them for wives when he ascends to be the next head of the Jurai royal family along with having kids with them.




So “OTP” (one true pairing) is pretty much irrelevant in this case regarding a male and female love story. When I was younger I did favor Ayeka (and still do ) as being the one for Tenchi and him being with Ryoko just seemed taboo for me.

As I’m older now I can see that out of the gang the space pirate’s love is indeed genuine. Ayeka’s love for Tenchi might not be as, and I say this with hesitation, desperate as Ryoko’s, however, Ayeka’s love does come from a real place.

The theme songs for this series varies.

For the first OVA, it has more of a fluid instrumental beat than lyrics called “Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki theme”. The ending song “Talent for Love” sung by Chisa Yokoyama in Japanese with Sharyn Scott singing it in English is an upbeat song that gets in your head.

Listening to both pieces have their own quality and can’t say one is superior over the other given the Japanese singer does get the pitch right but the English one has it’s own charm (and even sing in the shower if you are in the mood).

The second opening is called “I’m a Pioneer” sung once again by Chisa Yokoyama and Sharyn Scott respectively. For this one, I didn’t really care for it in Japanese as it’s not what I expected however the English version captured my attention more.

Must be the big voice thing of the 90s that got me?

Ending theme is “The Lonely Moon” sung by Ai Orikasa (Ryoko’s seiryu) and Scottie Haskell; sounds very lovely in both versions as it really captures the intent with the lyrics “Sometimes I cry for you, knowing you don’t want me too.” is just a small bit (English version but it has punch dammit!).

For the third OVA series is another instrumental opening but gains ground with the drum beat to the end. Ending theme is “Lovely Cookin” sung by Tomoko Odajima with no English version given Pioneer didn’t dub this one (it’s defunct sadly).

It’s a good song but nothing to write home about.

Time for me to give a brief input on the characters.

This won’t be extensive as these are my opinions and namely be the main cast. Getting this out the way Nobuyuki, Yosho and other extended family/friends won’t be discussed other than in passing.

Image result for Yosho and Nobuyuki

Let’s go!


Tenchi Masaki

VA: Masami Kikuchi/Matt K. Miller 

Image result for Tenchi Masaki

Tenchi Masaki; main protagonist and love interest of almost half the females in this series. He is 17 years old. Polite, kind but easily flustered due to not knowing how to deal with so many females in his household. Regards the ones in his life as a  family and will not “advance” on them in any way as his true wish (as of now) is to enjoy them as a family that staves off his own loneliness.

He is well versed in swordplay taught by his grandfather, Katsuhito, which is the Jurian style of the royal family (unknown to him at the time). Tenchi is decent but not up to par with anyone but has grit. Tenchi has gone up against Kagato on two instances in episode 5 and 6 with the latter episode being the one where he destroys (is kill okay to say?) him.

Through episode 6 we discover that Tenchi is special than anyone thought as he can create [Light Hawk Wings] out of nothing. He can materialize three pure wings of energy at first until after his fight with Z where he gains a grand total of six.

That’s a big deal since one has to be bound to a Royal Tree on Jurai and given that Tenchi is an Earthling (by technical standards) it’s unheard of for anyone to use a phenomenon like that who isn’t a Juraian not linked to a tree. As Washu puts it “You were cut off from any external power at the time, including Tsunami…”

Indeed Tenchi has extraordinary powers even he is unaware of along with only awakening when in a dire situation. There have only been four instances in the OVA’s that he has used his powers.  It’s also stated that at some point down the line Tenchi will be a kind of God.

Image result for Tenchi GOD

I say that given the evidence in OVA 3 along with Tokimi and Washu’s own testimony upon viewing his “God” form emerging after he is cut by Z.

Even if Tenchi is a being with untold powers he is still the bumbling dork that everyone loves.  When he isn’t going full of OP (overpowered) he has the basic Jurai battle attire he can change too while using his sword, also called [Sword Tenchi] which he inherited after stealing it from the cave where he unintentionally released Ryoko.

It has 2 orbs on the handle (originally three but Ryoko got that one). It generates a light blade which can cut anything. The sword can only be used or held by a Jurian of royal blood and activated. It also has severely hurt Ryoko when Ayeka used that to gain information on Yosho’s whereabouts in the series.

His voice in the dub is pretty consistent as he sounds kind of dopey but that also works against him. When I was younger getting this series I thought Tenchi’s voice was one of the best however being older (wiser/cynical?) it also works against him in some ways. Japanese is what you expect and I like that one for some parts of the OVA’s earlier episodes though I come around to the 4 episodes in the 2nd series in English.

His interactions with the girls in his house is mostly polite/friendly but he does hold a fondness for them. He can get angry at times which is evident when Ryoko accidentally rips his mother’s robe when she put it on.

Though he seldom shows that kind of emotion. Along with getting exasperated with Ryoko and Ayeka fights over him; it’s shocking he’s not taffy at this point.

Who he “loves” is up for debate but the creator has stated that he would marry all of them so there’s no need to worry, your favorite female of the series is good with Tenchi.

It’s interesting to note that a possibility that Tenchi will have kids with Ryoko and Ayeka is high up there. In some “What if” story it showed Ryoko and Ayeka having a daughter each with Tenchi, with Ryoko’s being about a few months older and the duo being raised as sisters and getting along better than the space pirate and princess first started.

Granted there are fans that speculate if that is canon given the shape but for me, with it being the creator that did this, I want to believe that will happen; that he will be there for all the females in his life. Even if it’s a unity out of sibling liking as well. So it’s canon for me!

I only say that since Azusa has two wives and as it goes, Misaki and he love each other but more as “older brother-little sister” kind of deal which means it could have been a political one. Though at the same time he probably has a love for Misaki albeit Funaho being the one he fell in love with.

This is also not stating the whole “bonding of twin trees” thing that Misaki and Funaho got going on and seeing each other as sisters. Yeah, it gets confusing so it’s up to the individual to think of something that sticks.

Image result for Tenchi Masaki.

*Tenchi ready for battle in Jurai battle attire*

Image result for Tenchi Masaki

*Tenchi’s Light Hawk Wings activated. God mode*

Image result for Tenchi Masaki

*An impossible anime face that only Tenchi can do*

Ryoko Hakubi

VA: Ai Orikasa /Petrea Burchard (OVA 1/2)/Mona Marshall (OVA 3) 

Image result for Ryoko Hakubi

Words of “demon” and “infamous space pirate” are ways to describe Ryoko Hakubi. She is a beautiful girl with a killer body, foul mouth and in unapologetic with her flirty ways for Tenchi but underneath the bravado, she is a lonely girl wanting love.

Ryoko is almost around 20,000 years of age and is rather sensitive if brought up in her presence. She is a being that was created by her mother, Washu a long time ago by being harvested by her (Washu)’s eggs and another known aquatic life called mass.

Ryoko’s life would not be an easy one when Kagato sealed Washu away and used her and Ryo-ohki as his puppets to wreak havoc all over the galaxy for a long while being effectively known as a “Space Pirate” and an infamous one at that. Being a puppet with no will was harsh and she neither knew of any emotion.

Doing some research on the matter Ryoko (at the time) used masturbation or sex to try and get some feeling but nothing came close to what she will have for Tenchi in the future.

On a fateful day, she attacked the Planet Jurai where she and Ryo-Ohki were a challenge for the superpower of the galaxy. And it is here that Yosho fought her and led her away from the planet.

The duo continued to fight until reaching earth. Yosho wound up in the place where the Masaki shrine would be. Using Sword-Tenchi, he was able to get hold of the three gems in her possession and effectively sealing her powers and body.

During this period Ryoko wound up using her astral form to explore the place she was in despite her body being sealed. This is when her fateful encounter of meeting Tenchi as a boy begins.

She wound up seeing him as a kid growing up and learning a feeling of liking and love through seeing him. Flash forward to when he unseals her and she decides to “play” with him by using her powers and trash his entire school.

This soon spills into more havoc when Ayeka arrives and after that finding herself being part of the Masaki family. From teasing Ayeka to flirting and gaining Tenchi’s attention, Ryoko clearly likes the way her life is now despite all the darkness that occurred in her past.

In my head now I can say that Ryoko indeed loves Tenchi in the most genuine way. Her feelings are so much that she can be extreme with it; wrapping her arms around his neck and flirting however there is a serious side.

As I mentioned Ryoko’s love for him runs deep, she even says it herself that “Tenchi, I can’t live without you on this planet”. Or in her Universe counterpart, “I don’t need anything else, I just can’t bear the thought of losing you!”.

She has also merged with Zero, a robot that cloned her to get close to Washu but fell in love with Tenchi and being the one with “Ryoko’s true feelings for Tenchi” and shows it by blushing whenever he is in her viewpoint. It is these feelings that change Zero-Ryoko from being a pawn for Dr. Clay to someone that loves Tenchi.

By the two merging (with Ryoko’s consent after Washu teased her a little) she was prone to “the vapors” as I call it due to her affection was that of a love-struck girl. She is eventually able to settle her emotions to go back to her usual gruff self but she is now more attuned or in balance with it.

Her love for Tenchi is the strongest which I can accept and respect compared to when I was younger and thought that she was undeserving of Tenchi due to her over the top sexual advances.

It looks I like Ryoko as a character with a lot of development into her character from being merciless to a woman that is to be respected. She also has a cute-child like side to her which is explored in “Here Comes Jurai 2” segment which is a small short.

Of course just because she loves Tenchi and the ones in her life (she won’t admit it) that doesn’t mean one should think she’s normal.

Related image

Ryoko’s abilities are extensive, she can shoot lasers from her hands, manipulate it into a sword, fly, teleport, phase, regenerate, to just name a few. She has also merged with physical matter during her fight with Kagato. She is a superior fighter and one that can keep up with Tenchi and this is even without her gems.

She has one gem on her wrists that can be used to manipulate and materialize a spirit under the sun in a belly of water but without one on her right wrist she can’t control it and seldom uses it. Of course, the powers mentioned above is all her basic ones.

When all three gems are utilized (one day) she can match up to God Tenchi if she wanted and have the full brunt of her powers from her gems. She will be able to create light-hawk wings herself.

Though I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon and at least until she is mature.

Voice acting wise both the Japanese and English versions really capture her personality and I have no complaints. Though in the OVA 3 her VA changed to Mona Marshall and I love her voice for Ryoko as well though it had to grow on me after a few years whenever I decide to watch it.

Image result for Ryoko Hakubi

*Space Pirate Ryoko battle attire*

Related image

*Light Hawk Wings activated by Ryoko*

*Zero-Ryoko “winning” over Tenchi! LOL!*

Ayeka Masaki Jurai

Image result for Ayeka Jurai

VA: Yumi Takada/ Jennifer Darling (OVA series one-three)/Rebecca Forstadt (GXP)

Ayeka, the first princess of the Jurai royal family is what you expect; she’s demure, gentle and aristocratic. She is also known to be arrogant at times due to her own lifestyle but at heart is like any normal girl of (physically) the age of 17.

The princess is the second female to fall for Tenchi in the series and always the rival to Ryoko. While the space pirate is outspoken, Ayeka is quiet yet fierce for her love for him and when put in the presence of “that vile monster woman” she can be a firecracker and also have a firm grip on her love.

While I can see Ayeka’s flaws more now compared to when I was younger, she is still my favorite character in this series due to one trait; she’s a tsundere (in a way) along with I just loved her disposition of being a princess along with everyone always threw shade at the underdog of the character.

Sure, some might find that she fell for Tenchi as a replacement for Yosho but I think there is more to the analysis than just typical hate.

To begin a brief bio before I get there; she is the first daughter of Azusa and Misaki, half-sister to her older brother Yosho, step-daughter to Funaho and granddaughter of the devil princess of Jurai, Seto.

When she was younger she always hung with Yosho, who was a teenager and she is a child, and it was from their parents that they would be betrothed to one another for political reasons.

The thing is Yosho only loved Ayeka as a sister while the latter did love him. But here’s where things get sticky.

Funaho, Yosho’s mother also took part in raising Ayeka along with Misaki and the princess admired and loved the graceful queen. It is because of this (in theory but it holds fact) that is the reason she fell for Yosho was due to his on idealization and love for his mother.

Not to say her feelings were trivial, she really wanted to be the wife of her brother.

Image result for Ayeka and Yosho

And before we go deep, apparently the blood relation marriages is kind of a thing on Jurai or not really looked down on to an extent. I’m not sure how it goes but that’s where this seems to be leading.

Ayeka even has acknowledged to Tenchi regarding that it “might seem weird to marry a sibling” and even though she didn’t disclose any info it seems she was just fine with it.

However, when she turned 17 things changed when Ryoko attacked Jurai and changed her life.

Through backstory, it’s discovered that Ayeka has bonded to her tree, [Ryo-Oh] and actually tried her hand at getting at Ryoko. Even though she wasn’t synched to it that long she was able to land a blast at her despite the ship being more for defense but it’s also explained that Ryoko was just “playing with her”.

Either way, this leads to Yosho leaving to battle Ryoko with Ayeka hot on his heels. She brings her little sister Sasami with her. But the trip to Earth is a long one and she placed herself and her sister in suspended animation for 700 years until the story gets to the current day.

After that, she finds out Ryoko is alive and attacks the neighborhood Tenchi is living in. After a small fight, the Jurian princess captures her and Tenchi where shenanigans occur before she winds up being a member of the Masaki family.

At first, she’s put out being on this watered down planet and rather cold to Tenchi before it’s discovered they are related by blood and after the battle with Kagato that Katsuhito is really Yosho making Tenchi the grand nephew of Ayeka.

After these events Ayeka staples herself as one of the leads for Tenchi’s affections.

Now the analysis is that Ayeka loved her brother and wanted to marry him, this was possible due admiring her step-mother Funaho and she became fascinated with the way she carried herself; one of nobility and to be like that of a traditional princess.

However here’s some interesting info; Misaki and Sasami have that teal-hair color going on while Ayeka’s hair is purple and like her father’s. It’s revealed in the novels of Tenchi that her actual hair color is the same as her mother and sister’s!

She placed herself under gene manipulation to make her hair purple as it was like her fathers and to be closer to style like Funaho’s as her brother mentioned that his mom is like the ideal kind of woman.

Going in deeper Ayeka’s fiery personality she exhibits when dealing with Ryoko, she gets that from Misaki. Apparently, she was a tomboy much like her mom when she was a kid so it adds depth to Ayeka as a character.

Even though she tries to not let that side of her show she tries to at least tame it. Ayeka does love her mother a lot too but just wishes she wasn’t very emotional or clingy at points.

Now when it comes to Ayeka and Tenchi, yes, for a part, her feelings for Tenchi are transference from Yosho to Tenchi but there is something to be said on this. I don’t believe Ayeka’s feelings fall to Ryoko’s.

It’s not as dynamic but clearly, Ayeka fell for Tenchi due to him being polite and treating her like a normal girl (more or less) despite him calling her very formally. Ayeka’s love for him is also expressed in her character song “Call me Princess” which shows another side to her personality that no one expected…she’s full-on S & M mode!!

It’s twisted in a way but given her mother is Misaki and grandmother being Seto, it’s not that surprising given the females (more or less) take lead in the family.

So yes, lot’s of sides to Ayeka that not many people know. Ayeka is shy when it comes to her body given she is conservative compared to outlandish ones like Ryoko and even Mihoshi with their sexy body’s. Ayeka has a good form.

Along with even though she is the picture point of “damsel in distress” at points in the story, Ayeka is shown to be shrewd and smart. She might be the most “high maintenance” of the Tenchi girl harem but once broken in she’s the ideal mate you want to introduce mom too.

She gets along well with the residence in the household and is always clamoring to get Tenchi’s attention though her and Ryoko’s spats have diminished with time as if they got used to each other. They are even drinking buddies. The princess doesn’t really show it but she does love her younger sister very much and when it came to Sasami’s secret Ayeka showed her maturity by accepting her for who she was.

Ayeka also wanted to help out Zero-Ryoko when she saw how pitiful she looked (reading between the lines she felt bad for her and wanted to help) so this goes into that Ryoko and Ayeka are friends though they won’t admit to it.

Ayeka isn’t completely helpless as she does know self-defense and was taught by her mother Misaki who is the Supreme Commander of Jurai’s Royal Guard. She is super strong (even though never seen), flight (in battle attire from what I saw) and can generate strong force fields which are mainly her offense. She can also use her force fields to generate a force blast albeit this was once.  Ayeka can also generate small logs as a way to cut off mobility of her opponent and bind them in roots.

She might not match up to Ryoko in battle stats but the princess is also not to be underestimated as she can hold her own against Tenchi when he’s not full on god mode which shows that her mother’s teachings have not gone to waste.

If one can say Ryoko’s love is the dynamic blazing fire than Ayeka’s love for Tenchi is the gentle wind that tickles one’s nose on a spring day, comforting and clear.

Besides she’s into S & M so when Tenchi wants to get a little freaky he has Ayeka to scratch that fetish, even though he’d get freaked out and she’d just have him submit to her (lol).

So Ayeka remains my favorite character despite the info dump. She’s also deserving of it as well and not to be dismissed likely.

VA work is good in Japanese and English it varies. The loud laughter is key and the haughty attitude is also good but on points, it falls flat unlike how the Japanese carry her.

Though I do like the English version on points, especially when hearing how she grows more comfortable in the role of the proper princess; mostly in Universe I enjoy her more in range, OVA I got to pick Japanese.

Fun fact: Jennifer Darling is the same person that was in “The Bionic Woman” in the 1970’s show! She is actually in some old anime and some games.  I never knew that as a kid and knowing an icon like that voices a character I like makes it all the cooler!

Image result for Ayeka Jurai

*Princess Ayeka in full form*

Related image

*Ayeka’s secret revealed; personally I don’t dislike it but I’m used to her hair being purple*

Image result for Ayeka Call me princess

*Glimpse of the S&M (Princess) Queen!*

Sasami Masaki Jurai

Related image

VA: Chisa Yokoyama/Sherry Lynn

One of the most popular of this series, Sasami is a character that has won over anime fans with her maturity, appearance and only character to have her own spin-off series in different continuities called Pretty Sammy.

She is the 2nd daughter of Azusa and Misaki and her background is one of the most important given her connection to Tsunami and linked to the strongest ship in all of Jurai.

Being the “den mother” of the group after arriving on earth she takes care of most of the cooking and cleaning which keeps the Masaki household in shape. Along with her mischievous side that rarely shows and grows into a beauty that will surpass her older sister and Ryoko she is a fan favorite.

Sasami’s story is basic up until she becomes one with Tsunami, which could actually be more than coincidence given Tsunami’s appearance looks exactly like Sasami before she was even born. This means it’s destiny that she and Tsunami would become one later.

She is around 8 or 9 years old but chronologically is 700 something years old due to being in suspended animation. Despite that, she still is a kid and can be governed by emotion like any little girl.

Sasami doesn’t have any big story arcs other than the Tsunami assimilation and her thinking being nothing more than an artificial creation due to her thinking that due to she died after falling and landing near the goddess tree.

Sasami maintains an upbeat attitude and does hold affections for Tenchi. She will love him no matter who he picks and she’s just fine with that.

Being one of the Choushin, Sasami/Tsunami existence will continue no matter what but that’s not to say she’s invincible; she’s still fundamentally human. That’s not to say she can’t put up a fight.

Related image

Like her sister, Sasami also knows how to dish out pain even though that’s rare. She can use one of the ball ornaments she uses for her hair as a staff and can take down a well-trained galaxy police officer.

She gets along with everyone in the household and her and Ryo-Ohki share a tight bond as the cabbit is always with her other than when Ryoko needs her.

Nothing much to say other than that even though I despise lolis/moe eyed little girls and sexualization of them I don’t consider Sasami being in the mold of post 90’s anime. She’s cute but not to the point she’s obnoxious like all those damn tropes you see nowadays and actually want her to make an appearance.

Sasami has leaps and bounds over the stereotypes of said characters of today’s brand of the ones with a loli-moe fetish.

Anyway, that’s why she’s great! The Sasami-Affect lives!! (lol).

VA side all good and no complaints! She sounds like a little girl which is good to hear and I don’t think anyone should find her voice annoying.

Image result for Sasami

*Sasami with Ryo-Ohki*

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*Sasami and Tsunami: one and the same*

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*Pretty Sammy!*

Mihoshi Kuramitsu

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VA: Yuko Mizutani/Ellen Gerstell/Rebecca Forstadt (OVA 3)

Oh boy, this one will be short but I got no hate what so ever for Mihoshi. A being that even causes Washu trouble due to the causality effect or being the luckiest person in the universe that has adverse effects on anyone else.

Mihoshi is a first class space detective and from the Kuramitsu family; the ones that govern the Space Academy and second only in power to the Jurai royal family.

She is a bubble-head but means well but it’s sad that her character decreases in value with being competent in the first and second OVA series but by the third, she has been put on airhead status like her other continuities.

It’s actually sad that we don’t dive much into Mihoshi’s backstory other than finding out that she does have a younger brother that became a plot in the third OVA and nothing much on that.

There is a connection between Mihoshi and Washu though that is revealed in those Tenchi “True” novels which is fascinating. But pretty much Mihoshi is Washu’s great-great-granddaughter. That could be a reason why she is able to somehow wind up in her lab which is in a subspace (her amazing luck).

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There is also info on the fact that before Mihoshi got rather dumb is she was pretty much better at her job and fierce but due to some incident (which hasn’t really been mentioned) she wound up like this with her amazing luck. I read somewhere that it had something to do with having a fiance and nothing more.

Her feelings for Tenchi are pretty chill, she does have a crush on him and he is always considerate to her. She also is in great shape and despite eating heavy foods always maintains her figure due to exercise.

Mihoshi has a little more leeway in the Universe continuity by being the partner of Kiyone which strengthens her background there.

She does know how to fight given her brief scene in the Kagato episodes using weapons from her profession and even having a mighty kick (along with a firm grip when dragging Ryoko off in episode 7).

A fun note is during those episodes she is seen using a cube that seems to have all her stuff in there that materializes when putting in the correct pattern but she’s rather bad at it.

For all intent and purposes though Mihoshi is a good character that sadly gets plummeted down as nothing more than comedy relief.

To you Mihoshi!

Her voice is good even though in the 3rd series she sounds more dimwitted due to the character drop.

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*Mihoshi’s usual attire*

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*Mihoshi with Kiyone in the Universe continuity*

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*Her better disposition in the earlier episodes; competent and dedicated!*

Washu Hakubi

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VA: Yuko Kobayashi/Kate T. Vogt

The greatest scientific genius in the universe, Washu (*ahem* Little Washu) is another key part of the series given her intellect, practicality with keeping the rowdy household in order when things get to the extreme.

She is another central character; besides her intellect, she is also one of the Chousin that created the universe. Washu can be considered omnipotent to an extent as she knows a lot of answers but chooses to keep her cards close; key moments is her knowing Ryoko’s thoughts (though that’s telepathy) and stating she knows about how Kiyone (Tenchi’s mother) was to him as a baby.

However, she chooses to rely on her scientific mind to deal with the problems that at times beseech the Masaki household. She is usually seen behind her virtual laptop putting in random data and with good typing schools to boot!

Her achievements come from being the person to start the Galaxy Academy and the creation of many things. Despite looking twelve she is one of the oldest residents in the series.

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Washu also is the one to create the three gems that belong to Ryoko; originally they were hers as a basis for her extraordinary powers from when she was a goddess until she descended to this lower plane of existence to be reincarnated as a human being. The most important asset is creating Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki and is able to hold some discipline over the space pirate, to Ryoko’s frustration. For the most part, though she leaves her to her own devices.

Despite that, she has the same abilities as Ryoko and then some though she does not fight. And is a goddess so she has a lot of power when she is in that form.

Her feelings for Tenchi seem to be romantic (underneath) though she does like testing him for her experiments, which can be a form of love? She does like teasing him though.

For the most Washu’s character is a good breath of fresh air from the usual shenanigans of the Tenchi love fest and is hard to determine what she is thinking given her poker face.

Voice work is good though I like her English one better but I usually go back and forth for the OVA. I stick with English for her Universe counterpart.

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*Casual Washu*

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*Serious Washu when she is free from her seal*

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*Choushin Washu holding the three gems*


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VA: Etsuko Kozakura/Debi Derryberry

The mascot of the series, Ryo-Ohki is a cabbit (combo of a rabbit and cat). She loves/obsessed with eating carrots which factors into Tenchi always going to the fields and growing them for her gave said statement.

She is Ryoko’s partner in her crimes to Jurai being her spaceship and is a powerful ship that can fire lasers. Ryo-Ohki can automatically control herself but usually lets someone like Ryoko or Washu pilot her.

Ryo-Ohki has enough power (or exceeds) that to destroy Jurian ships due to her unique structure of having a gem on her forehead. The cabbit also has a human form which she takes the image of a child due to her mindset of being a kid though she has an adult form but doesn’t use it due to she can’t walk correctly and decides to “grow” naturally from child to an adult.

Image result for Ryoohki

Even though she is close to Ryoko she also has a strong attachment to Sasami and those two are mostly seen together in official images and in different continuities partners.

Given she is a kind of pet role she gets along good with the Masaki family and is affectionate to Tenchi but nothing more than that.

Meow-meow-meowwww! What’s that? I don’t know, just what she sounds like in any adaption with the dub being more “cat” like.

Fun fact; her American voice is also the one that is Jimmy Neutron and Zatch Bell!

Noike Kamiki Jurai

VA: Naomi Shindo/Kari Wahlgren

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Just going to spitball this one. She’s the new member of the Tenchi gang and as stated above is the adopted daughter of Ayeka and Sasami’s grandmother and their mother’s sister.

All I know about Noike is that her role is big in the third OVA. She is a first-class galaxy police officer and has worked with Mihoshi earlier in her career (before the “incident” that made Mihoshi as she is now).

Once adopted by Seto, Noike was able to bond with the third generation royal tree, which is a heavily guarded secret on Jurai and the name of the unit is Kyoko as it has powers of that of a second generation tree.

Yeesh, all these tree bonding and the like are reminding me of the term “tree huggers” and making me think Jurians just have a thing for plant life.

Her role in the third season is important but only as a plot device. I’ll say it gets resolved and she becomes a permanent member of the family.

She does indeed fall in love with Tenchi, like the other girls but other than their talk on Kyoko and bonding at points, nothing else is known.

Noike’s domestic skills are on point as she can cook, clean, tend the fields when needed and has even practiced being a nurse during her galaxy officer career.

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She becomes the second member to be helpful around the house more than Ryoko, Ayeka, and Mihoshi and being the more rational ones in the house. She also curbs Mihoshi at points and even gets Ryoko to listen to her on an occasion which is noteworthy.

She can fight given her being an officer but what those skills are hasn’t been seen. Given her position though she could possibly be a kind of echo to Kiyone from Tenchi Universe in the respect of having good instincts even though Noike is not prone to get stressed while Kiyone does and complains.

VA work is good since it’s Kari Wahlgren so no complaints!

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*Noike in her first appearance with long hair*

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*With short hair which she keeps for the remaining of her appearances*

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*Future version of Noike with Fuku; merged with girl Kagato*

Final thoughts

The episodes and story keep me really engaged and if I have to rate this would be in my top 10 best animes of my life.

Grading average it would be a B only due to the amount load of information running rampant and sadly enough the various continuity mishaps that can confuse some.

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Sadly Tenchi In Tokyo is still a thing which is sad given its lame animation style though the story is ok.

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Another note: Tenchi Muyo’s 3 series of the OVA, Universe, and Tokyo aired on Toonami around 2000 which was heavily edited due to the content of the show does show sexual situations (women’s bare breast and naked figures at points) and language even though the latter is rare. It did good and even had the edited version on VHS and later DVD though if you are going for this series, the best way is unedited to see this show in all its glory.

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Boobs and all (lol).

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My suggestion is to check out the OVA’s first before diving into the Universe. Ignore Tenchi in Tokyo due to it doesn’t hold up much and should only be for the ones who are hardcore.

That’s for the blog posts. I for one didn’t think it would be this troublesome to get done but glad I toughed it out. Hope you enjoyed this blog and if you want to see more of these in future posts follow this blog! *smile*

Later days everyone!

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