Anime Talk: let downs and ones that feel like new.


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Earlier around this year I started some anime recommendation blogs of early 2017 anime’s or as I call them “animu’s” to watch for anyone that was entering with a blind eye with some hype ones not being out at the time.

Namely Masamune-kun’s Revenge and Chaos;Child, two animes I had high hopes to stick the landing but both sadly enough fell on their butts hard. Granted I’ve had an off and on thing with anime as of late due to figuring out what really exhausted me from liking or talking about it is just fans in general; ones that go to the next big thing and claim it’s the bread and butter of their existence and you’d be stupid to not like it.

Granted that’s it, I generally dislike/don’t believe in any big or small groups when it comes to anything regarding an anime or show as words or opinions can get misconceived from what one say’s. Along with it becomes a bitch when you post something and others ask state “why would you get or like that the series?”.

Yes I got burned and learning to just like what I like by myself or with some I consider friends.

Let’s get to the meat of this post!

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

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For this show I was interested if Masamune, MC who was once a chubby kid turned Adonis complex through hard work by his grandfather’s training to burn that weight and eat lean foods with no ounce of fat in his diet.

Related image

*MC; I’m too sexy for my shirt*

Arrogant MC wants revenge of the main girl, Aki, a rich girl who was once his friend as a kid but a haughty attitude, gave him the nickname “Pig’s Foot” when he tried expressing his feelings to her which started his motivation to get fit and start a plan to make her fall in love with him and crush her as she once did.

Image result for aki adagaki

*Main girl; the ice cold princess that likes to eat food*

However plans don’t go as planned, especially in a rom-com anime like this. This was not what got me out of it but how long it just seemed. Though I get that both characters need to develop but the tropes were too much for me to process. Along with the hot/cold tsundere denial modes they go through (Aki more as she’s the main tsundere of this series). I get tropes are a thing and you can take it or leave it but still seeing it so much I roll my eyes at easy things that others like (a lot).

Image result for masamune kun no revenge

*The “I’m going to fuck you in every room” look we all know in our perverted heads*

Another point was the loli mother that acted more like a child and that high-pitched voice was not doing any favors. And what’s with the mom always making high fatty foods? From what I gather mom’s nowadays try to relegate kids/teens food with healthy foods but this mom just on “fatty food” kick which got on my nerves.

The episodes also were good (more or less) in the middle when another character with big oppai (boobs), Neko, came in and I liked her as she actually fell in love with this vapid character even when he was chubby as a kid for some reason. That’s where my anime mindset got the better of me and I made this big deal with Neko going to be the one to change up the dynamic of this show and actually be the “Rem” of the series but actually get the male in the end.

Image result for Neko Masamune revenge

*Yes, she was top for me*

Do yourself a favor, never hold out hope for the second best “waifu” to get the male as it will never happen. Though that theory has been tested and proven wrong that it’s not always the case, anime nowadays just goes for the first girl MC sees and they will (somehow) wind up together.

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*That’s some devotion; loved him back than with no shame*

Just remember this; even if the characters wind up, they are together in high school. You can assume they will stay together “forever” but given this is part of the “school” trope it doesn’t mean their relationship will last outside of it and that’s the one thing as fans we don’t usually see.

Image result for flip the table

We try to think of this grand thing of them living happily ever after but sadly not the case. I mean it’s implied they will be together but come on, if the creator of this series comes out of left field at some press conference like they are J.K. Rowling (Queen of sniping off trolls) and reveals “Aki and Masamune lasted until their first year of college before life intervened and that’s where their love story ended. They are still on each other’s Christmas card list though…”, fans would riot over that.

Image result for J.K. Rowling gif

*Gives no F’s!*

For me I’d get my Chandler Bing on and laugh like no tomorrow.

Image result for Chandler Bing gif

Cross-dressing also turned me off as it wasn’t really needed. One character looks like a girl but is a boy (trap as we call them) and another is actually a girl pretending to be a boy…when did this turn into Kinky Boots?

Opening and ending themes were bland after getting in the middle of the series as it didn’t sound outstanding or something I would listen to on a daily basis.

Image result for Nope

Overall this series (in my opinion) it was subpar and it could have (not that it would being a current gen anime) go a different direction from the usual formula that is seen a thousand times.

I give this one a 6 out of 10 for plot, characterization, music and entertainment value. Ironically I’ll probably check out the funimation dubbed at some point when it’s sold on Bluray/dvd probably next year.

You notice anime dubs come out a year or two later from when it’s airing on sites like Crunchyroll or Funimation?


Image result for chaos child

*Not what I expected*

Boy I remember my hopes for this show was so innocent and good. What could have made this a let down?

Well this isn’t a concrete answer but it’s one for me and an opinion so bear with me.

The mystery of mysterious killings going around was what kept me coming back week after week…however just like it’s predecessor, Chaos;Head, the foundation of the plot was cut short.

Image result for chaos child

*Drama left*

Characters introduced in the opening song didn’t really do anything due to being only 12 episodes and which ones that were didn’t feel fleshed out in the least!

Image result for chaos child

*Felt like this*

Main character Takuru’s is the center of all this and even though he wasn’t annoying or lacking he suffered for always gasping or not really getting development other than for his plot.

Image result for chaos child takuru

*Looking at the bleak future*

The thing with the characters using their latent psychic powers wasn’t even explored and briefly touched on but it wound up only with clashing of swords to get rid of the bad guy in the end.

Image result for chaos child

*None of this happened*

Along with the ending…I’m STILL trying to wrap my head around it and felt cheated!! If anime companies are going to adapt a visual novel they better make it a 25 episode run and not some measly 12 episodes!

It felt like the show blitzed its way and didn’t keep up the stamina. What happened to half the cast in the end?

Image result for chaos child takuru

*Visual interpretation of me*

Chaos;Child is decent, it had me with the opening just like in Chaos;Head but it won’t leave anyone feeling satisfied with the ending. That’s what make or break a anime; if it can stick the landing.

Opening was fantastic but it hyped up stuff that really didn’t happen which is disappointing. That’s what’s called “flash” or “marketing”.

I did like the twists in the middle ground when it comes to one of the characters I liked and that was just fresh sauce (not a word but leave me alone, working on a belly full of water).

I wish Chaos;Child was more better than from it actually gave. If you’re curious of wanting an ending (various ones at that) play the game to get a feel for it.

Of course my own imagination made it out to be this big thing than it was and maybe I’m missing the point of a series that didn’t deliver. I did like it but dang, it’s hard to eat ground like this and trying to be a hype-man.

For me I give this a 6 out of 10 for plot, characters, development, music and entertainment value. Once again I will look to the Funimation dub when it comes out in 2018.

Image result for chaos child opening

*Sorry girls…*


Image result for Bleach anime

Oh no what am I doing with watching Bleach again? This show left a bad taste in my mouth. It has the sum of “Spiky Hair Syndrome” and Shonen tropes to the nth degree…is what I would have said a few years ago being hot-headed and dogmatic with my approach with dealing with hard opinions and being a jerk.

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*That I was my inner Chandler*

Bleach is the show that I see as the one to make me actually like it a second go through. This is away from when it was hype and I couldn’t get away from it fast enough. I was happy when it left Toonami years ago as it dragged ass but I can see I was an arrogant asshole that never really gave it a chance.

Image result for Cruel Intentions gif

*I was a douche…*

Fandom poisoned me and I wasn’t following this show for what it was. Yes, I standby that the fillers and other world stories killed this show due to the anime coming close to the manga and had to spread it out HOWEVER this show isn’t the shit stain I thought it was.

Image result for I'm being mean

*I’m sorry*

Looking calm on the characters, story, plot I can see that this is a steady series that does bring the usual tropes as you’d expect; declarations of friendship, power ups to defeat a superior oppanant at the time, butt load of too many characters to give them decent if any development outside their comfort zone but this series is good.

Image result for Bleach gif

You can *gasp* skip the filler and continue on with the main story to shorten the viewing experience by a considerable amount. I mean episodes do feel dragged out but other than that, it’s decent to good.

Image result for Bleach gif

Characters I thought were the bane of my existence have now become good companions on this trip to defeat Aizen. Ichigo isn’t the 2 dimensional character I thought he was, Rukia is actually good, Uryu still cool and even Orihime has grown on me.

A character I felt had much potential to do anything she wanted but didn’t due to her pacifist and gentle/nurturing nature wouldn’t and I feel her that she really is the heart of the series. I mean, thinking on it I didn’t like her as when it was on Toonami, asshats were always harping on Sakura Haruno and I felt angry and lashed out this character for I was upset. That was uncool of me and in hindsight I’m glad I’m not into Tonami, if at all anymore, and feel like I have a weight lifted from my heart.

Image result for Bleach Orihime gif

What I’m getting at Orihime can defy fate with her powers but wouldn’t as it goes against her nature as a whole and seeing that shows my own immaturity all those years ago.

Image result for Bleach Orihime gif

FYI my favorite character in this series from even when I was in my hater days, is Coyote Starrk. Something of his past of escaping loneliness really captivated me along with playing his character in that old PS3 game. I rekt some shit in that game and that made me part of the Starrk fanboy’s. He’s just cool and his pistols are awesome!

Image result for Coyote Starrk gif

I’ve been speaking to my friend Charlie on the matters of Bleach as of late and he agrees on some points but he is right; this series is good. The reason I got back into this series is I’ve been playing that Bleach game on my android phone and it has me hook, line and sinker.

The various openings/endings are hit or miss for me but some stood out that made me cement my like for this series once again.

I think I’ve come a long way from disliking a series I dismissed off a whim and my own annoyance levels with the anime fandom as a whole.

Granted I don’t “hate” but have a neutral view on the aspect of people gathering together to be like minded, which is a good but you also need the ones that can, and I can’t stretch this enough, RESPECTFUL views on not just being driven by flash and hype.

Image result for Coyote Starrk gif


The thing on hype is that it might look glitz and glamorous but it fades like a firework being set on the night sky of Independence Day. It’s for an instant and many of the fans that clamoured for it will move on to the next fad.

Image result for Hitsugaya toshiro quotes

That’s what I find exasperating. However I view the ones that do that are just casual fans or ones only driven by hype. It holds no basis, like getting jacked up on sugar and crashing later.

Image result for Sugar crash

But Bleach has me once again and it won’t leave my system for awhile so good on you Bleach. Even though the manga ended unexpectedly with some characters winding up with a good if not neutral ending.

Of course it also settled the “coupling” angle of the series that plagued fans like the black death swooping over Europe all those years ago.

Image result for Ichigo and Orihime

*Just a-no, it is what it is*

And that’s it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed my coming back into the anime-like blogs. Not sure what to type next but I’ll leave that to what I want to do next.

Till next time!

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Writing doubts and goals



It’s been awhile since I’ve typed up anything regarding anime and I think that’s where these blogs shine which winds up being both a blessing or a curse since I think I did an ok job with my review for Once Upon a Time even though I didn’t do it weekly.

Image result for Once Upon A TIme

*Still one of my favorite shows*

As some (or if not all) might have noticed I haven’t been blogging much of anything for the past few months over anything that I find interesting or the hobbies I do or what not. Along with my fan fic writing has also suffered due to whatever writer’s block I’ve been having and I think it’s time to set the record straight on some personal woes or frustration I’ve dealt with.

Image result for Chandler Bing quotes

*My inner Chandler*

This is just me getting it out there as a kind of cleanser and to reaffirm my own goals as someone who likes to write and that’s the first thing; writing or being a writer. I’ve never used the term “I’m a writer” in a general sense since I mostly see myself as an ameteur writing out of his ass or someone with a lot of thoughts that need to get jotted down on paper.

My term for “writer” is someone that is remotely famous in the book/blogging/fan fic sphere that takes their work to get judged and profit from it even if it’s free lancing.

Like say Piers Anthony for one; he is an author I am a fan of due to his Xanth series being a cornerstone of my late teen/early adulthood life. He’s like pushing 80 (more or less) and still continues to write his series despite his own limitations of being older and personal tragedy.; his books bring a sense of humor which I like with puns and naughty jokes which inspire my own lewd factor at times.

Image result for Xanth

I mean the whole “looking at a female’s panties to cause a guy’s eyes to glaze over” is some hardcore and fun stuff to my male mind and I’m not ashamed in the least to be facilitated and laugh my butt off over the various characters and adventures in the mythical and interesting world of Xanth where puns run rampant, people have one talent that make them either average or Magician level and Humphrey still being a grump with his daughter in law being one of the few people he will never be cross with.

Image result for Xanth

 Terry Brooks is another and his Shannara series really captured my imagination and even though at first I thought it would be a carbon copy of Lord of the Rings it was vastly different despite the similarity.  The lore of the Ohmsford blood line being that of the first King of Shannara and the royal elven family and others are rich with development as characters and story have good exploration of the world it’s in.

Image result for Shannara books

Another one I can add to my list is one from the Light Novel side of things Reki Kawahara and his work in SAO and Accel World, the latter which is one of my favorite materials to read. Even though it is bogged down by tropes of one guy who seems to be average but winds up gaining an amazing power and be the focal point for female’s attention with his never say die attitude, the story has me with whatever development occurs per volume.

Image result for Accel World LN

Those are ones I can see as authors for an example. Me being a writer seems so lost on me since I’ve never even taken a writing class or anything offical; this is all self-taught. Sure I have a way of expressing myself more with typing (my writing skills on paper is horrendous which my mom still gripes about) but I’ve never said “Yeah I’m a writer”.

What does that mean anyway when identifying myself as such? Am I writer? I write only fan fics for goodness sake and that has taken a hard turn due to whatever I’m dealing with or the struggle having a full time job and not cranking out whatever I have in my head.

Am I a writer? Am I good enough to be doing this? Can I go about my dream of wanting to write for a way of life instead of  the current job I have?

Image result for anime doubt gif

I’ve used social media as a  shield to deny my own problems of writing for awhile. And true I was doing a lot of live tweeting or being on twitter when I was bored and looking at the TL (timeline) just to pass the time. However with it being summer everything has come to a halt.

Though when I think on that I’ve discovered the answer; I’m running away from what I like. Using this and that as an excuse to hinder myself when I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be bound to social media to the extent my writing suffers. Of course I am also plagued with migraines so that factors in at times but I digress.

Being this is my own offtime from any major tweeting, though I am live tweeting Orphan Black on Saturday’s (if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and watch it now as it is an awesome series!) I think I can get back in the swing of things.

Image result for Orphan black

Along with I think my mental skills have gotten weak with stuff since I’m not doing anything to strengthen my mind to learn new material. I’m also trying to get over my own self-doubt with getting my driver’s license. I’ve drove but never took the plunge to do it due to being scared for whatever reason or learning to deal with keeping the norm.

The thing with me is I don’t take the next step as I should due to liking the present. The present is nice and living in such a state of stagnant means nothing will change. Though in my heart I know that isn’t correct. Life isn’t worth fretting over things you (I) can do and I need to just do it even if I become driven down by thinking “what if this happens”.

Image result for Shinji Ikari gif

I have to take these steps to improve with what I like and the first is just being honest. This factors into me doing anime related blogs. I remember I did two “tryouts” earlier this year and I’ll say this, those didn’t pan out to what I thought. I’ll type up my thoughts for some anime related stuff at some point.

Image result for Evangelion gif

So the factor in all this is I’m holding  myself back. Granted I won’t say I’m “a writer” since it’s embarrassing for me and this is just a hobby but to write stuff and make a world of your own imagination with influence from what I read is something I like to do…I just need to go for it.

Image result for Haruhi Suzumiya

And not to just writing but to everything I have mentioned. I’m hoping over the course of this summer break with limited distractions on Twitter that I am able to get back to my roots on things and start writing again but not just for anyone reading this “somewhat woe is me story” but for me as it’s something I like to do.

Related image

Writing is a (and excuse my word as I have nothing else to use or another word isn’t coming to me) beautiful. It holds great sway over someone’s mind along with reading can enrich one’s perspective, be it an actual book, manga or even magazine.

So I want to get back to the swing of things. I won’t say what I’ll type next but I will say it will be something I’m interested in. For anyone that gave this a chance and still follow this blog, thanks.

Related image

Even if “likes’ have stopped coming in and making me question if I should do this still (lol). However I shouldn’t be validated just for likes as I need to be the one to feel I did something I’m passionate about.

Image result for Kanon Love call gif

Again, no “when I will give hints” to my next blog but do look forward to what comes down the line, ok?

Reading this I do feel a slight pressure off my chest…I guess this works getting it out there?

Until the next…

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*Till next time*


Game reviews – Injustice 2


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One of the newest games to grace my PS4 is Injustice 2, the popular sequel to Injustice that came out around 2013 and created by the same ones behind the Mortal Kombat franchise that began in the 90’s that changed fighting games for a generation.

Image result for Mortal Kombat

Image result for Mortal Kombat

Yes, this isn’t an RPG but I can appreciate a good punching-kicking game to get my manly blood pumping of trying to decimate the AI with any character with a good pattern for fighting.

Related image

Synopsis: Taken place a fews years later after the first Injustice, Bruce Wayne/Batman is dealing with the aftermath of the Justice League being in legion with Superman. The Man of Steel is locked up in a secure place under a dampening device negating his powers.

While trying to stop any mass outlets of ones rising up during this period of the strongest man alive being under lock and key, ones like Gorrila Grodd is coming into power with his own group called “The Socieity” and Batman trying to keep the peace by using his own group of people to snuff out any Injustice (get it since they are bad guys and…nevermind).

Things turn bad when Brainic attacks the earth and wants Superman as the former was the one to bring ruin to Krypton and given with the name “Braniac” this computer is driven by cold logic as it’s function is to acquire knowedgle and wipe out anything it/he views as irrelevant.

Batman with his crew and Superman’s group will need to join forces in dealing with this threat but can they find resolution under these circumstances?

Image result for Injustice 2 gif

The gameplay follows any fighting game; punching, kicking, using unique combos and attacks to defeat the opposing player with anyone you fancy. There is also the function of upgrading the attire of a character you are using to enhance attack, defense, life gauge, special, etc to best handle the opposing player as it can be difficult, unless you choose to put the game on easy.

Image result for Injustice 2 gif

New characters are introduced from the last game; Supergirl, Black Canary, Captain Cold, Grodd and Poison Ivy to name a few of heroes and villains you can choose to play. There will also be DLC (downloadable characters) coming down the pipeline like Starfire or even Subzero.

Why is Subzero in it? Well given it’s the people behind Mortal Kombat they have to add some of their characters into a DC game. Though I think that’s kind of tacky as I just want some more DC characters and not MK ones to muck up who will appear in it.

Image result for Injustice 2 Black Subzero

You can travel the Multiverse (various other realities as it’s known in DC comics and Marvel) where you challenge various characters and rules. If you also feel up for it there is the option of joining a guild with other characters if you’re connected on the internet for various bonuses.

Image result for Injustice 2

What would this fighting game be without individual arcade mode to get a character’s ending. I haven’t done this yet as I thought it wasn’t going to have it until I learned that is the case. You just have to find it out under the option of doing the Multiverse.

Character wise I am surprised that playing Black Canary is easier for me than anyone else; using grapples and quick attacks with a “canary cry” fits me pretty nicely. To be honest I thought Supergirl would be in my favor as I am a fan of said show on the CW but she seemed too slow with heavy attacks and I can’t use her combos well.

Image result for Injustice 2 Black Canary

I would like to use more characters though and be good but I prefer quick attacks for the win so you won’t be seeing me use someone like Cyborg or Superman.

It is a fun game if you want to see fabled superheros and villans clash for your inner geek. I do suggest you try it out.

The main story also has two endings which will determine the future of the universe. I got one of the ones which I felt is the “true” ending to the game other than the other one but I’m trying to get that one even though I don’t agree with said character’s views.

Image result for Injustice 2

The thing with Injustice is that it is just an elseworlds story as it’s not canon to the main DC continuity that we all know about and seeing the characters go into the most extreme of their ideals coming into the full view is fascinating and disheartening.

Image result for Injustice comic

In the comics of Injustice that took place before the first game we see what lead to Superman’s rebellion in more full view and it is just tragic.

Related image

Image result for Injustice comic

The teams are split and it just brings all the sappy feelings to the surface as even though it is a good story for characters and the action is top tier of all your favorites going at it there is a sadness that goes into the story that makes you feel for all of them and not just one in particular.

Injustice 2 is overall a good fighting game. Even though the mechanics are kind of an issue with me I enjoy the characters so overall I give the game an 8 out of 10 for entertainment purposes.

 Image result for Injustice 2

OUAT: Season 6 finale & season 7 reboot?


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Ladies and gentleman (or anyone that takes notice of this) may I have your ears as we have reached the last two episodes of season 6 of Once Upon A Time.

Image result for bowing gif

*I’ll do my best*

Yes, I did take about a week due to letting it sink in of how full circle (and yes I do say that quite a lot) of the story of Emma the savior and her fated battled deemed by providence.

I have to say it left me in awe and happy in the overall outcome of what went down. This will be my overall thoughts of the episodes and season.

To begin the episodes were called “The Final Battle” parts one and two given this is it, the accumulation of everything that started when Henry found Emma and brought her to the sleepy port town of Storybrooke where all these adventures and story arcs took place. I mean if you don’t count Neverland, The Enchanted Forest, Oz, The Underworld, Wonderland, Agrabah, etc.

The episode takes place immediately after the sing-song episode where the Fiona’s dark curse engulfs all of storybrooke and everything is changed. Henry is the only one left unscathed as he doesn’t see anyone except sparse people and is shocked that everyone and the town itself has changed to be even more dreary compared to Regina’s dark curse.

Some of the Enchanted forest people like Jiminy is still here but in full curse mode as he’s still a psychiatrist but more solemn and it’s soon brought to light that he still treats Henry as his patient. In this reality Henry, to everyone’s perspective, is still delusional over that everyone is a fairy tale character in his book.

The little author also is surprised that Emma is locked away in a mental wing with Fiona, his great-grandmother, being his adopted mother and not Regina. Henry does his best to tell Emma about the final battle but she doesn’t pay him any heed as she warns him that he needs to grow out of these childish delusions as it was that which put her in there in the first place.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow, David and Regina with majority of the residents return to the point where Snow and David got married. They know that something is wrong and wonder what happened to Emma and Henry until Zelena and some of her people from Oz enter the castle and soon a lot more from past episodes like Aladdin and Jasmine.

Through exposition it’s revealed that the realms are being erased by an unknown power forcing the residents to flee and the Enchanted forest is one of the last hiding spots. Regina soon figures out that the final battle won’t be just a clash of light and darkness but one of the quarter stones of this show; belief.

The final battle is Emma maintaining and keeping the belief of everything that’s happened and due to her wavering resolve of being under the influence of the curse the entire fairy tale world is being wiped clean and if she stops believing all together, her family and loved ones will be wiped clean from all of existence, including her and even Henry due to their lineage.

In order to try and stop the cleanse and more importantly, get back to his wife, he goes on a mission to get a magical bean to transport him back to Storybrooke which leads him and eventually David to climb the beanstalk to get it.

On the other end Regina and Zelena find out they are in the Evil Queen’s wish realm castle to the other’s surprise where it’s learned that she has reformed (mostly) and is surprised on what’s happening.

In the real world though Mr. Gold is also seems to be affected by the curse as it’s shown that he and Gideon are running the pawn shop but with no Belle as it’s found out she left them. Through the course of the episodes it’s found out that Belle didn’t go see the world or leave them but is still in town but holed up in a house, scared of every little thing.

Soon Henry tries to get the book back from his great granny but is soon stopped by her and she uses magic to knock him down some stairs. She than uses that as a way to tell Emma that all this is happening due to him believing in the stories in the book and that only she can be the one to end it.

Henry is soon in bed with a broken arm and tries to tell Emma what happened but she doesn’t believe him along with Fiona dripping more lies about how the book must be destroyed for his sake.

David and Hook soon go to the castle to retrieve the bean but soon met by a dragon of all things and races off to escape.

Emma soon goes into the incinerator and cast the book inside. The spread of the void soon comes close as she sees a single picture of Hook making her pause.

As the destruction spreads it soon starts to affect the realms as David and Hook soon tumble off the stalk which sends a warning to Snow that something has happened to David due to them sharing a heart.

Hook is eventually found and doesn’t see David anywhere when Snow and Jasmine head off to find the duo. Snow convinces Hook that he needs to get to Emma and leave David to her as Emma is top priority to all this.

As everything starts to settle down with Hook returning and soon after the Charmings after a heartfelt exchange of finding one another, the void is almost upon them.

Henry on his part finds out what Emma did and can’t believe it and tries to go to stop Emma from leaving but she does due to that all this began with her and she can’t have him continue to endanger himself.

As she leaves for Boston (unseen) Henry slips in something into her bag. When she returns to her apartment and sees it isn’t the book she burned but one drawn and written by Henry as we the audience see the key moments of how Emma got to this point.

Still being skeptical she returns to Storybrooke.

Henry soon goes to his grandfather as he has a hunch that he isn’t affected which is proven correct as he asks for his help to save their family but Gold declines as he states that Belle is his top priority.

Knowing that he can’t change his mind, Henry asks him for two things he will need; a sword and a magic handheld mirror. Henry soon uses the communication mirror to give his own plan to his family in the other realm that he will do it alone and slay the evil fairy herself.

Regina and evil former Regina are shocked by this as he won’t be able to do anything against her. With time running out and magic beginning to fade due to Emma’s lack of belief and it affecting their world, they head for the center of the castle for sanctuary with the former evil queen declaring she will give them time and urges her good self to use the remaining magic to charge the bean.

In an impressive scene the former evil queen uses her magic to hold back the void before she is inevitably erased.

Back in Storybrooke Fiona is on edge as she found the piece of paper that Henry wrote some episodes back of runes and tries to find out where it leads to. She winds up back in Gold’s shop where Gideon is and it’s soon revealed that she still can control him, to his shock, as she states that she never gave him his heart back and has it locked away.

She gives Gideon one order; to kill Emma.

As Henry is about to go to the mayor’s office Emma stops him to his surprise and even though she doesn’t hold much in the story or remembers she does state that she does “believe” and that is what stops the void from consuming the residents of the enchanted forest,albeit a small rock with some of the main characters and some people on it.

Soon Gold confronts his mother at his shop as she is still looking for the wand that banished her (that’s what the notes that Henry wrote were about) as the two have an honest chat over the circumstances.

Gold didn’t trust his mother for a moment and made himself immune to the curse which doesn’t surprise her. Fiona soon shows her real colors as she tells him that with the wand in hand she could control the very fabric of life and death with the magic just waiting to be born.

In a noble move Gold says the fabled line well known in the series “all magic comes with a price” and uses the wand to vanquish his mother, proving the prophecy true that he and his mother would indeed battle with one of them dying.

With Fiona turned to dust the curse is broken, Emma remembers everything and the residents of the Enchanted forest return to Storybrooke.

I guess that dumb bean wasn’t needed overall…

Gideon soon enters the hall and starts going after Emma as the command still stands. Emma soon is able to escape with some help from Henry as the duo flee to the streets and are happily reunited with their loved ones.

Emma gives the the info of what’s happening and Regina soon realizes the one thing; that Emma can’t kill Gideon or she will darken herself to wipe the light and that if Gideon kills her the light is extinguished anyway.

Soon savior and queen have a moment of reflection of their relationship of the past 6 years as Regina gives her the spiel that there is always a third option and Emma taught her that.

The moment is ruined as Gideon appears. The savior and would be hero soon clash with Emma giving an impressive speech while fending off his sword blows (she was able to get the sword from Henry when they were in the mayor’s office) how she is the savior and brings light to the darkness, etc.

For Rumple’s part he and Belle have a short reunion before trying to find Gideon’s heart which leads them underground. Rumple goes on after Belle twist her ankle and urges him to save Emma and more importantly their son.

He finds the heart but is stopped by his shade, the Dark One as he tries to tempt Gold but he doesn’t waver and gives the command to hav Gideon stop. But there is a lock over the heart and it’s soon apparent that he can’t stop it.

Back to Emma and Gideon’s clash Emma soon says that it’s her duty to save and in a bewildering scene tosses her sword aside knowing what she must do. Gideon laments that he wished that there was another way and wishes that she could have saved them both.

Strangely Emma just smiles and soon is impaled by Gideon’s sword. Upon being struck Emma’s body radiates an intense light that spreads. That light soon brings back the realms and even erases Gideon before she falls.

Ultimately that light didn’t vanquish Gideon but brought about a rebirth for him; he returns to being a baby with a happy Belle and Gold. For Emma, Henry kisses her on the forehead and soon is revived due to love’s kiss.

Snow soon gives a speech that the possibility for a happy ending was far and they achieved it but ultimately living the new beginning is something more. The book that was burned returns to it’s original position as the words “When good and Evil both did the right thing, faith was restored. The final battle was won.”

Soon that’s what they all do, live their life. It’s shown that David and Snow get their own house with a dog raising Neal, Emma and Hook are the new sheriff’s of Storybrooke, Regina is still mayor but this time the dwarves giving their own blessing by redoing her door, Henry goes to school with his mom’s watching over him and end with everyone, including Belle, Gold and baby Gideon coming by with everyone beaming.

We soon find out that this too is part of a story with a little girl, that was introduced in the earlier part of the episodes traveling to Seattle. This girl has some link to the stuff that just happened as she had to flee, what appears to be the Enchanted forest due to some unknown evil encroaching on it with her father giving her time to flee and to protect the book.

With help from Tiger Lily who has gotten her wings again (and this is my theory) she brings the little girl to this world where she is traveling to said place that was mentioned. There is a prophecy that the girl will find what she is looking for.

Soon she goes to a hotel and knocks on the door to see a guy there and it’s the same male that was defending his daughter from whatever darkness was approaching but apparently has no memory of it.

It is soon revealed that this male is the grown up Henry Mills and this little girl is his daughter, named Lucy along with not him believing her claims.

Just like Henry when he was younger in the first season his daughter soon states that his family needs him to the adult’s shock and we soon go to black.

And that is more or less what occurred during season six of Once Upon A Time and boy it was something.

What really captured me was how it went about as I thought the battle would be a clash of light and dark magic and not one of belief and ultimately it worked well for what occurred.

Emma did indeed die but she wasn’t fated to stay dead it seems or maybe she changed it by declaring everything she stands for and moving Gideon’s heart to resist for just a moment for him to show his real feelings of not wanting to do this. It took true love’s kiss to save Emma and that came from the love of her son that believed in her from the beginning of the series.

Of course I’m not knocking the other characters as they believe in Emma too. Regina also brought up tidbits from their long adversity to one another from the past seasons to ultimately coming together as best friends and confidants which I never expected.

Once Upon A Time really opened my eyes by throwing these characters we know into new circumstances and showing that just because they can be classified by light and darkness, hope and despair, good and evil that they are the one aspect I never would think; they are human.

Image result for Once Upon a Time

They are flawed. They are what circumstances happened to them. Evil isn’t born, it’s made is a quote I can see holds great weight to what occurred with Regina for instance. She was just as innocent in the beginning before circumstances changed her and it was love and friendship to bring her back to the person she once was, albeit not naive and still a chip on her shoulder but really a person that truly needed “saving” from herself.

Image result for Once Upon a Time Regina

Same with Hook as he is someone who longed for revenge and even though he tripped on the road to being the man Emma marries and worthy of her he proved his devotion.

Image result for Once Upon a Time Hook

It goes to show that yes we can be the best we can be but there is darkness in all our hearts and we can be wrong, petty and let past mistakes cloud our judgement but we are human and it’s choices that make us who we choose to be, not something from an external force beyond comprehension (dark magic in that regard).

Image result for Once Upon a Time Rumple quotes

Seeing Emma Swan come to this point does my heart good in lots of ways. When she first appeared I liked her but on a superficial level as she was the good guy and she would triumph over Regina’s notorious ass but as I started seeing the layers come off Emma, from her always running away from emotional situations or letting others in, getting over her parent issues due to a destiny bequeathed to her, I saw that she was flawed in those respects.

Image result for Once Upon a Time Emma quotes

She held on to grudges and yes her common sense could be questionable at times (due to plot or the writers) there was still something about Emma that I couldn’t shake and even though I have some friends that treat her as the Sakura Haruno of the show as she wasn’t as interesting or good as ones like Regina, Gold or Zelena, she had that “thing” for me that I truly liked.

Hope. Empathy. Light.

Image result for Hope and light

She held those qualities for me and not in ways I expected since she was independent, a fast thinker and pragmatic with situations that proved to be fresh air due to these fairy tales coming into a world without magic and think that happy endings happen after defeating some big bad.

Emma as a character might have grown less slowly compared to some others but her qualifications as a savior and learning, growing is still what made me stick by her journey as the savior but more importantly as a hero.

Related image

She does not kill needlessly, she gives light and hope to an otherwise dire situation and that is what saved everything in the end. Hope and light working with despair and darkness (latter being Gold and in a way Gideon) as a unification of putting karmic destiny back into balance due to being torn asunder by the black fairy’s selfish deeds for her lust of power.

It doesn’t matter if a character is dislike due to what other people say (I was that way with Regina and now Gold) but how you feel for them. I mean sure, getting worked up over fictional characters COULD be childish but it really is isn’t.

Image result for anime happy gifs

Stories offer out an escape and even helpful advice when things in life get upsetting. It doesn’t make it bad, it actually is a good thing as it can bring about new wisdom by learning through these characters and Emma was that way for me.

These are my own feelings being added on to her but I truly did enjoy Emma Swan characterization through these past six years and this is where the tone changes.

The way I’m talking makes it as if she’s dead and she’s not but this is where Emma’s story as the savior does come to an end.  Jennifer Morrison has indeed left the show now and it is going to be heading off into a new direction with the grown up Henry and his daughter taken the leads of the show since there seems to be a new curse on the loose and a time skip.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared Gilmore, Rebecca Mader and Emilie de Ravin have also left due to their own terms or character arcs being finished and nothing for them this time around. Though that doesn’t mean we won’t see them in cameo’s or what not but it is still sad given we’ve grown to love or tolerate these characters for years and will miss the ones portraying them.

Image result for Once Upon A Time Snow and charming

Image result for Once Upon A Time Henry

Image result for Once Upon A Time Belle

Related image

*Will all be missed*

Andrew J. West will be taken on the role of the adult Henry Mills for season 7 where we will see him from the gawky kid that got kidnapped to a man dealing with possibly erased memories of what happened and him being a father to Lucy, played by Alison Fernandez.

I was never expecting 6 seasons to be taken place in a book read by Henry’s daughter which is bewildering but fascinating at the same time.

There have been reports throughout the week that Once Upon A Time will be moving to Fridays at 8 this fall for the new season which will be a transition and worrisome since Friday’s are known for killing tv shows but Inhumans will be coming at 9 pm this fall too so there is hope along with I think the fandom will stick around to see this new story of a “reboot” of this.

Next that there is a new curse and that Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue and Robert Carlyle will still remain reprising their roles as Regina, Hook and Rumple under a new curse and identities.

<I>Once Upon a Time</i> Season 7: Get Fresh Details on Henry's 'Epic Quest' — Plus, New Identities for Regina & Co.?!

Possibility of seeing Neal, Gideon and Robin as teenagers or adults is pretty high to continue on the legacy of their parents and see how they are and even reference where they are so that’s always a good thing.

No matter what the future holds for the story Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite shows which I love the reimagined characters, even though the show has some plot holes and some stuff could have ended in different ways in my head canon, this is overall a wonderful (yeah I’m a guy and saying “wonderful”, I should get a beer to bypass the sappy feels) show and will be anticipating this new season with hope and cautious optimism.

I have really enjoyed doing these reviews/rambles for one of my favorite shows and though my thoughts went into overdrive trying to get them in order on (digital) paper I at least hope I was able to keep this interesting even though I went all fan boy on whoever is reading.

Image result for Fate stay night avalon

I will not stop writing these kinds of reviews for shows and best believe when it comes back in the fall I’ll be there.

The story might end but there is always a new beginning just waiting and the continuing of the dream will always continue to the next…

Image result for Emma Swan gif

*Forever and always a hero and the true savior*

Life is a song; OUAT review


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“So give me something to sing about; I need something to sing about! Life’s a show you don’t get to rehearse and after every single verse can make it that much worst.” Those lyrics were sung by Buffy Summers in the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More with Feeling” in season 6, one of the shows highlights (if you don’t count that silent episode in season 4) and where am I going with a show that’s been gone for almost 20 years?

Image result for Once More with feeling

Well Once Upon A Time had it’s own musical episode, “A Song in your Heart” being episode 20 of season 6 and it was a wonder to behold!!

Image result for The Song in your heart Once Upon a Time

This episode mixes the typical formula with certain songs for each character as the story interlocks with the past and present. So the reason for the singing?

Snow White made a wish and it came true the next day with her and Charming doing a duet called “Powerful Magic” and it’s their belief that love is the most powerful magic there is as Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas got some good pipes on them and had nice sound. It’s also about Emma in a way as Snow notes how she’s pregnant.

Evil Queen Regina learns of this and is just shocked that everyone in the Enchanted forest is singing up a storm. I guess she would have liked if they busted into flames just like in “Once More with Feeling”? I think she’d enjoy that. Regi goes into her own song “Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance” as it has a rockish kind of vibe and as Laura Parali put’s it “channeling her David Bowie” in an interview (may he rest in peace).  The song is just as it sounds like; love will not best her in the end as she has the conviction to go on without it and shows at one point her heartbreak over her lost love.

Hook also gets involved as Snow and Charming try to find safe passage to get to the queen’s castle at a pub as he busts into his song called “Revenge is Gonna be Mine” which is like a rock song on broadway with his pirate crew backing him up. You know that when it comes to Captain Hook he just has to show his hate boner for the Dark One and that is what this one is about.

Zelena also gets involved as she being a major creeper and checking out what’s the deal with all this singing and decides to give her sister a hand with her own song “Wicked Always Wins” as it explores her inner jealousy and even excitement that she could one up Regina. It’s a ballad kind of song which sticks with you and you can sing along or use it as a theme when you are having a rouge day at work and school! Yeah sing it Z!

She creates a spell/curse and teleports it to Regina’s hands, which the latter doesn’t know who gave it to her.

Soon The Charmings come and confront Evil Regina s they go into their songs until Regina uses the box to sap away their voices like Ursula getting Ariel’s voice in “The Little Mermaid (animated one from 1989).

Snow tries to sing but comes out all “blah” as the song in everyone’s hearts have gone thanks to Regina trapping it. Snow and Charming escape just in the nick of time but soon Snow wonders what could have gone wrong.

Introducing the explanation courtesy of Blue. Is it just me or is she getting a lot of leg work this season?

Image result for blue once upon a time

She explains that she granted the wish but it wasn’t for them to defeat the Evil Queen but for Emma as it will be needed. Blue also states that this was a single day thing so everyone will forget what happened. Which means Snow meeting Hook or Z helping Regina will be null and void and keep the status quo we’ve saw throughout the seasons explaining how they are all linked and all that jazz.

Snow wonders if they won’t remember then how will their daughter be able too but BLue just says to have hope. And hope is the definition of Emma don’tcha know!

In the present though as Emma and Hooks nuptials are coming Fauna is skulking about threatening them with a curse that will make the Dark Curse a child thing as the crew see a large orb filled powered by dark fairy dust or what not.

Everyone is shocked by this and soon Hook goes to confront Gold as he had lied about taken his mother’s hearts and actually one up’s him with squid ink until his mother comes to the rescue and captures Hook, David, Snow, Regina and Zelena and keeping them in a state of frozen time.

Emma tries to go and save them but her own fear and doubt stop her magic from working and has no choice but to flee. Her only hope is her son, Henry, who becomes her anchor to believe in everything she has accomplished.

Granted I’m paraphrasing and Henry also gets upset that he can’t figure out what’s stopping Emma from tapping into her magic or just being useless until the book offers out a page which he soon understands and rushes to Emma’s side as she’s about to confront the dark fae again.

He soon confirms the whole “musical episode” is within Emma and that everyone’s feelings are with her and that even if her family are frozen in place, she is not alone.

Now we get Emma’s song called simply “Emma’s Theme” and it’s about, well, pretty much her own experience of her loneliness but the belief she has in her loved ones, which actually activates her magic with every verse she sings until the curse is broken over the others and the dark fairy peace’s out quick.

Soon Emma and Hook have their wedding with everyone singing for the climatic part “A New Beginning” and just as the happiness hits the crescendo the curse breaks free with Grumpy announcing it.

As the curse spreads about them, which will separate everyone, Emma is not worried, that no matter what they will all find each other. The Final battle will begin in the next episode which will be a 2 hour season finale.

The Song in your heart can be Once Upon A Time’s best episode in the series as it has very good songs and I can’t really begin to say which one is my favorite as each of the characters that sang had a good tone, even Henry though it was a minor part in the ending song (thank goodness, stick to writing dude).

Some news, as mentioned the Two Hour season finale will happen on Sunday with episodes 21 and 22 being combined but it’s still up in the air if Once will get another season.

Along with Jennifer Morrison will not be reprising her role for Emma if the show get’s picked up. That’s right Emma will not be in the next season as her story will be finished upon the Final Battle. Whether she wins or loses, this is a big thing for me who is an Emma fan.

I also believe that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas will also not be returning…so this is it. Not saying it will be the end even if the show will get canned but damn, that’s a lot of heavy hitters.

I did read that the show does leave it in some kind of open ending so we will see come Sunday. I’m not sure how it will go but I am saddened by the news but I will keep some hope alive and if this is the end I will make sure to write it down on this blog of the wonderful years I’ve had with this show.

9 out of 10 for this episode.

Let’s prepare for the final battle of hope and despair everyone!

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*Believe in love is the strongest magic there is*

Till next time!

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*For the Swan fans*

Once Upon A Time (6-19)



Greetings everyone, Jeff here to bring you the latest episode review/discussion/recap of OUAT season 6.

And look an update that happen BEFORE Sunday so let’s have some fun and get start it!

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The past of The Black Fairy is revealed in this episode as we are (finally) given insight on Rumplestiltskin mother after 6 years of wondering.

Finding out his dad played the role of Peter Pan in season 3 was something, seeing that his mother had just as much story to go into Rumple’s character progression is something you can sink your teeth into.

Rumple’s mother’s name is Fiona and if you know your fairy tales that name comes from Sleeping Beauty so that’s a nice fun fact. Fiona gave birth to Rumple in the winter where Blue and Tiger Lily appear to the surprise of the new blessed couple.

Fiona is bewildered but amazed at the appearance but soon it’s stated that Tiger Lily is Rumple’s fairy godmother and as we all know that’s pretty big. It’s revealed that Rumple is destined to be the Savior!

Related image

*Sheesh I remember that; nothing but a fever dream!*

The flipping savior! So season 4’s finale of showing Gold and the rest in that alternate space where he was a savior proved true after all! That blew my mind and I had no snide remarks to give.

But if he was destined to be a savior than what could have happened? As the episode progresses it’s learned that Fiona became fearful that her son would wind up dead due to a predetermined path as the rule states “a savior is always fated to die” and that follows into the earlier part of the season where Emma was dealing with the morality and heavy burden. Unseen at some point Tiger Lily showed Fiona the “Book of Prophecies” and that is also a throwback to season 3’s B plot with Zelena learning about her “fate” of being wicked but I digress.

Image result for Fate

*Let it seep in your soul!*

Fiona became obsessed with gathering as much info on who will kill her son as the book stated that a great evil will be born on the eve of winter with a crescent moon.

Image result for Crescent moon

*Fall in love with the new moon despite it being crescent*

Tiger Lily seeing Fiona’s obsession over trying to protect her son reiterates that as she is human the one thing she should be doing is raising him as it is her job (Tiger Lily) a fairy, to protect Rumple as she is a being of magic and has powers.

Due to some sly trickery Fiona is able to get Tiger Lily to lay her wand down and grab it as she is holding Rumple. To Tiger Lily’s shock Fiona says some ancient language, which sounds celtic and changes herself into a fairy!

That’s one part of the mystery out of the way.

Image result for anime relief

*One down*

Fiona and Tiger Lily soon scour the land looking at all the babies born in winter and their such comes up nil; none of them bore the mark. Tiger Lily tries to convince her to let it go but Fiona is ever adamant of continuing as she is a mother and won’t allow her son to die due to being the savior!!

Soon they go to the Court of Fairies or something (I forget what it’s called but feel free to check online to get the info) where Fiona is cooking something up. No not Sunday night dinner but a spell or is it?

It’s shown that she is using two powerful artifacts to enact a curse…a dark curse. This is the birth of the dark curse; she will use it to send her son away from this place to “a world without magic”.

Image result for World without magic

*Good quotes*

You know I am tired of these fairy tale characters using our world as some garage for babies coming in trees and ice queens coming through doors and learning our culture! I mean we aren’t some service. Sure we have electricity but they live the fantasy life (in cottages and what appears to be the England in ye olden times) but I digress.

Image result for Snakes on a plane meme

*Had to, sorry*

Keep your family together!

Anyway Tiger Lily tries to stop her with reason but Fiona is not listening, she wants again gives a spiel of being a mother to save her son but it falls on deaf ears as the mother in waiting goes all wicked and takes Tiger Lily’s heart in a “if you won’t join me, I’ll kill you” moment which triggers an unexpected transformation.

She turned her heart dark by doing this; opening up to the negative emotions of rage, sorrow and hopelessness as it’s discovered Fiona is the destined evil to fight her only son which will wipe each other out!

It’s true by the quote that is usually heard by Regina and Gold, “Evil isn’t born, it’s made.”

Image result for evil isn't born it's made


Fiona is shocked beyond recognition and who can blame her. I mean what kind of God/deity/upper level being bequeath such a fate unto a mother and son?

I’m looking at you writers.

Image result for Superboy prime meme

*Yeah stop looking!*

Soon before anything can be done Blue appears, uses magic to get TL’s heart back and place it back in her and warns Fiona to stop her obsession over this! Fiona states she won’t. TL soon has another way to settle this and grabs something from a drawer; the golden shears that can cut one’s destiny.

Well you seeing where this is headed?

Image result for anime sigh gif


TL soon tells the rogue fairy to give up her powers that she learned and return to being human, that alone can negate the fate in store for the savior. Which I presume another evil will take his mother’s place.

Like mother like son, Fiona can’t give up the taste of power and continues spouting that she can’t give this up, that she needs this power to protect her son and like everyone with teleportation magic, she conjures the shears into her hands and hangs them over the baby’s head as a white line can be seen.

Blue tries to tell her otherwise that her baby is destined to be one of the strongest saviors of white magic but Fiona ignores her and uses the shears. And with the snipping and sound of the shears, Rumple’s destiny as a savior is cut. Literally.

In a fit of righteous anger Blue uses the wand to seal Fiona away into the dark dimension before the queen of dark fae exclaims “I’ll come back for you my son, nothing will keep me away from you” and vanishes.

Of course she’ll be doing a lot of kidnapping for years to come so…yay?

Image result for anime sigh gif

*My head*

Returning the baby to his home (and I forgot to mention Gold hasn’t even been named yet) the fairies explain what occurred and old peter pan which isn’t his name laments the love of his life’s fate. He didn’t want to raise a child alone as she was the one that wanted this and he needed her.

Looking at his son we can see some contempt in his eyes as he bequeaths the name to a wailing baby who’s probably crying over his lost fate or mother (who knows) and (curses him) with the name Rumplestiltskin.

So what have we learned? Fiona was a human who made herself a fairy to try and stop whatever evil was coming for her son who was destined to be a savior but let obsession of her newly awakened knowledge and power consume her which led her down to a self prophesied event where she is the evil that will kill her son and vise versa.

To avoid that makes the dark curse and uses the shears to cut her son’s fate, negating anything possible to someone who will be a force for good.

In the present Gold is still trying to get Blue awake to get the info on trying to deal with his mother but Fiona and Gidon, disgusied as Snow and David get to Blue first who awoke due to some smelling bad dragon egg farts (the baby died in the egg) and vanishes but Gold is able to use the black bracelet to seal his magic befor he can go.

Soon he uses dream sand to put Gideon asleep along with him and Emma, who is trying to find the Black Fairy and go inside his son’s dream to see him and tell where his heart is.

During this we get some one on one with Emma and Gold as he goes on about hating his mom, her trying to give him advice that the hardest thing to do is know the reason why and having conflicting emotions, come across Gold’s old home where he was born where the flashbacks started on Fiona’s past, Gideon appearing and telling his father to learn the truth over the past and he does.

Back in Storybrooke Regina and Zelena talk as the former explains that just because she doesn’t have magic doesn’t mean she’s useless and teaches her how to drive. The reason, to give Z and her daughter a chance due to when it comes to fighting there is always causulities.

Funny moment of Zelena crashing into trash cans but soon turn serious as Regina reveals that she wants Z to take Henry with her when it comes to the final battle occuring.

Soon Regi gets a call to action to try and look for the heart of Storybrooke due to exposition on the other part of the wand is in the heart of it and they go to Granny’s where she, Snow, David and Hook find it in the jukebox.

You remember the thing with music playing on it?

Soon Fiona appears, tries to heckle them and Regina stepping up to fight her. After some good banter the two go at it or start as Fiona get’s a good magic blow on her before a green cadillac (okay some other car but I’ll go with that) rams into her and it’s Z.

Sister combo works.

Image result for Regina and Zelena


As Fiona retreats Regina decides to find Emma and goes to Gold’s shop.

The trio awaken from their slumber as Emma reveals that Gold was supposed to be the savior and Belle is just happy and gushing as can be that “I always knew there was a good man behind the beast and this just proves it!”

Honey your sweet but how many times has he broken your heart as he chose magic over you?

Image result for belle once upon a time gif

*I love you sugar but…*

Gold doesn’t know what to think with the revelation of his past but decides to settle things with his mother once and for all.

Mother and son meet after years of seperaton and Fiona decides to show him what really happend as in the dream world it was incomplete or something. After seeing it Gold is perplex and we don’t know if he will use the wand…

Back at the pawn shop though Gold returns with heart in hand and restoresit to Gideon. Belle is ecstastic over this, she got her son back and Emma actually gives him praise.

But by the end of the episode Gold tricked them. AGAIN! And it’s shown his mom is alive and dandy and they have a plan (of course) as we wind down to the musical episode on Sunday which we might see Fiona’s plans for Emma begin…

This episode had lot’s of yes moments for me; from destiny to linking up together the varirous quirks one might note; that emotions within Gold’s family run deep, a link to magic which eventually becomes obssession with power and having the mentality of “want my cake and eat it too”.

Fiona is a good character and even though she is the big bad of this season I do not dislike her. Her actress gets a standing ovation for me.

Image result for Fiona once upon a time

*Dazzling smile*

Belle once again setting herself up for failure due to this hope she has for Gold to be a better man. I get it but Gold always has an end game. Even though his fate as a savior was denied and being dark might have been a new destiny the thing about it is that it’s not all his fault.

I mean sure, he CHOSE to embrace the darkness due to his cowardly nature due to his father raising him but it’s him mother that denied him the choice to ever embrace the light.

Image result for Light, dark and middle of the force

If that’s true then Fiona is the true cause of this to a large extent and not just the dark curse. Of course we have no info regarding Snow’s mother and Regina’s mother’s rivalry and only got snippets of those years ago and nothing’s ever been done with that but still.

The Black Fairy was entertaining and this is Once Upon A Time at it’s best. I have no complaints on this episode and I might see them later after my fanboy boner goes down but for now it’s some good stuff.

I give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.

Remember it’s the singing episode for Sunday so get pumped and the nuptials of Hook and Emma (hopefully nothing happens) but this is a drama so be prepared.

Image result for Once Upon a Time Hook and emma wedding

Till next time Oncers!!

Image result for Once Upon a Time Hook and emma wedding

*Emma/Hook 4 eva!*

OUAT episode 17/18



Boy I am slipping with this; I tell you Persona 5 is taken my time but it hasn’t stopped my fan-boying for Once Upon A Time.


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This episode see’s the conclusion of the curse that Charming and Snow were put under by Evil Regi in the earlier in the season.  During this we are offered a trip to the past before Emma arrived to break the curse as Snow and David actually are able to break out of their cursed selves which is sort of a retcon from season one or at least an added piece of the puzzle in this story.

We are offered an explanation how that happened due to a “Pixie Flower” a rare kind of plant that only blossoms due to true love and given Charming and Snow are destined lovers and their feelings have defied curses, distance and enemies it’s not surprising. Though I was intrigued with this special deus ex machina.

Mary Margaret actually finds it on her trip to the hospital to see “John Doe” and as we are all aware, Mary Magaret was a meek person during the curse and didn’t know how to stand up for herself when it came to Regina being mean and cruel due to her good hearted nature.

Finding the plant could be destiny as she soon arrives and places it near David until the petals break off and awake Jon Doe as Charming, with all his memories intact and the last moment is when he placed baby Emma in the cupboard and trying to fend off the black knights.

At first Mary Margaret (or MM we’ll just call her) wondered if he was sipping on the sauce since he just got out of his coma and declaring all these statments out of of a fictional child book until true loves touch breaks the curse or due to the the lingering effects of the spores on David, MM remembers everything and the power of their love is restored.

Of course just because the curse is lifted for them doesn’t mean it is for their friends and associatees as they are still under the curse. Snow and Charming soon see Regina in all her divine rage with the former telling the latter to get to Mr. Gold’s shop aka Rumplestilkien.

Througout the course of the episode Snow is able to bybass Regina over her memories coming back but the crafty woman still has her suspciions. Gold’s memories return thanks to David muttering Emma’s name and that is what triggers his memories to return. Snow, Charming and Gold soon reconvene as the former dark one explains that yes, Emma is supposed to return but they awoke to soon, it’s supposed to be when Emma is 28 and this is still the earlier part of the curse.

As that is explained Snow and Charming decide to go get to Emma and the Pixie Flower comes in handy as it forms a doorway and the parents see their beatfiul daugher. They are about to go and scoop up Emma before Snow remembers what Regina told her when they had a confrontation, that Snow would do anything for the people and never be selfish (more or less) and stops David.

Snow soon explains that they can’t be selifish, that even though they could do that, take Emma and make a brand new destiny as a family, the people they also know would pay the price for their selfishness of taken Emma and not breaking the curse. David is hesitant as he wants to go to their daughter but soon sees Snow’s logic and with a heavy heart they close the door.

Little Emma turns and only hears the faint noise of a door closing.

As they return Gold finds them and has a potion for them to go back under the curse and wait for the day Emma becomes an adult and breaks them free from the dark curse. Snow and Charming take the potion with heartfelt yearning before the slate is made clean. Mary Magaret is alone with David’s body with no memory.

In the present Snow and David are trying to find a way to break the curse that Evil Regina put them under in order to be there for Emma so they rally with asking Regina and Zelena to use their magic to break it. It’s a no go as the curse seems to have been expideted and by the end of the day they both would be asleep.

All hope looks lost until David remembers something about that flower that helped them in the past and he knows this due to a video message left by Snow when she was about to go to sleep. Regina and Z explain that A Pixe Flower only comes up when there is a great evil present and with the Dark Fairy running rampant or lurking as it were they should be able to find some.

Snow and Ems soon do that as they need the former’s tracking abilies and they find it with Gideon and the Black Fairy as the she has her “son” or Grandson destroy it. All hope is lost (not really) as there is a one left that Gideon left for them.

So as the evening comes Regina readies the potion with the Pixie flower as Snow is about to go under until a shadow appears and it’s Hook’s! The shadow doesn’t say anything but gives them a clue and his hook.

Emma is surprised and wonders what has happened to him. Snow than decides for her to use the potion for her love and her parents! Emma doesn’t want that but Snow convinces her as any good mother should do.

Emma soon uses a doorway created by the potion and gets Hook back! But the price is big as David and MM are locked in sleep. Until Regina has an idea and gatehers the residence of Storybrooke. She explains that Snow and Charming have done a lot for this town for years along with sacrifice their family for bringing Emma to save them all. Regin than says she has extracted the curse in a gobblet for them to drink. It’s a gamble that if the curse it’s split that means the effects will lessen.

The residence, Emma, Hook and Henry get behind the idea and take a sip. Soon David and Snow awake and embrace after episodes of being apart but look on as everyone is asleep until they start waking up one by one.

The curse of sleep is finally lifted and the parents can join their daughter in the final battle.

For the B plot portion of this episode Hook is on Neverland trying to outrun the Lost Boys but is met up with unexpected help from Tiger Lily!

It seems the little princess from Peter Pan finally shows up in this continunity but with some altered history; she used to be a fairy but lost her wings. She also holds a grudge with Hook but is willing to put it aside as she informs Hook of the upcoming final battle that savior must do and has a piece of a wand to banish the Dark Fairy.

At first hearing the final battle doesn’t sway Hook as he isn’t interested and realizes upon hearing “savior” that it’s Emma and the duo join forces to get him back to Storybrooke. They break into one of Peter Pan’s old camping grounds to get some sap from a tree to use Hook’s shadow to get him out of there but the lost boys are a motely crew and prevent him but is able to give a piece of the wand to his shadow along with unexpectedly his hoook as well.

He is eventually able to come back thanks to Emma using the pixie flower potion to find him and they reunite. Tiger Lily also makes an escape and I have the strangest feeling we will see her in the fight to come (hoepully).

Awake was another good episode I felt. Even though we went backwards and doing some ret-con with adding that Snow and Charming did break the curse albeit earlier along with Gold getting his memories back felt forced I could let it slide.

Black Fairy being a troll as usual is a nice touch and the breaking of the curse was ingenious even though I wonder if there was another way to go about it. Finding that Tiger Lily being a fairy was a bewildering surprise but cool.

I give this episode a 7 out of 10.

Where Blue Birds Fly

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Speed blitz mod activate!!!

Zelena centered as the Black Fairy starts focusing on Z to use her magic to power the fairy mines with black magic making them dark only because Z has an unbalanced heart which was only stroked when the dark fairy was able to get her hands on baby Robin and we all know Z loves her daughter very much.

Z tells her sister and the others and they try to come up with a plan with dealing with her but Zelena, trying to make it all about her and keep the lime light boasts that she will be the one to deal with the Black Fairy.

Regina knowing a thing or two about going in half cocked follows her sister to the mines trying to talk her out of it until she realizes that Z has her own issues; to be the best and showing it too boot.

The episode also goes into another aspect of Zelena’s past as the Wicked Witch during her time in Oz after she dealt with turning the all powerful Oz into a monkey. Surprising I always wondered why Once never went the James Franco Oz movie route…

She’s bored. That’s it bored and bored until an old friend comes to inform her of needing her help. The Tin Man or who will become the tin man from the story due to being put under a curse that will turn him into metal.

Zelena met him as a child when he protected her from some scalliwags of being prejudice of her magic.

Tin Man or whatever his name (sorry I just don’t pay attention to their normal life names) soon try to search for something that can prevent the curse from spreading. A special kind of heart and it’s a throwback to the Wizard of Oz story and movie(s).

Low and behold the Zelena soon finds the black fairy in the pit of the mines and feigns being hurt by Z’s magic until the ruse breaks and laughs it off. She soon reveals that Zelena’s magic is the key to making all the mined fairy crystals that will be mined turned to dark for her nefarious schemes. And it happens which, understandably, makes Regina mad at her sister and tells her one-two of “needing to show she’s tough and better than everyone else!”

In the past Z and Tin Man talk as the latter knows that she’s just bored and needs a friend, she denies this and is about to say something snide until a lion tackles Tin Man. Yup, Cowardly lion enters and attacks them until he is frightened off by a fire ball and an axe throw.

Than they find the heart until Zelena touches it and realizes something is wrong and soon figures out that the heart would suck all the magic she possesses. She cries foul on her friend for wanting to do that to her but he’s innocent that he didn’t even know that would occur but she let’s the curse turn him into a tin man for the rest of his days.  She returns to her palace alone.

Back to the present Regina and the rest are about to release the angles of the gates until Z comes back and admits her folly and has a way to make things right; her magic is tethered to the crystals and if she were to get rid of them they would go back to their original state.

She, Regina and Emma go to Regina’s vault where Zelena pulls out the make shift heart crystal and gives her speech that she wants her sister to watch over her daugher should anything happen.

Regina is shocked but states she will be fine but promises along with Emma who pulls a “The Walking Dead” moment by quoting Rick with “She’s one of us”. Of course not sure if that is MY view on it but who knows if the creators or writers are fans of a zombie killing show. Probably are.

Soon the heart absorbs her magi and explodes in the process which causes the crystals to go back to normal, foiling the Black Fairy’s plan.

As the episode ends Z, Regina and Emma go to Gold’s shop due to Zelena going there earlier to ask Belle to looking after her daughter came across Blue; someone who has been in a coma since the episode Gold absorbed her magic.

With the crystal Emma uses it which starts up Blue’s body again. Outside though Black Fairy worries that if Blue is revived she will tell Gold a secret that will shape the foundation of what’s to occur with the the Final Battle.

This was another good episode where Zelena showed a lot of character growth along with giving up the one thing she thought that made her special, her magic. I’ll say this not every character can give up the convenience of it and I’m actually happy with how Zelena’s come along way right with Emma and Regina.

I do apologize for the lack of review blogs but I did finish Persona 5 recently so I should have more time to get out the next couple of ones at an easier pace…hopefully.

With tonight’s episode thought it was awesome and I will be happy doing a short review on that this week and get it out before Sunday (fingers crossed).

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.

Till next time!

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OUAT reviews (past 2 weeks)



Greetings everyone, I’m here with not one but two episodes of Once Upon A Time.

Granted I was dragging butt with playing Persona 5 and still am, that took me away from typing which I need to get back into.

So without further ado.

A Wondrous Place

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Namely a Hook centered episode with Jasmine, Aladdin and even Ariel being the main crew for this episode as the truth behind what happened to Agrabah is revealed and hook’s desire to get back with Emma due to Gideon’s interference.

It was cool seeing Jasmine and Aladdin again as I was afraid that their story would be left untold and only said through a reference by some other characters as Once Upon A Time is known for letting some stories drop or forgetting to do anything with a hanging storyline.

Hook is very hot and cold this time around being he’s away from Emma as they left on rocky terms and their future looking bleak over his past actions. It’s something I’m used to seeing when it comes with Killian however I think that even with adding “killing David’s father” angle weak as I feel he’s outgrown his past to be the kind of person you can respect. He fought against his own darkness or weakness of heart to be the man for Emma. Seeing him be surly also feels unbalanced but I’m happy he worked through it and even got a message to Emma thanks to some “mermaid magic” in courtesy of Ariel.

Ariel makes another appearance in the show and it’s always good to see her despite her not being the “true little mermaid” since that goes to Ursula in this iteration. She brings her naive but truthful ways to this episode and winds up being a supporting player for Jasmine as the latter helped her while in the former’s time in Agrabah, which is surprising as I thought she would prefer a cooler climate. The two hit it off and Jasmine offers her advice in getting her prince. Now I can’t remember but I thought she already found Prince Eric in a previous season when Emma looked in on her? Well even if it got retconned it’s still a good viewing. She winds up giving Hook a seashell to contact Emma, which she has in a box that so happens to be in the living room.

To the main point of this episode is Princess Jasmine and her resolve to get to Agrabah and save it from it’s fate. Through flashbacks it’s discovered that Jafar was more of her enemy than Aladdin. Being a princess Jasmine experienced one of the typical situations when born into royalty, being married to someone of a higher standing for benefit, be it in soldiers or land.

She realizes this but is a romanticist when it comes for marrying for love and not just for bureaucratic or political purposes. Jafar however in typical bad guy fashion scares off her suitors or would be princes with his magic due to wanting Agrabah for himself and gives the princess until the evening. Through the course of the episode Jasmine discovers her own worth with being a “hero” as she worried that she wasn’t one due to bringing Agrabah to ruin. And the reason she thinks that is due to Jafar placing a curse over the city and sending it to another dimension or pocket space or just made it a mirage that kept traveling?

In the finality though of her story arc Jasmine is the one to defeat Jafar after he places some sleeping curse over Hook, Ariel and Aladdin when they confront him after he is freed from his own lamp. How that occurred is beyond my knowledge since I didn’t really watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. But he winds up freed to terrorize Jasmine. Jafar also informs her of the wish to go to Agrabah did work but not in the way she expected; around the early part of the episode Jasmine found a ring in her pocket upon returning to the Enchanted Forest and thought the wish didn’t work but it did. Agrabah was shrunk down to be inside the ring!

With remembering what she’s learned throughout her own journey however the princess of Agrabah is able to put an end to Jafar with using some dust she swiped to turn him into  cane. With Jafar defeated the curse the city was under is broken and Agrabah returns to it’s rightful place along with the benefit that Aladdin is no longer a genie and free to pursue Jasmine.

That is the happy ending with those two along with Hook getting what he needed from Ariel to contact Emma.

Speaking of the broken hearted savior this episode showed a “girl’s night” with her, Regina and Snow as the former evil queen is worried about Ems over the stuff with Hook. It takes some time but eventually she does open up about it more or less but to the owner of the bar. In an impressive showing Snow shows her wild side challenging some vikings to a dart’s match with the loser paying the round of drinks. And we all know Snow has superior archery skills and trumps them.

By the end of the episode though Ems finds out what happened to Hook and is surprised that the person she bore her soul too turned out to be Gideon and asks for her help!

This episode was another strong holder and I’m happy that Jasmine and Aladdin story reached a good conclusion and seeing Ariel once again, nice treat.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10, worth the watch.

Mother’s Little Helper

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This past episode continues with Gideon confronting Emma and telling/asking for her help. Gideon’s past is explored with what happened in his time with the Black Fairy, Gold’s mother and his grandmother and the source of the darkness surrounding this story.

Through the episode it’s finally said that the Black Fairy’s powers is what originated the Dark Curse to start everything along with being the true evil that the savior, Emma must defeat.

Gideon’s character is shown to have inherited his father’s cowardice when he was younger by not standing up for a friend of his and being taken. The Dark Fairy is a good foil for the younger boy’s hopes and dreams and I have to say, she stands out more than I realize.

Gideon is a conflicted character due to the upbringing and emotional abuse which shows in his wanting freedom from her but along with wanting to be acknowledged due to, unfortunately, she did raise him. He rose through the ranks and in the course of the episode which had ups and downs of not knowing what he wanted it’s discovered that he did have faith that the savior would end her reign and Black Fairy took his heart to control him.

Another piece of info besides finding out from Gold that the Black Fairy is the cause of everything in the show with the curse is Belle’s belief that her son is good and in the end it’s found out by the audience that her words ring true but Emma being betrayed by Gideon in the episode with going to the Sorcerer’s mansion, a prop that hasn’t been used since season 4, goes there to do something for Gideon, is bum rushed by a giant spider.

Emma shows impressive use of her powers but soon almost meets her end and is surprised that Gideon is the one to summon it and not be an accident; he wants her powers to put in the sword and free the Black Fairy due to constraints. Emma almost dies by being converted in web but is saved by Gold.

This was all that was needed as Emma reaffirms she can’t trust Gideon and is evil and if he were to attack her again she wouldn’t hesitate to off him which is a problem as now we know Gideon is under the enthrallment of the Black Fairy but also still helping her due to their shared history.

Gold also reaffirms he will protect his son from Emma and a line is drawn in the sand. By the end of the episode however Black Fairy is able to come to this world thanks to that small tear in reality (Emma’s powers were linked to the sword and went into it due to her almost dying) and she has plans in stored.

Henry also get’s added into the mix as his author powers come to the forefront with him being in a trance and writing strange runes in the storybook. Regina has no clue why that occurred and soon decides that only one person could give them the answers; the former author from season 5 which we haven’t seen since the season 4 finale!

He’s still the same and winds up making a reference to “wanting to see Hamilton” if he is freed and gives the answers they want as an exchange. That was shocking as Hamilton is a show that came about around 2016.

One of the creators of the show came up on Twitter and said that in the Once universe Hamilton was already a thing in their timeline so like 2 years ahead. Yeah kind of iffy on that time frame but whatever works.

The old author soon explains why Henry’s going into trances; the book is about to come to an end. The final chapter is approaching and as the author Henry must write it no matter what the outcome and when it comes to the ending it will be a clash that will be etched in the book.

For the B plot we are shown Hook trying to get back to Emma and winds up playing a game of cards with Black Beard, who makes a shocking appearance as he has a magic bean. Hook does get it but it’s found out he can’t get back to Emma due to whatever spell Gideon placed on him and he and Blackbeard, wind up in Neverland when Hook uses the bean.

Apparently there are far worse “Lost Boys” compared to what we witnessed in Season 3 as Hook explains “These are the ones that were left behind and are far worse than Pan.”

Blackbeard is able to get away by stealing a boat and leaving Hook behind to tend with a group of angry lost boys.

Mother’s Little Helper proves that when Once Upon A Time has gotten into stride and is pulling out all the stop to hype up how this tale will go. No one knows what will occur and I anticipate it will be something satisfying for the fans, no matter what happens even if it should be a troll ending or give us a 7th season.

I give this episode a solid 8.5 out of 10.

Kind of sketchy this time around with my review, sorry. I just wanted to get through this and need to make this only  one blog per episode.

Until next time!

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OUAT review: 03/26/17


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Hello Oncer fans, I’m back for the latest review for Once Upon A Time! But this one will be shorter due to how the episode was.

What I’m getting at, no full in-depth version I’m so used to. I want to try and just get to the meat of the matter as it were so bear with me.

For this episode it’s called “Page 23” and it’s a Regina/Evil Regina centric episode where the conclusion to this side plot which began when Regina made the choice to split from her darker half which set the stage for the earlier part of the season where Evil Regi causing mayhem in the lives of those she still feels anger and resentment for.

The episode as a whole kept me entertained with the themes behind the plot more than last week’s; forgiveness.

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*The hardest thing*

Yes, it might seem generic and important but the thing with Regina is she is a strong character and that can’t be denied. From the mental abuse her mother gave her to falling to the dark ways of magic that go into revenge and hate, Regina has indeed come further in that respect then even Emma when it comes to growth.

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*I feel for you*

And I am a major Emma Swan supporter in her being the one central point however I can’t refute that Regina’s character also intrigues me (more so in the latter seasons than the earlier ones).

Regina learning to just forgive herself from her past actions by accepting herself was the only thing needed to quell her darker side in the long run given Evil Regina is the manifestation of all her darkness or hidden emotions. She showed far more jealousy when it came to not understanding the power of bonds, either those of friendship or family or ones we think of as family when it comes to the ones we hold dear.

We also learn in the long quest of Regina’s time as the Evil Queen in the past where she was still looking for Snow White that she came across Cupid’ Bow, the object which Cupid makes people fall in love via an arrow. She alters the bow to strike the one she hates most, which is Snow or is that really the case?

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*Cupid or Eros, the son of Ares and Aphrodite*

Upon using the arrow it flies back to her castle and assumes (which makes an ass out of you) Snow is hiding there. Low and behold Regina is soon met by seeing herself in the mirror meaning one thing; she hates herself the most.

She hates the fact she can’t either forgive herself due to how far she’s fallen from grace, that she can’t have the capacity to have happiness when she could have taken the step when she saw Robin at the bar those many moons ago.

Tinkerbell also makes an appearance as she further explains that the fairy dust she used isn’t what dictates the fate of finding love but only as a possibility of it; it’s the person that needs to take the step to their own happiness and not something from an inanimate object or tool.

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*Blasted convenience*

Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do when we come across a situation that has burned us, either from a friend or even needing to own up to past wrong doings, no matter what the consequences insure.

Regina and Evil Regina eventually do come to blows as the latter “kidnapped” Wish-Robin but even that wasn’t the case as Evil Regal returns him to his world without a simple goodbye to Regina, which is good.

After the dust settles or in this matter the glass on the floor, Regina is able to one up her evil self and about to lay down the finishing blow until she sees herself and relents. She then realizes that she needs to forgive and she does.

Taken out her heart and the evil Regi, Regina combines them together and splits the darkness and the light between themselves effectively balancing out their hearts as that is what humans are between in a symbolic sense. We have the choice to be good or bad, even if choices beyond our measure has dictated by a fate we can’t comprehend.

Image result for Kingdom Hearts light and darkness

*My point is light and darkness via Kingdom Hearts*

Ahem, sorry for my deep thoughts.

After that Evil Regina feels for the first time, regret on what she’s done. It comes to head when it’s decided that Regina wants her other self to have a fresh start of life with a clearer head with the heart she’s gotten.

Henry is able to do that by writing her a new start and she vanishes, not before apologizing to Snow for the curse she put her and David under. Regina also states that she could figure a way to break that curse eventually.

Zelena, who also made some appearances in this episode was apathetic and cynical over the new leaf her other sister made but is able to make some peace; she can only deal with one annoying younger sister.

Evil Regi also makes amends with Henry who also believed in her despite waning about her dark impulses and she vanishes.

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*It works that forgiving*

She winds up in the wish world where she meets up with Robin as they drink. Whether they wind up together is a story for another day.

Image result for Regina and Robin

*Someday, somewhere they are happy*

Emma and Hook also play the B plot of this episode where the former learns of what he did to David’s father and is more angry with him not just telling her. Emma then returns the ring.

Cue the sound of glass breaking as Hook-Swan shippers cry in lament.

Image result for shatter glass gif


Hook then wants to flee with Captain Nemo but eventually learns to forgive himself and is about to leave the submarine, with Nemo approving that he should go back to have his happily ever after given he gave Hook some sage wisdom about either telling her and forgiving himself or just learn to deal with it in silence and forgive.

The submarine however begins to decent and it’s all because of Gideon, who needs the pirate gone to hurt Emma as his plans for her is just beginning.

Page 23 is by far one of the better episodes especially if you love Regina. She’s come full circle and I’m curious to see what will happen for her next.

Emma and Hook’s relationship hit a snag which is disappointing but I get it that love shouldn’t be easy and you need to fight like hell to maintain it. Hook still has some growth to do when it comes to believing in his love for Emma and especially in her.

For goodness sake they have both sacrificed life for each other so I’m not sure how they got to this point of disbelief. It felt like the last season of Emma GOING INTO ONE PART OF HELL to save her love didn’t mean anything. Hook came back to her via divine intervention by the name of Zeus, the all father of the Greek Gods!!

Image result for Emma and Hook

*They will find each other*

And I still standby the candidate for “mythological/folklore” figures (Deities) in the Once universe is a title not just one person.

For the plot, characters and resolution I give Page 23 an 8 out of 10 with an entertainment value of 8.5 out of 10.

Sunday’s episode will be Hook centered with him desperately getting back to Emma and look who swings by, Aladdin, Jasmine and Ariel!! Going to be good!

Later days!

OUAT recap (03/19/17)


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The first Ogre War that has always been mentioned and alluded to is revealed in this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, episode 13 “Ill-Boding Patterns”.

Episode is mostly about Gold and what he will do to make sure that his son that has aged into an adult, Gideon, does not fall into the sway of darkness by killing Emma to obtain her powers to kill the Dark Fairy whom is his grandmother.

Like any episode we are shown what happened in the first Ogre War where we are introduced to Beowulf, the Scandinavian legend from old English Literature and the long poem.

Personally I’ve never heard of him except reading only a quick outline but he’s a warrior that has battled many monsters in folklore before meeting his end by a dragon.

This is Once’s version of him and he and his troops are about to take on the ogres. He uses a special sword as an edge and I don’t mean that as a pun I swear. His troops are valiant but wind up dead and he’s the last man standing. Even with the sword he has to deal with the big bad ogre leader that knocks away his sword, which should just be called “Lightbringer” but that’s my nerdy mind going into overtime.

Before he meets his maker through the ogre is destroyed and all thanks to The Dark One, Rumple. That’s right Rumple is the one to end the scourge of the first war with his new powers.

Rumple is herald as a hero, which is the most irony of twists as if this were Grimm’s fairy tales, and Beowulf is not that impressed. He is aware that the dark one is trouble and it will be soon until he ensnares them with lies and half-promises all for his end.

Pretty much Beowulf is holding a grudge by being rescued by a former coward, which is understandable since Rumple did leave the front lines and run like a coward. Of course even if Beowulf’s intuition about the Dark one is accurate it will be his unfortunate end however.

We see a young Baelfire be Rumple’s consciousness for believing in him and when word gets out that some monster is slaying them the townsfolk go to Rumple. He however says he did his task but Bae convinces him otherwise and goes to deal with this monster.

Somehow Bae goes with him and they discuss how Rumple can’t let the dagger go and can’t wane himself. Bae or jut Neal, is adamant that he can. They arrive at the cave where Beowulf is and tells them the only monster in here was Rumple; it was a trap.

Beowulf can’t fathom why the townsfolk think him a hero when he’s just evil and will explain that he (Rumple) was the one to kill them with Neal saying that won’t happen as his father is a hero. BeoWulf is able to get the dagger and leaves with Neal following him who than steals it back and calls forth his father to protect him.

Image result for ill boding patterns beowulf

Neal, consumed with his anger over how a hero would go to the lengths to prove that his dad is a monster, decides to have his dad kill him with vengeance. Rumple is aghast by this as he didn’t want his son to do this but it happens. With a look of evil intent on his face Neal states that “with this, we will never have to fear anyone”.

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Back at the house Rumple gives his son some tea with memory potion to make him forget this incident as he wouldn’t allow his son to go down the path of darkness, effectively taken the blame of the death of Beowulf on himself and sparing Neal his actions of vengeance.

Image result for Once Upon a Time gif

In the present Gideon is on the warpath trying to locate the handle of the broken sword Emma used in the last season with Gold stopping him and explaining his past to him about his eldest son.

Gideon is dismissive of it but Gold eventually helps Gideon by making sure he won’t dirty his hands. There is some other stuff with talking but it pretty much noise so getting to the meat of this, in order for the sword handle to be whole and get a blade, a being of powerful magic is needed.

Contacting Blue.

Image result for Once Upon a Time Blue gif



During the course Blue is aiding Belle and Gold find their son as she is his fairy godmother. Later she is put in a trap with all her magic getting drained but not by Gideon but Gold; he’s taken the responsibility of making sure another son does not go into the darkness.

Blue is effectively in a coma with her magic being drained and since she’s a fairy I guess it’s a kind of mechanism?

Later Belle is appalled about what occurred with Blue but only for a moment as he explains his reasons. Belle is soon okay with it as Gold states that he can give the magic back to her after this is settled but with not him ending the savior’s life.

Part B’s plot is with Robin, Zelena and Regina. Robin goes into contact with Z overtaken some magical wares to make a dispel potion so he can leave this place with Z going along with it as she has also had it with Storybrooke.

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Long story short Regina finds out the goings on as she is very potent with making sure all her magickal wares are in place and connects the dots given there is only one that could steal and it’s wish- world Robin Hood, to her regret.

He explains that he can’t live with the expectation of his previous-self sacrifice for her in the last season which surprises her that she was doing it. Keep in mind I did make some link to it in one of my previous reviews and it seemed that to be the case.

Regina then decides to help Robin gain his freedom by leaving this place after he uses the potion that Zelena made for him. It didn’t work which caused a backlash that bounced off him.

After the declaration Regina and Z go back to her vault to have a small discussion and Regina admits that the whole meeting Robin again could have been a test for her to move on, in a personal movement and not some fatalism one. Regina also comes to the conclusion of the whole “splitting herself to get rid of her darkness” which was a big thing in the beginning of this season.

Speaking the Dark Queen she also made her slithering return and escaped her cage by the end of the episode. She winds up returning to human form by biting Robin Hood who had some of the potion on him during the backlash.

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She tells him that Storybrooke is a treasure trove and that if he sticks with her, everything his heart’s desire he can have before the episode ends.

Ill-Boding Patterns was an okay episode overall. It felt somewhat slow as it was development and character driven with Gideon explaining his circumstances and Gold.

In a surprising way I was left stunned by Gold’s sacrifice. He’s not my favorite character due to his sneaky ways but I get he makes the show with being one of the few big bads in the series.

Here I thought he was selfish but seeing what he did for Neal in the past by protecting him from his sin and being blamed for killing Beowulf is what a parent would do for their child along with doing the same with Gideon.

Beowulf being part of Rumple’s storyline felt correct though this iteration of him was more valiant solider than the legends spoke of and forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

We also know now that Neal wasn’t always the martyr he proclaimed due to having his father kill the not Scandinavian legend and have vengeance in his heart. It’s thanks to his father that Neal was than given a second chance at being good and not succumbing to the darkness as his dad which ironically he never knew about, even after dying.

If that’s the case it would have been better for the enchantment to have been lifted upon dying in season 4’s B plot but that’s just me. He’s in a better place now so I guess no need to cause any drama for the dead.

Belle abiding by what Gold did to Blue as acceptable. I get she’s doing everything she can but when it comes to this Belle showing she has some darkness in her or rationalizes that this is for her son.

Damn, I feel that Belle just needs a chance to be a mother again and this time not with Gold. She just needs to find someone else deserving of her and avoid all this drama.

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The wish-world Robin part was uninteresting however I do like seeing how Zelena is doing. She’s been put on the backburner as of late and I’m guessing they have nothing for her character.

All she does is take care of her baby and lash out at Robin or Regina in proclaiming that no one will take her from her. Green NO ONE is taking any interest in the baby due to she’s just that, a baby that eats and needs diaper changing.

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I don’t mean to knock Zelena but Once Upon A Time is infamous for dropping storylines or characters at points for the convenience of plot.

The return of Evil Regina will be something though and could be the spice it needs. On another note Hook was going to tell Emma about his past with her grandfather but Ems thought he was going to propose due to finding his ring.

So it’s offical, Captain Swan is engaged! Start prepping the rum and set the sails!!

Until next week, peace Oncers!